Hell's Fate
13 Trials
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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13 Trials

After hours upon hours of sleep his eyes finally opened up, he slowly sat up once again and began regaining his focus.

That felt so good...

But before he could even do anything the notification finally popped up in front of him,


*Second requirements for Hell's Fall met.

*Third requirements locked.

-Begin Second Fate?

-Yes- or -Yes-


I would very much like to surprised but I expected this, in fact if I couldn't even predict what was going to happen after I purchased my weapon I might as well have just directly cut my head off.


Transferring in 60, 59, 58...


The moment I saw this I quickly got up and began warming myself up for whatever was going to happen. The moment I began swinging the scythe in my hand I felt a much stronger connection with the weapon than yesterday, but none of that mattered considering the fact that I don't even know how to use it properly.

But still he felt different, as if this wasn't the same body he had before. Just like a butterfly emerging from chrysalis but it felt different, it felt incomplete. It was as if there was something clinging onto him stopping him from gaining his own freedom. Yet he could do nothing about it for now.




The timer kept on ticking down. Imagine a nuke falling down upon a city and the fear and nervousness you would experience, because that was exactly what he felt like right now. Whether this is a new start or his death who knew, all he could do was fight.

Only a few seconds remained now...


Allocating coordinates to 027...

10%... 50%... 90%... 99%... 100%!

027 allocated server, 027 transferred.


Instantaneously his body began twisting apart and his flesh smashed into a pulp, or at least that's what it felt like to him as his body slowly disappeared off of the face of the Earth.

Soon after his body disappeared there was a knock on the door and the door handle was twisted open.

A face slowly pulled into the room, it was Miss Elaine.

"He's finally gone, let's just hope he doesn't die. If so then it's just another subject who's failed me."


Neil slowly had a gigantic hall appear in his eyes, it looked just like the inside of Notre Dame before it was set ablaze. Sun light was sneakily peaking on his body as it appeared bit by bit. First was his head, then his torso and finally his lower body.

The moment his body reassembled colossal gates ripped open in front of his eyes, from within the glare a figure slowly appeared in his view. The body resembled a humans, yet it was completely disfigured as if someone had tortured this person for years on end. Just what has this person gone through... Also why is there a human here?

The figure approached him and stood directly in front of him and began staring down at his tiny body, their mouth split open and a few hoarse words came out of their throat.

"We finally get another one... But why is it so tiny this time..."

"Uh... May I know who you are?"

"Me...? I don't know..."

"You don't know?"

"You don't need to know..."

"May I ask where we are at least?"


And then the figure turned around and trudged back the way he came and out through the light. I didn't have much of a choice so I followed him while keeping my guard up just in case anything happened. I gripped onto my scythe even harder than I had before, my scythe came with me and so did my backpack but nothing inside of my bag remained, everything except a few bottles of water and instant noodles. At least it's better than nothing I guess.


As soon as I stepped into the light a completely new scene appeared before my eyes, it was an old medieval looking town. We were placed directly in the centre of a wide plaza with a large fountain in the middle of it, when I turned back around there was nothing behind me as if that huge cathedral from before had completely disappeared.

Before I could continue on with my thoughts a voice which seemed like a man's disrupted me.

"A kid this time? These bastards only get more ruthless as time goes on... Yo kid!"

I turned my head straight to where that voice had come from just to be greeted from someone who seemed like a giant to me, he had bulky arms with a rough scarred chest and wore old tribal like clothing. Even though he wore all of this he surprisingly held a bow in his hand with a dagger sheathed to his left thigh.

"Yes sir?"

"I'm sorry to scare you like this but your going to die."



Huh!? Is this guy retarded? The moment he meets a kid he tells them that their going to die. But. It's good to know that my life is at risk here, he should be giving me some information so let's just continue listening instead of wanting to just punch him in the face.

"I know that your going to be shocked but hear me out first, we're currently living in an isolated world, this isn't actually a forest but just somewhere to stay while we're not fighting for our lives. Whenever someone new arrives they usually get sent to a sort of tutorial I guess you could say, where your future is decided, whether you live or die we shall find out."

"One question sir..."


"Do you have any tips for me?"

"Just survive, everyone has a different tutorial. We can do nothing to help you out and so only you can help yourself, if you survive I'll introduce you to the rest and tell you the situation we're in. For now though... You better get your shit together and prepare for death. I know this is much to ask for from a kid... But we seriously need more people, so you better not die."

"Uncle can you stop trying to scare me, this isn't how you should treat kids like me you know?"

"Hahaha! If you were an ordinary kid I would certainly not have said that but only those with a strong enough mentality are able to arrive, so I assume that your not some ordinary retard."

"Well isn't this system too convenient then..."

"It is, it was always meant to be convenient but even then no one has been able to pass for years. So you better survive."

And then he simply turned around and walked off, his back seemed to get carried away by the wind as everything around me slowly disappeared.


Beginning Karmic trials.

Difficulty Selection:





What the hell is wrong with this difficulty selection...
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