How I Became A God
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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After much consideration, I'm going to change my author name to Reflector77, to stay more anonymous.

Tuesday chapter is released earlier for the reason above^^



A Mercedes came to a screeching halt in front of the police station and a man got out. It was Don, with an angry expression on his face. The power outage caused increased traffic flow, so he didn't arrive until late in the afternoon. However, he did make it earlier than his lawyer, so he made his way up and the stairs and entered the building.

As soon as he entered the door, he started shouting, "Where is my son!? You better let him go or I'm going to sue everyone in this place!"

Karen and Sabrina were also sitting at the front desk waiting for their loved ones when they saw Don walk in.

The receptionist politely responded, "Mr. Mayor, please stay calm. Your son is in the back getting some rest."

However, she lied. He was still locked up, but she didn't dare offend the mayor. She knew his reputation; no matter how many sexual assault cases came his way, they would all mysteriously disappear like someone very powerful was behind him.

The receptionist was just about to radio in his arrival when she lost all power to the systems in front of her.

~Zack POV

Inside the holding cell, Zack and John were staring at each other, their eyes burning with anger. Both of them were agitated because they were so hungry.

"Gods knows how long we've been here."

Zack was pretty sure it's long past lunchtime, but nobody has brought them any food.

Same with the other prisoners, making them agitated as well.

"Yo, Cuzz! Where the food at?" asked the same prisoner for the 20th time.

"Soon" replied the officer, as he stretched his legs on the chair.

Officer Hanks then radioed in about the food situation once more.

"What the fuck do you mean, soon!? We were supposed to get lunch at 11AM, but it's already past 4!"

"Calm down Rafael, we're all hungry," said the officer. He couldn't tell the prisoners that he had no idea when the food would get here, or if they'll get any lunch at all.

If he told them the truth, they would only get more agitated.

Rafael is a common sight for the police department. He's a repeat offender that's always being taken in for petty theft or grand theft auto.

"Yo man, fuck these popos!"

Rafael then started violently shaking the prison bars, the other prisoners quickly following suit.

"You better bring me some food, Officer Hanks! When I get out of here, you're the first one I'm coming for" threatened Rafael.

He could try, but there's no way he's getting out of that cell. The button to release the cages is in the control room, nowhere near their current location.

An intercom then crackled to life and the officer in the control room spoke, "Just calm down everyone! Your food will arrive soon." The officer had watched the entire situation unfold.

The food was actually supposed to arrive on time, but the asteroid flying near the earth's orbit caused a wide scale power outage in the area. The police station wasn't experiencing any electrical problems, but they were rather short-handed. Most of the other police officers were dispatched to handle the car accidents and minor robbery cases that the large scale blackout helped cause.

There are only eight officers left in the building; the front desk receptionist, three dispatchers, the jail guard Hanks, Detective Jamieson, Captain Patrick, and the other officer in the control room.

Suddenly, and without warning, the lights went out, followed by the clicking and whirring of eight doors being opened. Like hungry wolves, the 15 angry prisoners sauntered out of their open cages.

~Lance POV

Lance and Helen were discussing the details of his innocence when the lights suddenly went out and they heard gunshots.

Helen thought that it sounded like popcorn in the microwave, but 100 times louder.

Her face was pale with worry as she exclaimed, "Oh my god, Karen and Zack are out there!"

Unlike his mother, Lance was used to the sound of gunshots because he's a hunting master. He probably fired over 100 rounds just for fun when he got his first automatic rifle, the Remington R4 Custom. He wasn't scared of the sound of a few handguns going off.

Lance placed a caring hand on his mother's shoulder as he said, "I'm going to go out there and see what's going on"

"I'm going with you."

Lance wouldn't mind someone watching his back, like his best friend Jacob.

However, this was his mom, who doesn't know anything about being stealth or hunting.

The current situation got his adrenaline pumping as he compared it to hunting prey; make a plan, be patient, and execute. The thrill of the hunt is something Lance was very familiar with. However, he knew that he couldn't watch out for both of them, so he bluntly said, "I'll go alone. You'll just be a liability, mom." It was brutally honest, but what could his mom do? She was a typical fragile beauty type, but he loved her to death and would always protect her.

"NO! I'm going out there too."

There was no way Lance was letting his mom get into the line of fire, so he forcefully said, "Stay here and keep quiet! Don't open the door for anyone else but me!

He then quickly dashed out of the room and locked the door behind him.



Helen then banged on the door as she yelled, "Lance, don't you dare leave me here! You hear me!?

The hallway was empty, save for a fire ax attached to a glass case on the wall.

Lance elbowed the glass box, shattering it and grabbing the ax. He then made his way back to the room he was just in and used all of his strength to hit the door handle with the ax.

~Edited by MasterOfCoin


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    《How I Became A God》