Hell's Fate
12 Covered For
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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12 Covered For

Just what did he just do...

I-i killed somebody...

I cut someones head apart. None of this blood is mine, none of it...

He suddenly began feeling extremely sick due to the smell being completely stuck onto him. I need to find a place where I can wash my self off. I think I know where I can go.

I quickly stood up but before I could take my first step again my feet crumbled on me and I collapsed on the spot. What the hell... Don't tell me I overexerted myself from so little movement, there should be absolutely no way that it was even possible for me to collapse from something so small.

Suddenly a new notification popped up in front of me.


Fatigue 0 -> 5


Well shit, I guess it's this system that's messing up my endurance. I guess I'll go for a short 30 minute nap to recover a bit before running again, I set up a timer on the watch I had just purchased for 30 minutes and closed my eyes. Soon after I drifted off into my dreams and time quickly flew by.

After the 30 minutes were up I saw the notification pop up once again.


Fatigue 5 -> 3


It should be possible to move again now, and so I picked myself up once again. Even though my legs were aching quite a bit I was still able to stand firmly and continue walking on wards. Soon enough I made it past a few alley ways while remaining hidden from any other human, I may not be any assassin but I at least know the streets of this area very well to be able to get past without getting caught by anyone else.

Street after street, I slowly made myself towards my original home. After all this place shouldn't have been sold yet after just a few short hours.

After making it to the same old desolate street I quickly scrambled up the stair case and arrived in front of the door, I searched through the flower pots at the front until I found the spare keys I had left in there. I quickly opened up the doors and threw myself in and once again locked the door behind me. As soon as I made it in I opened up the lights and ran towards the shower.

I threw off all my clothes before jumping straight into a cold shower, the freezing water began soothing down my bloodied state and calming my mind down.

Calm... Must remain calm...


Within a darkened room sat a lady with a bewitching figure, dark hair crossing over her neck glistening within the dark just like stars at night.

"Hmm.... He keeps creating problems for me one after the other..."

The lady continued tapping on her desk producing the only noise in the room. Soon after she stood up and walked towards a huge glass window facing towards the city skyline.

"I'll fix his problems for the last time, anymore and I won't be so kind..."

She quietly placed her fingers upon the window. Suddenly a blue light gradually covered up the whole window until all that remained was a video of a boy wielding a scythe cutting a man's head into to two, it was Neil.

But soon the video began to blur out until only an extremely fuzzy image remained which meant it was absolutely impossible to see who that person was.


Soon enough Neil had already finished his shower and switched out to a new set of clothes, he then went to the balcony and set all of the drenched clothes on fire within a metal bucket and waited for absolutely nothing to remain before leaving balcony once again.

I need to be more careful from now on, next time I mustn't kill anyone or even use a weapon. Instead I should just run away and create a more believable escape. Now I'm completely and utterly screwed, there would have definitely been some cameras in the area which would mean they would have caught his image and soon enough the police will be able to find him.

But considering the age they believe that I am there is absolutely no way I would truly get into any trouble, so I should be able to return home to Miss Elaine and things should slowly fix themselves right?

After all I can do nothing about this anymore, I'm already on camera and it's simply impossible to escape at this point.

Soon enough Neil left the flat and headed back down on to the main street, he waited for the bus at the bus stop. After waiting around 20 minutes it finally arrived and he got on to the bus without having to pay anything due to his age.

I simply sat on the seat at the back and stared out at the night street, even at night the main streets of London are completely packed. Car after car kept on passing by and Neil gradually started fall asleep. But it was quickly interrupted due to the bus suddenly stopping due to a red light.

Sigh... I just really need to get back. I'm simply too tired after just one fight, imagine having to try to run away as well. I'd simply have no chance and would probably just fall asleep mid way and get caught.

After about half an hour the bus finally arrived at the same bus stop from earlier in the day. Neil quickly slipped out of the bus and gradually walked back into the apartment, at this point he was beginning to have to force himself to walk. He finally got into the elevator and reached the same floor once again.

He took the same route and appeared in front of the same door and walked in after unlocking the door, he once again locked the door and made his way into his bedroom.

Neil just jumped onto his bed with his bag still on and quickly fell asleep, for some reason he just felt absolute peace within this home allowing him to peacefully doze away even in this uncomfortable position.


*Second requirements for Hell's Fall met.

*Third requirements locked.

-Begin Second Fate?

-Yes- or -Yes-

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