Hell's Fate
9 Don“t Kill Me
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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9 Don“t Kill Me

As we were walking down the side walk of a busy main street Miss Elaine asked me a very weird question.

"Neil, just who took care of you since you were a child. Was it Luca or?"

"Mhm, Brother has taken care of me for as long as I could remember."

"If so then why would he..."

"What did you say older sister?"

"Oh nothing don't worry about, we should be arriving soon enough."

And so we continued walking along a street packed with wild animals in my eyes, everything looked so much bigger than I once remembered it. That cheap clothes shop we just walked by looked so tiny to me before, yet now it looked much bigger than I could imagine it to be. It truly is weird being this small again. I guess it would be interesting to continue living like this, but it would also cause me many problems. Also is it even possible for me to have my own secret child at the age of 10?

No matter how many times I think about it, it's basically impossible for me to trick them unless I make it seem like even I don't know where I came from and have them question my background for a very long time...

But would they even care about my background in the first place? I would just be considered to be an abandoned child after all...

"We're finally here!"


Isn't this just an apartment block?! Not only that it's so big, it's literally the tallest tower within the mile...

"Where are we sister?"

"We're at my home!"


What's wrong with this woman...

"I don't want to go in...."

"Come on, it'll all be fine just trust me. You've already been left by your brother and have no one left to take care of me so just trust in me."

"But I don't really know sister..."

Is this woman dumb or something, she's trying to bring in a random child to her apartment...

"Also wouldn't there be problems if you brought a child with you..."

"No you can trust me, there seriously won't be any problems."

God damn is this woman dumb... Ugh screw it, I'll go in, worst case scenario i'll just purchase the starting weapon and just beat the shit out of her. Let's just hope she doesn't kill me...

"Ok then."

"Hehehehe, good boy."


And so she led me into the entrance of the building, it seriously was too luxurious. Gold here, gold there, gold everywhere. Not only that there was so much refined marble, accentuating the entrances beauty. This must an apartment complex for rich bastards.

She took me to the receptionist and asked for an appointment with a Mr Danis, soon after we were taken to the office behind the receptionist.

Within this office sat a middle aged man with a light beard and styled hair, just like your typical rich middle aged man.

"Miss Elaine, may ask what I can help you with this time?"

"Oh I would like to adopt this abandoned child."


Wait what? What's this woman saying? Adopt me? Her? This woman?

She tries to lure me into her apartment just like a kidnapper and then says she want's to adopt me, just what is wrong with her.

"Hmm? Adopt a child, another one? Oh i'm sorry I shouldn't have mentioned..."

"No it's fine, it's in the past as well..."

The atmosphere of the room quickly took an awkward turn. It seem's like Miss Elaine had adopted a child before? Also from the looks of things, things didn't turn out well for that child either...

Should I even trust this woman with me or no?

No, do I even have a choice in the first place?

There is literally no one in this world who I know of who could possibly take care of me at this point, my best bet now would be on Miss Elaine. It would make life very convenient as well if she had the money to pay for everything for me and not only that she works as a teacher meaning I can get a lot of time to do whatever the hell I want.

"Well if Miss Elaine want's me to take a shortcut for you and pass the adoption papers for you, I could do that but the question is does the child want you to take care of him?"


"Umm... I don't mind if it's sister..."

"Well I guess if this child also agrees I can do it, although if you only took him in for his looks Miss Elaine I could not help but not allow it..."

Neil: "..."

Alaeya: "..."

"Ayaya... Don't mind me, it's just that this boy is so cute I couldn't help but question the reason as to why you wanted to adopt him..."

Looking cute may not always be a good thing if even a middle aged man is questioning my teacher for her intentions...

"Excuse me but did you seriously just..."

"Ahem, I'm sorry it was just a passing joke. Anyways I should be able to get the papers done and ready within an hour so just wait a little while for me."

Hasn't this progressed just a little too fast? Just a moment ago I was thinking about how I could possibly get her to adopt me and here I am about to get adopted by my teacher without her even checking if my 'brother' is even still alive... This seriously is such a weird situation to be in.

After he left the office only me and Miss Elaine remained in the office.

"You must be wondering why I adopted you after I only just met you right? You may not understand what I'm talking about right now but you reminded me of my own brother, that's second reason."

"But why would sister take me in when you don't even know me? What's the reason?"

"Because I want to survive."


"Because I don't want you to kill me."

"What are you talking about?"

"I already said that you probably won't understand now but you shall understand in the future, one day you will understand why I said all of this and the reason why I adopted you after only just meeting you."

My hand's slowly began turning numb...

Huh... W-What's going on...

"Just go to sleep for now, just remember on that day to not kill me instead..."

What does she mean...


Neil slowly began waking up after a comfortable sleep.

Huaaa! That was such a comfortable sleep, I guess I could trust her with looking over me I guess?

"Did you enjoy your nap Neil?"


What's wrong with her, she's just sneakily smirking at me...

Such a weird human...
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