How I Became A God
7 Prison Break
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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7 Prison Break

Shout out to Original Author True_Seeker, his novels are the cream of the crop, the best I've ever read. He also truly inspired me to write my own novel. Link to his novels is at the end of the chapter.

Thursdays Chapter is below, enjoy reading!


As soon as the cell doors opened, Officer Hank's ran for his life. What was he going to do in front of a crowd of hungry and angry prisoners? He didn't even have a gun since they can't carry one on guard duty. He quickly made his way to the exit, but he tripped on his own feet and banged his head on the door.

Rafael and his new found friends ran over to him and grabbed Officer Hank by the legs, dragging him away kicking and screaming. They then stripped him of his baton, taser, and pepper spray. Rafael then grabbed a small pocket knife from his 'prison wallet' and put it up to Officer Hanks' neck. He was just about to slice him open when the guard from the control room stormed in and pointed his gun at him.


"You put the gun down! I swear I'll kill him!"

Rafael and the other prisoners then started to slowly walk towards the officer, looking for a gap in his defenses to strike.

"Get back!"



They were just warning shots, but the officer was worried about what would happen next.

"Get him! He can't kill us all!"

The prisoners weren't in their right state of mind due to hunger, so they blindly followed Rafael's orders and attacked.




He quickly gunned down the three closet to him, but he was soon overrun like a horde of zombies upon him.


Zack and John stayed completely silent in their cells while the whole situation unfolded, hoping no one would notice them. They were scared shitless!

They were fighting like rams over a mate just this morning, but now, they can only hope to make it out in one piece.

Rafael and his band of nine brothers made their way to the control room that was connected to the temporary holding cells. He had sixteen, but three of them were killed by the officer and four of them refused to follow. However, he didn't care as long as they didn't get in his way. Rafael still thought they were a bunch of sissies though.

Since he's been here so many times before, Rafael knew the layout of the police station by heart. He knew exactly where to go to increase their chances of survival, and the fastest way to get there; the armory.


By the time the other officers figured out what was going on, the lights were back on and the radios were working again.

Captain Patrick knew that no backup was coming today because of the situation outside, so all he could do was push his orders through the radio to whoever was left.

"All dispatchers, secure the armory!"

"Officer Amy, take everyone up front outside to safety."

"Detective Jamieson, secure the mother and son and then make your way towards the armory. We'll meet you there!"


Don exclaimed, "What's going on!? If anything happens to my son, I swear!"

"Sir, please step outside so we can protect you."


~Lance POV

A few minutes earlier….

The power turned back on as Lance made his way through the hallway with the ax in hand.

He was prepared for a fight, but he didn't know exactly what to expect.

His only object at the moment is to find Karen and Zack.

Lance's throat was dry as he glanced around and kept on the lookout for any enemy movement. Oh god, these freaking empty hallways!

All the horror movies he's ever watched flashed through his mind as his hair stood on end.

He knew what to expect if he was hunting a deer, but this is unknown territory for him.

Lance then walked a little further into the hall and tried opening all the doors in his immediate vicinity, but they all required a key card.

He let out an exasperated sigh before turning around and retracing his steps.

That's when he suddenly heard a voice coming from the corridor,

"You! Drop the ax and put your hands in the air!"

Lance immediately recognized the authoritative, but soft voice as he slowly turned around to find Detective Jamieson pointing a gun at him.

Lance quickly dropped his ax before exclaiming, "Relax! We met just a few hours ago!"

"What are you doing? Why are you carrying around an ax?"

"I'm trying to figure out what's going on, and this is for protection."

Lance then explained the current situation from the information he's gathered so far.

The Detective nodded in approval before lowering her guard and telling Lance what was going on. He nodded as well before deciding that they needed to come up with a gameplan. They couldn't get Helen out of the meeting room since he bent the handle, but they determined it was safe enough to leave her in there until the current situation is resolved.

They needed to find Zack and Karen.


The layout of the building is as follows; the holding cells, the armory, and then the main exit. However, since they're on the third floor and nowhere close to the exit, they decided to secure the armory.


As they were walking down the stairs to the second floor, Lance noticed a sidearm strapped to her left leg.

"Are you using that?"

"I trust you, but not completely. Don't push your luck!"


Lance then further analyzed the detective and noticed that she was actually pretty hot. Her scarlet red hair was pulled into a ponytail, while her bangs were loose and swung around her temple.


Detective Jamieson is one of the youngest ever to graduate from the police academy, and she furthered that record by reaching detective at the young age of 25. She's quick, bold, and knows how to get the job done. That's exactly what her superiors are looking for, so they promoted her until she became what she is today.


Lance was admiring her beauty when the radio on her hip went off and a voice came through,

"All Officers!"




"To the armory!"







The piercing sound of multiple shots being fired was heard over the radio and through the walls.

~Edited by MasterOfCoin

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    《How I Became A God》