How I Became A God
-1 Update 2.0, Editor
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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-1 Update 2.0, Editor


Finally got me an Editor: MasterOfCoin.

Before you read the latest chapter, for those reading before January 12, 2019: I highly recommend you go back and reread the last 4 chapters. This is because I pushed the chapters out too quickly and left out a lot of details. Going forward, I'm going to take more time reviewing and editing my chapters, so sorry for any inconvenience.

First and foremost though, the title of the book has changed to 'How I Became A God'.

This is because I have finally decided how the story will progress. Since I'm an amateur and this is my first novel, please forgive me for any mistakes.

There will also be no more changes to the plot after this round of republishing.

After some deliberation, the release schedule is as follows; three chapters a week released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This is cause to change if my editor is available.

Thank you for patience,

Reflector77 @@
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