Hell's Fate
11 Scythe
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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11 Scythe

How do I fix this problem...

It would be so embarrassing to die of starvation after all. Not only that I have made so many promises to my sister and yet here I am about to die of starvation if I don't come up with a solution. So what I have right now is 24 Fate Coins if I include the price of a Starting Weapon, I also know that finishing a Gate earns me Fate Coins, that is how I earned my initial 50 Fate Coins after all. And so I must now find a way to start the next Gate and complete it, that's my only option.

Now the question is how do I start the next Gate, perhaps purchasing the Starting Weapon would trigger the start of the next scenario. After all the amount of Fate Coins I have perfectly fit the situation I'm currently in, meaning that if that bastard is the one who gave me this system he also planned out everything else. Meaning once I purchase the Starting Weapon it would be the same as confirming that I'm ready for the next scenario. If that were true it means that the bastard isn't going to give me any chance to prepare and instead want's me to rush through and enjoy watching me suffer.

Now if everything I said were to be true at what point would I be ready, I have no idea what any of these statistics are and the only way I could possibly figure any of that out would be to start the next Gate.

Sigh, am I even prepared for this...

No, I'm really not. But-

I'm not going to be given the chance to prepare myself at all. So what I should do is immediately start after getting a few items ready just in case I'm sent somewhere else and I'm able to bring things in with me.

But is there even anything that I would really need to bring with me? I have no use for food and water and I'm going to be purchasing a starting weapon either way. All I have left then would be miscellaneous items like a torch and bag etc.

I'll just go out now and collect those items, Miss Elaine will be asleep and going to work tomorrow so I won't be seeing her until about 5:30 pm. That's plenty of time for me to do whatever the hell I want.


And so I walked out of the apartment and took some spare keys with me and sneakily took some of Miss Elaine's money before leaving and then headed straight out of the apartment building. I first ran straight to the nearest store to purchase a few things like a torch and a bag and a few other items that may be necessary. Although the shop keeper kept on giving me this weird look, it makes sense considering I'm just a child out at night by myself.

All I have left to do now is get some spare clothes, and so I ran off to the nearest cheap store for clothes and bought some clothes for summer and some for winter just in case. I also purchased quite a few pairs of gloves and shoes for running etc.

Now that I have everything that I need I should probably head back back before getting caught by some people and sent to a police station and getting Miss Elaine in trouble.


I suddenly caught a man on the other side of the street staring at this little girl with her mother that were walking by me, what's this man thinking?

His eyes suddenly switched to me as well and they lit up just like torches as if they had just found some new prey.

Shit this looks bad, I'm just a little kid just how am I going to deal with this grown ass man. Not only that he slowly began to cross the street while the traffic lights were still red.

Shit, shit, shit.

From the looks of things he's going to end up running into us from behind the mums and daughter's backs and right in front of me as well. Is he not worried that I would realise that he looked suspicous? No he wouldn't, I'm just a little kid in his eyes after all.

Suddenly something glinted in the corner of his sleeve, that's a knife. Not only is he aiming for us he also has a weapon. This situation is really shit.

I quickly put on an expression of someone who looked like they had forgotten something and turned around and placed myself in front of the pair.


Fate Store: -F Rank-

•Beef Jerky, 1 Fate Coin

•Water, 1 Fate Coin

•Starting Weapon, 25 Fate Coins

•Nutrient Meal, 25 Fate Coins

Purchase Starting Weapon, -25 Fate Coin

Yes - No


I got the screen ready for me to press yes the moment the man got close enough.

I couldn't outrun him so all I could do was fight him now.

He slowly but surely approached the pair and at this point his knife was fully in his hand, his crazed eyes only getting worse. You could even see him imagining himself ravaging all three of them at once just like a wild animal. At this point he was 2 meters behind the mother and daughter pair.

Just as he jumped straight at the pair I pressed down on the yes button immediately and purchased the weapon.

A small yet dark scythe patterned with engravings that looked like they came straight out of a video game appeared in front of him. As soon as he held onto the scythe he twisted his body to the left and sprinted straight around the pair just like in the shape of a scythe. Within a millisecond the man realised that something was coming straight for him and he jumped straight back with his knife raised to his heart.

But the scythe wasn't going for his heart, it sliced straight through his legs and blood began spurting out straight at the boys face, but the boy didn't stop. He quickly stopped his momentum with a simple step and shifted his left leg straight once again to face the man and jumped straight at him.

The pair didn't even get the chance to react before blood came pouring down on their backs. The little girl began screaming in horror while the mother simply stood there in absolute shock. But none of that stopped the boy as his eyes stared straight at the man, before the man could even begin screaming the boy continued up towards the man's head and brought his scythe straight down. Slicing cleanly through his head and splitting it into two. Brain matter splattering all over the floor.

The boy was drenched with blood at this point. Brain matter splattered everywhere on his body.

What... Just what did I do just now...

Soon after he began shivering out of fear towards himself.

I have to run. I have to run away as fast as I can...


The woman and the child were simply standing shock over what had just had happened, they had never seen such a gruesome view in their whole life and soon after the little girl turned around and began vomiting while the woman fumbled for her phone to call the police.


At this point Neil had already made it far away and had hid away in some random alley way on the side of a small street.

He simply sat down and continued shivering.

The feeling of cutting through someones body for the first time.

It was something he was never going to forget.
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