How I Became A God
9 Warmth
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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9 Warmth

A long time passed before Lance finally noticed that the noises outside had died down.

He wanted to check it out, but Lana pulled on his shirt and said, "Don't go! Let's wait for somebody to find us."

She then quickly released his shirt after realizing that she was relying on another man other than her father. She didn't know where the tradition of only relying on a man after marriage came from, but maybe because both of her parents are from East Asia, she subconsciously also followed that tradition.

Lance glanced back at Lana and noticed that her face was completely red.

"She's so cute when she's embarrassed!'

He chuckled a little before saying, "Don't worry! I'll protect you, my little princess."

"Who needs your protection!?"

She was so embarrassed she wanted to find a hole to die in.

Did she really start liking a man younger than her?

She then noticed Lance heading for the door again, but she didn't say anything this time out of fear of embarrassing herself further.

Lance pushed the cabinet aside and opened the door. As soon as he looked through the hallway, he was surprised to find that all the prisoners were dead. All the guns they were using were broken too. What could cause such a thing?

Body parts and blood were littered all over the floor, the walls, the vents, and the ceiling. Lance's stomach tightened as he dry heaved a few times before walking towards the armory. He was surprised yet again as he saw that all of them were knocked out.

"What the hell is going on?"


Lance immediately recognized the voice as Lana's and ran back there as fast as he could.

He had left her without any protection since he took the only gun she had with ammo still in it. He burst through the door with a worried expression on his face, ready to shoot anything in sight.

He immediately noticed Lana laying unconscious on the floor, making him even more worried.

He was then suddenly hit with a wave of fatigue as he drowsily swayed around. He tried to open his eyes, but it felt like they were glued shut. He then felt someone appear behind him and embrace him. As he passed out, he heard a familiar voice full of love and warmth, "Sleep, my child."


A few days later at the United Nations HQ...

The Secretary-General was on the stands addressing the council, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Security Council, this is it. Once I press this button, the comet that is so hell-bent on destroying our planet will either be vaporized or fall on us as devastating debris."

They all simultaneously agreed, so the speaker spoke to the group to relieve them of their initial worries, "Let the record show; no one country or organizing body will be held responsible for the aftermath of this decision."

On a big screen behind where the Secretary-General was standing showed a view of over 100 missile silos located throughout the world. They were all modified to cause the biggest possible bang with no radiation.

The screen continued to show their trajectory as they traveled towards the comet.

After a few seconds passed, they all finally hit, making the Earth look so bright that it seemed like a second sun had descended and blinded the heavens. The color in the sky changed to every visible one on the spectrum as the different missiles went off. The small asteroids fell into the Earth's atmosphere and burnt up, making the council feel very relieved as they watched all their problems disappear. They had no idea if it was because of the new element reacting to the force of the missiles or an act of God.

In a small office, there sat a scientist watching this whole spectacle unfold. He was utterly enthralled, but when he learned that there was no evidence of the new element ever reaching the surface of the Earth, he cried.

He cried like he had just lost his newborn baby.

However, unbeknownst to him, this mysterious god-like element had already been dispersed around the globe, searching for beings with the potential to be gods.


When Lance finally came to, he was in a hospital bed with his sister sleeping on one side and his mother on the other.

Lance never felt so grateful of the warmth his family gave him.

'If they ever suffer, I'll pay it back 100 fold so they never have to suffer again!'

When Karen felt her brother move his arm, she immediately lifted her head and opened her eyes.

Karen giggled before saying, "This brother of mine sure likes to worry us and sleep a lot."

"How long have I been out?"

"3 days, " replied Helen after being woken by their chatter.

"3 DAYS!? What about Lana and everyone else?"

"Who's Lana?" asked Karen, with a slight tinge of jealousy.

This was the first time her brother asked about other women besides family with such care.

"I mean Detective Jamieson."

"It's nothing major, but she's recovering from her wounds in another room. Zack is also safe."

Lance felt rather relieved after he heard his mother's words.

"What about everyone else?"

As he tried to think about what had happened on the day he saved Lana, he started to feel a little dizzy and his mind went fuzzy.

"The police were hoping to ask you what happened. Do you remember?"

"I really don't."

When he said that, Lance noticed a strangely relieved expression on his mother's face, but he didn't pay it any mind.

"And what about the whole suicide case?"

"It's been taken care of," replied Helen.

She then explained how the police anonymously received some video evidence of that day that showed that Zack wasn't at fault. However, since he physically injured John, his father pressed charges. Helen then made an agreement with Don to drop the charges if he doesn't sue. This allowed both parties to walk away scot-free.

"Did I miss anything else these last few days?"

Karen then explained how he missed out on such an awesome spectacle last night.

Lance truly regretted it since he would never see something like that happen again in his lifetime. Karen also said that Uncle Drew is bothering them if Lance could cover the night shift at the gas station to make up for the days he was out.

Helen was furious that he just wanted to talk about work instead of asking about his health. Helen was angry and told her brother-in-law to get his son Zack to do it.

While Helen was thinking about giving her brother-in-law a good lesson, Lance suddenly remembered about Jacob.

'Oh my god! Where has he been the last few days?'

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    《How I Became A God》