How I Became A God
8 God Elemen
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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8 God Elemen

Saturdays Chapter as promised.


A few weeks earlier at the United Nations General Assembly….

"Halley's comet is causing large scale electromagnetic pulses and is interfering with satellites. We can only expect it to get worse as it nears earth."

"The last time the comet appeared around Earth was 75 years ago, but there are no recordings during that time that are similar to what's happening now."

"It's on a calculated trajectory to crash right into Earth and cause an extinction level event. Most of the Northern Hemisphere will be completely wiped off the map!"

"Although it's 70 miles wide, all of the ice accumulated on it will melt as it enters the earth's atmosphere, reducing its size by almost half," said the Chief Astrologist.

"We should just blast the damn rock to smithereens!" Said one person.

"With nukes!" Continued another.

"Idiot! We'll all die in the fallout!"

Chatter broke out through the large assembly room as everyone got into small verbal fights trying to figure out what to do.

A few days earlier….

NASA deep space scanners had picked up an anomaly that's never been seen before.

"The heat signature for the comet is as strong as the sun! How is that possible!? It's supposed to be cold, so why does it break the very laws of physics? ...Maybe? Yes, it could be! A NEW ELEMENT!"


"We can't! We can't destroy it! It contains something we have never seen before! It's a new element or some kind of alien technology!"

The scientist then displayed a few graphs and charts of the comet on the projector.

There was a pause before the Secretary-General yelled, "Do you expect us to wait around and die!? For your curiosity?"

Most of the other leaders and generals had the same thought as they nodded their heads in agreement.


After thoroughly discussing their options for a few hours, the assembly finally came to their decision, which the Secretary-General read aloud, "We are going to use the nonradioactive missiles to blast that comet into small pieces and prepare for the worst."

The scientist gave up and sighed when he heard their official decision. It's no use convincing these people. It's a freaking shame that he can't get his hands on the god-like element though! Once the comet breaks up, a very small amount of it will reach the earth, but it will soon burn up in the atmosphere.

The assembly also said that any clean up that's needed will be handled with haste and utmost secrecy. They all wanted to be the first to get their hands on this supposedly new element.

However, the assembly kept all of this under wraps, so the people had no idea what was about to occur.

~Lance POV

"Stay in the stairway, I'll be back shortly."

After saying so, Detective Jamieson quickly entered into the fray.

Such a feisty heroine!

Lance then watched the shootout between the prisoners and police. There were four officers at the far end of the hallway and almost a dozen prisoners struggling to the open the armory door. They were using a table as cover as they picked the double lock where a key and keycard is needed.

Detective Jamieson immediately started firing at the prisoners before running forward and taking cover behind one of the doors in another room.

Once Rafael saw that someone was flanking them, he immediately ordered three of his brothers to apprehend her. Even though he was seriously outgunned, he had the manpower to deal with this thorn in his side.

They finally got through as the armory door opened with a click and Rafael was the first to rush in. He quickly grabbed the first gun he could see and went on the offensive.

Automatic gunfire rained down the hallway before a bullet pierced her in her left leg, forcing her to fall back as two of the prisoners chased after her.

Lance couldn't just sit idly by and watch her die, so he quickly ran into the room Jamieson was hiding in. Everyone else was preoccupied, so it was an easy endeavor.

Since Jamieson's leg was wounded, she stumbled as she tried to run, causing her to drop her gun. She limped forward and reached out her hand to grab it, but a prisoner got there first.


Before the prisoner could get a shot off, Lance suddenly appeared behind him and swung his ax between his neck and shoulder, killing him instantly as blood flowed from his wound.

He then turned his head to the side and confronted the other prisoner, trading blows with him as they punched and kicked at each other.

Jamieson unholstered the sidearm attached to her thigh and took aim. However, her whole body shook as she waved the gun around, trying not to shoot Lance by mistake.



At the last possible second, the prisoner punched Lance square in the face, turning him around and causing the bullet to pierce his shoulder.

Jamieson placed her hands on her ears as she yelled with a whiny tinge to her voice, "No! What have I done!?"

Lance quickly broke out of the prisoner's grasp and shoved him away, giving Jamieson a clear shot to shoot him in the head. He then locked the door to the room they were in since the others were still fighting outside.

"Oi! What was that for? Am I that annoying?"

Lance had chosen his words carefully just to get a rise out of her.

She didn't fail to disappoint as she said, "I told you to stay back…. dummy."

Jamieson was full of guilt as she stared at his wound. He came to her rescue, but she ended up shooting him.

'What kind of police officer am I?"

"Well, I can't just let a beauty fall to her demise"

He was in pain, but upon further inspection, the bullet didn't actually pierce his shoulder, just graze him.

Lance helped her to a chair as he teased, "If I didn't help you, who knows what would have happened?"

He then grabbed a pair of scissors and cut away the cloth around her wound, causing blood to flow through the exposed area.

"Looks like the bullet only passed through."

After saying so, he quickly administered first aid, surprising Jamieson.

Of course he knew how to do first aid! If not, he would be considered the biggest fool in the world. A hunter must know how to do other things besides shooting and killing, especially when guns are involved.

As soon as he finished patching her up, Lance heard screams coming from the hallway. It was the most horrifying sound he's ever heard in his life. He looked over at Jamieson and noticed that she had a clueless and horrified expression on her face.

"What was that!?"

"I don't know…."

He could only imagine what was going on outside.

After contemplating what to do for a moment, he walked over to the door and tipped a cabinet over to bar the entrance from intruders.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Jamieson spoke, "Thank you."

It took everything out of her just to say those words, but she did shoot him after all.

"I'm sorry for…."

"Don't worry about it, just patch me up."

He then walked over and sat down in a chair next to her.

As she patched him up, he took this chance to ask, "So, what was your name again? You already know mine."

"You can call me Lana…."

Lance and Lana were completely oblivious to the danger just outside as they chatted away. However, what they didn't know is that the screams and gunshots had already stopped.

~Edited by MasterOfCoin


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    《How I Became A God》