How I Became A God
1 In the beginning
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How I Became A God
Author :vandit
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1 In the beginning

In the beginning, there was an all-powerful being with no name, no body, and no origin.

It had no idea where it came from, but it was very lonely….

Some billions of years later….

In this world, there are beings called Gods. There are a great many of these beings and those aspiring to be one. There are good ones, bad ones, weak ones, strong ones, and even gods that create and destroy indiscriminately….

In the Palace of the High Gods, a realm where only the Creator and a few select beings resided, a being wearing orange robes sat in a jewel-encrusted throne.

He is Gat, the Creator; the very embodiment of perfection. His eyes shined with a bright golden hue like no other, and he was bald from head to toe. His skin was a milky white that shined with the beautiful luster of a diamond. If he didn't have the voice of a man, people would probably mistake him for a woman.

During the year 2XXX, Gat decided that it was finally time for some new gods to inhabit the pitiful land dominated by humans; a place called Earth….

In the Palace of the High Gods, no other beings except the chosen were allowed to enter, but today was a special occasion. The Creator has summoned the other Gods to discuss something that hasn't happened in the last ten millennia.

With a deep voice that rang throughout the universe, Gat decreed, "It's finally time to bring Earth into the fold."

Although Gat created the world called Earth, he wasn't very interested in what goes on there.

As long as people kept believing in the Gods and followed the Treaty of Will, he didn't care about their affairs. However, the number of people in this world that believe in gods is dangerously low. If it reaches critical mass, this world will have to be destroyed.

The Treaty of Will is a document written many, many years ago, even before he existed.

It states that all beings with a soul; humans, plants, animals, etc... must be given Free Will.

It was the Creator's job to enforce this Treaty.

Gat's subordinates, the gods with high faith, enforced the Treaty and made the other gods comply.

However, there was one thing Gat didn't like about gods; their involuntary ability to read minds and predict the future. He soon had these powers banned because he believed that an individual deserves their own privacy.


Godhood Ranks and other information:

Creator/Destroyer l Unknown Lifespan l ( Rank 1 )

High Faith God l Unknown Lifespan l (Rank 2) [short form HF]

Mid Faith God l Unknown Lifespan l (Rank 3) [short form MF]

Low Faith God l Unknown Lifespan l (Rank 4) [short form LF]

Assigned God l Unknown Lifespan l (Rank 5)

Base God l Unknown Lifespan l (Rank 6)

Half God l 1-1000 l (Rank 7)

Spark of Godhood l 1-500 l (Rank 8)

Hint of Divinity l 1-200 l (Rank 9)

Other Races l 0 - 1000 l (Rank higher than humans)

Humans I 0-100 l (Rank lowest)

(Only gods with the ability to gain faith can increase their lifespans).


In the presence of Gat, all the gods from HF to LF pleaded with him in unison, "Please, oh great one! What have we done to deserve such treatment?"

Even though Gat had a confused look on his face, he knew that they know the reason why.

They still had the gall to plead with him all the same though!

With rage in his voice, Gat proclaimed, "FOOLS!!! The reason I'm sending the Power of Divinity down to Earth is because you so called GODS aren't doing your jobs!"

When a world appears that doesn't have any people who believe in the gods, it only makes sense to create new ones. If that doesn't work though, then that world needs to be destroyed.

As for the old gods; they can either try to get people to believe in them and continue to collect their power of faith, or they can sit quietly by and wither away.

(With the power of faith, the Gods don't lose any of their lifespan and continue to store it indefinitely.)

The Old Gods were scared. If new gods appeared, then who will remember the old ones!?

They all pleaded to the Supreme One once more, "Please have mercy, oh great supreme one!"

Gat's was really annoyed by these idiotic gods, "Silence! I will not hear another word!"

They very quickly shut their mouths and didn't pursue the subject any further.

They all knew Gat's tendency to transform into a Destroyer God and destroy anything that bothered him more than twice.

Because of this, he was nicknamed 'Gat's, the Twice Friendly'.

"Since no one disagrees with me, that'll be all."

After receiving the excuse to leave, all the gods quickly disappeared from his presence.

Gat's was left alone in the room and contemplated how to send down the Power of Divinity.

"Crap, I really can't remember!"

He couldn't even ask anyone about it either because all of the most powerful beings of the universe were busy at the moment.

A few hours later.....

"I know what to do! I'll just send it down in the form of a comet~!"

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    《How I Became A God》