Hell's Fate
8 A New Identity
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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8 A New Identity


Let's think this through clearly, if I show up in front of another person in this form what are the many possible consequences. First of all shock, then more shock then taking me to the doctors most likely, then finally the government getting involved and then getting turned into a lab rat....

Yup that doesn't seem like anything good at all.

Sigh... How do I seriously handle this situation, maybe if it's someone I know I could convince them to remain silent and if it's some random guy I can pretend to be someone visiting myself I guess? This may not go so well but I don't really have much choice with this, I'm this small after all and nothing could convince anyone I know that everything's fine with me.

*Ding dong*

*Ding dong*

I better get to this door before someone pushes it down and sees me like this while I'm not prepared.

After making myself down the hall I finally got close enough to peep through the letter-box to see who was on the other side, let's see who this is now...

It was an extremely beautiful woman, but it was also a woman I already knew... It was miss Elaine.

Out of all the people who could be out there it just had to be the one of the ones who knew me the best, just what is this messed up situation?

"Excuse me but can you open up the door?"

Shit she saw me... I'm just going to have to deal with this situation as it continues...

And so I slowly opened up the door and peeked my head around the side of it only allowing my face to show.

"Little boy do you know where Luca has been for the past 2 weeks?"

Shit, what do I say here, not only that it's been 2 weeks already?!?! Do I tell her that Luca has gone out or something like that, but this won't be able to go one for too long before she finds out something fishy is going on... Wait how did she not recognise my face at all. I quickly turned my head to look at the mirror on the other side of the room and the face that I saw looked nothing like Luca, in fact even that young 6 year old looking face looked a hundred times better than my old face. What the hell is this...

If this is the case then...

"Brother... H-He went missing missing a 2 weeks ago and just disappeared and I've been living by myself since"

Tears began dripping down his face as if it were raining, his voice began to crack and tearing.

"2 weeks?!? You've been by yourself for 2 weeks and you tell me he has been missing for that long? That bastard!"

She quickly pushed through the door and took the child into her embrace and began wiping his back trying to comfort him.

Man this plan went way too well, what the hell, does she have a soft spot towards children or something like that? Either way this works well for me, all I have to do is form some kind of new identity... But how the hell do I do that as well, I should have some sort of birth certificate after all.

Unless I pretend to be my own secret child which Luca had without telling anyone else or something like that? Either way I probably won't be able to gain my original identity anymore now that my own teacher has seen me. I'll simply have to start a completely new life from here on out. I'm sorry to have to sacrifice you like that old me but it's necessary to continue living, also Lei i'm going to have to make it up for you someday for staying with me for all this time.

"Little boy could I ask you for your name?"

"Mmm... My name is Neil"

"Neil then... Do you want to come with older sister to visit somewhere to find you a home?"

"I don't want to, it'll be too scary..."

"It's fine sister will take you with me"

"Ok then..., what's your name sister?"

"Oh I'm Alaeya it's a nice name isn't it?"

"It's a bit complicated..."

"It's fine you'll get used to it. Let's head down now shall we, we have to get you out of this house before you go crazy in there!"

Go crazy my ass, your the crazy one. Trying to convince a child to follow you somewhere without telling him about it, doesn't this seem just a tiny bit wrong?


And so I was forced to walk down to the bus station and get on to the bus, for some reason the people on the bus just kept on staring at us as if we were some type of annoying couple...

Although the real reason is probably because of the way we look but either way this is extremely uncomfortable. At least I'm a little child or else all the men would be wanting to kill me out of jealousy and one or two may just 'accidentally' step on my feet. But luckily I look like a innocent little boy or else my ending wouldn't have been so nice.


After an endless bus journey and dozing off and on I decided to check out that store that was unlocked, I never had the time to check it due to all the things that were constantly happening around me and nearly ended up forgetting about such an important thing. And here I thought I would remain calm and think everything through properly and yet I still forgot about something so important, I still have much to improve.


Fate Store: -F Rank-

+Miscellaneous [Basic]





And so the list went on, although it was all locked except the Miscellaneous section. After expanding the Miscellaneous section a completely new list appeared.


Fate Store: -F Rank-

•Beef Jerky, 1 Fate Coin

•Water, 1 Fate Coin

•Starting Weapon, 25 Fate Coins

•Nutrient Meal, 25 Fate Coins



What?!?! A Fate Coin for just some Beef Jerky, what is this joke. Not only that but the items after that go all the way up to a thousand Fate Coins and yet this is still a [Basic] part of it?

What the actual hell is this, I should just ignore this shop for now because I simply don't have enough Fate Coins to just spend casually, not only that I don't even need a weapon in this world or food which I could just buy from a shop. A child would probably never get into a situation where a weapon would be required so a weapon is even more so out of the picture. I better just ignore this shop until the time comes where I would truly need it.

After spending about ten minutes wrapping his brain around the ridiculous prices Miss Elaine tapped him on his shoulder.

"Come on Neil it's time to go."


I put on the same cheerful smile my sister would and laughed alongside her.

We would probably arrive in an adoption centre soon after this, who know's what type of people I would get. And so before that...

I must find a way to get her on my side, that way she could possibly take me in and make my life so much easier that way.

Either way I'm going to have to handle living the life of a child while still aiming for my revenge.

After all I care for nothing more than to kill that bastard...
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