How I Became A God
5 Lust Demon NSFW
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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5 Lust Demon NSFW

Before you read this chapter, I would highly recommend reading the last 4 chapters again since I've hired an Editor; (MasterOfCoin)

There was also a name mix up in the last chapter. Zack's dad is Uncle Drew and Jacob is Lance's best friend.


Don Dickinson, the town mayor, lived in a grand mansion in the rich part of town. It was built almost 300 years ago and contained a great many secret tunnels that led to different areas around town. His Great Great Grandfather, Bill Dickinson, bought the grand mansion from its original owner to discreetly handle his business. Ever since then, the heir apparent to the Dickinson family handles the business.

In the beginning, they were actually a very patriotic family that smuggled guns to the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolutionary War. However, as time went on, the business soured because of the Great Depression. They were then forced to smuggled booze and other goods during the end of the United States Prohibition period to make up for lost time and money.

After many years of changing professions and getting with the times, the Dickinson family now practices human trafficking. If their great ancestor knew what they would become, he would have never bought the great mansion.


Loud pleasurable moans filled the master bedroom. The room was filled to the brim with expensive paintings, vases, empty wine bottles, and numerous sex toys. On the edge of a large marble encrusted bed sat Don Dickinson, who was receiving the blowjob of a lifetime.

Ever since he signed a blood contract with the devil, his lust has soared through the roof.

Now, if he doesn't relieve himself every night, his heart will ache nonstop.

A couple of months ago, three gentlemen dressed in fine suits offered him immense wealth and immortality in exchange for the use of his underground tunnels for human trafficking. They even had guarantees that excited him even more; he wouldn't be caught or thrown under the bus, and he'd even get a percentage of the profits!

They told him that as long as he relieved himself every night, he would live forever!

Naturally, he didn't believe them at first, but they then showed him their power. They would even pass it down to his son if he stayed loyal to their business.

Of course, he had to keep everything secret.

Ever since that night, he had a hard time keeping his libido in check, hence all the sexual assault cases. However, every time a case came up, the organization that the gentlemen were apart of, The Merchants of Death, would handle it.

Don moaned even louder before he picked up the woman pleasuring him and threw her on the bed. He then grabbed both her wrists and held her down, entering her sweet area shortly after.

"Oh, Don! Harder!"

Don arched his back and thrust like a jackrabbit into the softest part of her dark hole.




After they both came, Don rested his head on her extremely soft and tender breasts. Her name is Alyson, the only woman he's ever truly loved after his first wife died from cancer. He really missed his first wife, especially her brilliant smile that could wash away his worries and make him feel calm.

He then started nibbling on one of her tits and playing with the other.

A few minutes passed before he heard a knock on the door, completely ruining his mood. "Fuck me! Who is it?"

Although it was still midday, all Don wanted to do was spend the whole day with Alyson in the bedroom.

"You don't have to answer," said Alyson, as she sat up before changing into a more seductive pose to lure her lover back into bed.

However, Don was already heading for the door to kill whoever ruined his mood.

He expressly remembered telling his secretary not to bother him unless it was a life or death emergency.

As Don opened the door, Alysons' mood soured once she saw Secretary Sema, "Can't you see we were in the middle of something!"

Don turned around and spoke with caring tone, "Honey, I promise this will be quick." He then walked out of the room and into the hallway with his secretary close behind.

"Sir, there has been a situation at Johns' school. He's been arrested for reckless driving and the attempted murder of a fellow student."


He's had his fair share of trouble with the police, so this seemed like the nail in the coffin.

He wasn't sure how long The Merchants of Death would tolerate his family's insolence.

Don quickly decided to handle this one himself, "Call the Lawyer and ready the car!"

~At the Precinct

Helen and Lance were then led to a private room with a table, a set of chairs, and without any cameras or microphones.

Anything recorded in this room isn't considered viable evidence since it was gathered illegally.

As soon as they were alone, Helen's motherly side erupted as she wrapped her arms around her son's waist and gently placed her head on his chest.

"You stupid, stupid child! All you do is worry me."

Tears fell from her angel-like eyes as she sobbed with relief.

Helen is a strong woman; even when she heard that her children were involved in a car accident, she kept her emotions in check. However, when she heard that they were sent to the police station instead of the hospital, she was truly worried.

Upon seeing his mother's soft side, Lance couldn't help but tightly hug her back and reassure her that everything was fine.

"Mom, I'm fine. Seriously!"

"Where's Karen?"

Helen pulled away from his embrace as she responded, "She's fine. She's waiting for us out front."

"So, what happens now?"

"Tell me everything, and don't spare any details!"

Lance then quickly retold the whole story from start to finish.

As she listened, Helen grew more and more furious.

When he finally finished, Helen exclaimed, "See if I don't sue your son for half a million dollars!"

First of all, they tried to run over her nephew, and then they had the gall to push the blame on him for trying to commit suicide!? If that wasn't enough; John started a fight? For what?

"Leaving everything to me! I'll sort it out!"

Once Helen finished speaking, the lights suddenly went out, followed by gunshots.





Take a look at the new auxiliary chapter (Update 2.0) for the release schedule and other important information.

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    《How I Became A God》