How I Became A God
4 Birds
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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4 Birds

-A few minutes earlier….

Lance had been watching from the sidelines as the whole situation unfolded.

He wasn't going to get involved until he saw that the person who got tackled was his cousin.

He immediately got out of his car and walked over to where the fight was taking place.

Lance pushed his sister gently out of the way before swinging at the guy closest to him, knocking him unconscious with one blow.

The amount of physical labor he's done over the last five year has given him a firm upper body and steel-like arms. Taking on a few teenagers is a piece of cake for him.

1 down, 3 to go.

"Who the fuck are YOU!?"

"Your worst nightmare."

He would never forgive John, or anyone for that matter, hurting his family.

John then ordered his two dogs to strike, so they walked forward and started circling Lance, trying to find an opportunity. One of them went for a headlock, but he was quickly kicked in the stomach; the sheer force causing him to puke. Lance then delivered a finishing to the head, knocking him out. This left just John and his last dog.

Even though Lance has no formal training, he's relying on movies and brute strength to win.

Lance was just about to throw himself at John when Zack sneakily kicked him in the balls from behind. His face went pale white before he fell to the ground clutching the sensitive area.

Being short definitely has its advantages.

Zack laughed to himself before hearing police sirens and a stern voice,


Lance turned around to located the voice and watched three cop cars come to a stop next to them.

Four officers disembarked with their tasers and handcuffs at the ready.


The scheming, conniving Sabrina had called the cops when they weren't paying attention.

She had an evil expression on her face and her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she watched the cops close in.

"How thoughtful of you to call the cops, babe."

One of the officers grabbed Zack and handcuffed him, causing him to snap at Sabrina, "I'll get you back, bitch!"

Lance loved this guy's fearless nature. Even though they were being arrested, he didn't care.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you....."


The police officers shoved Lance, John, and Zack in one of the cars, Karen and Sabrina in another as witnesses, and the three dogs in the last one.

Since it was Lance's first time in the back of a police car, he looked around to see his current situation. They were separated from the police officers by a plexiglass barrier. The windows on either side were secured with metal bars. Where they were sitting smelled of piss, blood, and the floor was covered in dirt.

John then suddenly blurted out, "Do you know who my father is!?"

"Yeah, me!"

Captain Patrick couldn't care less whose son this rich boy was from, for he was the proud Commander of the Bensalem precinct.

Zack jumped on the bandwagon and suddenly threatened them as well, "My dad owns all the gas stations in Bensalem, so no more free gas for you cops!"

Lance sighed when he heard that.

Zack's dad, Uncle Drew, owns A gas station, not all of them.

"Do you take me for a fool!? Shut up, or I'll throw both of you in jail for trying to bribe an officer of the law!"

John and Zack snapped their mouths shut and didn't say anything else.

Lance stayed quiet during this ordeal because he's smart. He also knew a little bit about the law because of his mother, so he knew not to say anything incriminating.


Once they were inside the temporary holding cell, Lance was bored out of his mind while waiting for his mother to come bail him out.

He was going to go hunting with his best friend and drink until he passed out, but he's locked up now.

There were a total of eight holding cells inside the station, with fifteen people currently locked up. Zack was laying down on the floor in his own cell when he noticed Lance staring at him.

"Yo, Lance! Wanna hear a joke?"

Lance was bored out of his mind and there was nothing better to do, so he said, "Shoot!"

"You'll like this one, it's new."

"Did you come up with it?"

"No, but... just listen."

"Did you know that when birds fuck they die?"

"What? No they don't."

"The one I fucked did."

Lance immediately lost it as he fell over and rolled around on the floor, laughing until his stomach hurt.

Even the cop on guard duty couldn't help but quietly stifle his laughter.

The main jail door then suddenly opened and an officer walked through, John quietly following him from behind. They were just in the interrogation room, so the officer was bringing him back to his holding cell.

When John saw that they were all laughing, he asked, "What are you all laughing for!?"

Laugh all you can now, once things clear up, we'll see who has the last laugh.

The officer then unlocked Zack's cell and lead him away for his turn, but not before he turned around and said, "Fuck off!"

An hour later….

Lance walked into the interrogation room and an officer unlocked his cuffs before saying, "Go take a seat and have some water."

The interrogation room consisted of a metal table, three chairs, and a white wall with a two-way mirror built in. The smell of fresh paint and the bright lights made him feel a little nauseous.

"I'm Captain Patrick Randy, and this is Detective Jamieson."

The captain was dressed in a regular police officer's uniform, but he had a bright commanders' badge on his left breast. Jamieson, the female detective, was dressed in a black suit and her red hair was pulled up into a ponytail. After being introduced, the Detective said, "Please spell out your full name and date of birth."

The female Detective was dressed in a black suit and had a full head of red hair tied back into a ponytail.

Lance wasn't sure what to do or say. He's seen the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine a lot of times in movies, but he couldn't think of how to react. Should he stay silent and wait for his lawyer, or should he try and explain his innocence? If he stayed quiet, wouldn't that mean he's guilty?

His back was covered in sweat before he finally made his decision and mumbled, "Lance Dong. March 24th, 19XX."

"Tell me what happened, " said the Captain with a straight face.

"Em, I was just watching when…."

However, Lance immediately stopped talking as soon as the door opened and his mom walked in.

"Not another word!"

Helen then turned to the officers and politely said, "My client has the right to speak with me before he says anything to you."

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    《How I Became A God》