How I Became A God
2 Halley“s Come
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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2 Halley“s Come

In a small town called Bensalem, located close to the coastal city of Alki…

After taking a shower, a young man wearing blue sweatpants and a tight black t-shirt was walking down the stairs to get something to eat from the kitchen. This young man is Lance, the protagonist of our story….

As he walked down the stairs, he heard a female reporters' voice coming from the TV, "Halley's Comet, a phenomenon that only occurs once every 75 years, is now approaching the Earth's orbit. NASA scientists are saying that this will be the closest it's ever come to colliding with Earth in the last 2000 years."

There was then a brief pause before the reporter continued, "In other news, our very own Mayor is being convicted of sexual assault again! This makes it a total of seven cases against him. Although Mayor Don Dickinson has been cleared of his previous charges..."

"Another day of more bullshit."

There's nothing even really interesting about this shithole of a town besides the fact that everyone is a horny bastard.

"Now, for the weather this morning....."

Helen was making breakfast for her children when she yelled, "LANCE! How many times do I have to tell you to mind your language? Just because you're an adult now, it doesn't mean you're old enough to drink and do whatever you want! Not in this house!"

Karen, Lance's little sister, chuckled as she said, "Mom, Big Brother Lance learned it from you when you heard the news yesterday."

Helen quickly stamped her foot in frustration. She loved them both dearly, but when her oldest child wasn't around, they would always team up.

Not in this house? Hmm. Why not, not in my house? Oh yeah, that's right! I started paying bills since I started working at uncle Drew's Gas station.

Although Lance worked as a Lumber Jack for the last 5 years for his best friend's dad, his mom never took a cent of his money. However, ever since he told his mom he didn't want to go to college, she forced him to help pay rent for their small home.

"And you, little Missy! You're always taking your brother's side! See how I deal with you since you betrayed the women of this house."

The women of this house are as follows;

Helen, the lawyer, a loving mother of 3. She's 5.7ft, blond hair, blue eyes, and the fairest skin. She also has a heart tattoo on the back of her wrist from her rebellious teenage years showing the love she has for her partner.

(It consisted of two crossed arrows with the letter J on one side, and H on the other)

Cute and gentle Karen, who was shorter than her mother by a hair, but shared her looks. She's currently studying to be an Illustrator and likes to wear contact lenses because she thinks glasses hinder her talents.

Then there's his older sister, Selena. A cold woman that he hasn't seen in a couple of months since she's been studying at a University out of town. She wouldn't even talk to the family unless they called her first.

All the women in his family are like fairies, the most beautiful women Lance has ever seen.

Lance is currently the only man of the house. He's 6 feet tall with a semi-built body and a broad chest. His mother says he takes after his father because of his dark hair and light green eyes.

He also has a very small scar on his chin that he received from his best friend Jacob, and was trying very hard to grow a beard to cover it.

Their father, Jasper, disappeared 16 years ago, shortly after his little sister was born.

Helen was slightly annoyed as she exclaimed, "And mister man of the house! If you finish a beer, then THROW AWAY THE BOTTLES!"

Helen then started cooking up some eggs and bacon before saying, "Also, make sure you drop your sister off at school before you go anywhere today!"

"Your wish is my command, my Queen, " teased Lance, while pouring a glass of orange juice.

"Smart mouth!"

"Tiger Mom!"

"Rebellious teenager!"

"Bad cook!"


They continued bickering all through breakfast.


Lance was driving Karen to school in his blue pickup truck when Karen asked, "Are you going hunting with Jacob again, big bro?"


"When are you going to take me?" asked Karen, with puppy dog eyes.

"One of these days," said Lance without thinking.

"But you promised you would take me hunting this week!"

"Okay, okay! I'll take you next week then."

"That's what you said last time! ....I hate you and don't want to talk to you anymore!"

This little sister of his is the bane of his existence.

Ever since they were little, she looked up to him as a brother and a father.

He could never let her feel unhappy. After all, he's the man of the house, so he's responsible.

"I promise you can come tomorrow! I will take you hunting then, my dear little sister."




"I'm just joking! We'll go tomorrow and try out the new rifle I got for you."

Karen responded with a happy expression on her face as she exclaimed, "You're the best dad ever!" She then quickly kissed her brother on the cheek before sprinting out of the car.

Lance was furious! He hated being called a Dad. It's uncool and makes him feel a lot older than he is.

It all started when Karen's friend jokingly asked if he was her dad.

He's never heard the end of it since.

He watched Karen run up the road to Bartlet High school and meet up with her friends when he suddenly saw a red Lamborghini zoom past.

It suddenly parked in the school driveway, almost hitting a poor student.

"What a crazy bastard!"

There's only one person in this town who drives a Lamborghini, and that's the mayor's son….

~Edited by MasterOfCoin


See you all tomorrow,
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    《How I Became A God》