How I Became A God
3 Suicide NSFW
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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3 Suicide NSFW

This chapter has the first sex scene in the novel. I don't know if it will be any good, so please bear with me.


Loud pleasurable moans filled the red Lamborghini.


Inside the car, there is a young man named John and a gold digger named Sabrina.

As John thrust deep inside of her, he felt that there was nothing as satisfying as fucking a stupid gold digger bright and early in the morning.

He's also always wanted to know how it felt to have sex in the car.

He then turned her around and grabbed her tits, twisting them as hard as he could while pounding her from behind. Their positioning was possible because John was in the back seat and the gold digger was leaning forward into the middle area of the car.

"Give me more, daddy!"

After hearing her words, John arched his back and pounded her faster and faster as she pleaded for more.

Last night, John went to a club to have a good time. That's when he met her. As soon as he got out of his Lamborghini, the whore immediately walked over like a dog who found a bone.

She didn't leave his side all night, so naturally, he fucked her.

However, once they finished, she asked him to pick her up and take her to school in the morning.

"What is she expecting? This slut is only good to be used for a few times before being thrown away."

After releasing his fill, he threw the condom out the window and it splattered on the grass.

However, he wasn't done just yet as he turned her back around and vigorously sucked on her tits.

Sabrina gasped for air before exclaiming, "John, we're going to be late for school!"

John loosened his lips from around her boobs and responded with a prideful tone, "Don't worry, my dad owns this town. We'll be there in 5 minutes."


As Sabrina was hastily trying to fix her make-up, John was driving three times the speed limit so they could get to school on time.

Sabrina then looked over at John and noticed that he was wearing a Louis Vuitton Jacket, an Armani watch, designer jeans, luxury shoes, and a gold chain.

Even though they were heading to school right now, it looked like John was ready to go clubbing.

His gold chain swayed side to side as he sped through traffic.

That's when he heard Sabrina suddenly scream, "Watch out!"

John yanked the steering and skidded to a halt as he shouted, "Get off the road, MOTHERFUCKER!"

He barely missed running over a nerd who was walking by.

John got out of his car with a furious expression on his face and tackled the nerd, making him lose his glasses in the process.

The nerd hit the ground and rolled several times before coming to a stop.

With such a big commotion, the other students walked over with excited expressions on their faces. There was gonna be a fight so early in the morning.

John furiously shouted, "Stupid fucker, you almost ruined my car!"

"HEY! It's your fault for driving like a maniac!" shouted Karen.

Karen had been happily chatting with her friends when a red Lamborghini sped by and almost ran somebody over right in front of her. If that isn't bad enough, the driver had the audacity to get physical with the victim. She immediately recognized the driver because only one person in town drives a red Lamborghini. Karen usually minded her own business, but in this case, the biggest gangster in the school had attacked her cousin Zack.

Karen then ran over to his side to make sure he was ok.

With a pained expression on his face, Zack angrily said, "He's not a maniac, he's a fucking retard!"

"My moms a lawyer, see if I don't sue you!"

"WHAT did you say to me?..." John's voice slowly faded as he stared at Karen.

John finally noticed that she was the fairy Karen, the chick he's been trying to bed for the past month.

John noticed that she was wearing tight jeans and a loose pink top that pushed her breasts forward, making them look really full. Man, her tits are huge for someone her age.

John was about to apologize to get on her god side when Sabrina walked forward and said, "Hey, slut, who do you think you are!?"

"Excuse me!?"

Sabrina pointed at Karen and then Zack as she said, "That's right, you! How dare you threaten him! His dad is the town mayor, so let's see if you'll get away with trying to suicide and then blaming it on us."

This was one smart gold digger!

John was originally afraid of ruining the family name since his dad is in the hot seat and Karen's mom is a lawyer, but now.....

Suicide! Genius! This whore was brilliant! He can quickly settle the situation now!

John grabbed Sabrina by the arm and pulled her in, kissing her with an intense affection like she was the best thing to happen to him.

Zack finally recovered as he said, "Suicide? See how I make you commit suicide!"

Zack isn't weak by any means since he's been working out every day for the last two years, but he's shorter than most people.

After almost getting killed and being caught off guard, he needed a second to recover.

Zack then quickly made his move and struck John with an uppercut, making him lose balance and slip into the morning dew covered grass.

He didn't have any time to react as he moaned in pain.

When they saw their boss get hit, John's hoodlums sprinted over and started beating up Zack.

Since he was outnumbered 4 to 1, he was quickly pushed back and thrown back onto the ground. A fury of kicks followed as he went into the fetal position to protection himself.

Noticing the current situation, Karen took a step forward to break up the fight when a firm hand landed on her shoulder.

~Edited by MasterOfCoin


That's all for Chapter 3. Sorry for the cliffhanger!
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    《How I Became A God》