Hell's Fate
7 My “Gift“
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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7 My “Gift“

Just where am I....

I thought I was asleep but what is this, just what... More importantly is everything I just saw real?

But how would that even be possible, there should be no way to see the past also there is no way this has been happening to me because of my sister. I don't want to believe it.

Not only that what did he mean when he said that I've been fighting my sister for a very long period of time now, I'm clearly still here so how could I possibly be fighting out there. But still why is this place so dark, I simply cannot see the tiniest bit of light.

Is anyone there!

I began shouting out to see if anyone would respond but nothing came out, literally nothing. My voice simply wouldn't come out, it was trapped within my throat and nothing would come out at all. It's just like what happened to my sister...

There's no way what I saw was true right...?

My sister wouldn't do that, she never would, that's right!

"Are you sure about that."


"I said are you sure about that... Don't make me repeat myself again."

Y-You, your the same voice, the same one my sister...

"You still call her your sister..., you truly are naive you know that right?"

"She tortured you over and over again and yet you still call her your sister?"


"Hahahaha! You two truly are an interesting pair of toys you know that right?"

Toys... My lil'Nee, she is my sister yet you call her a toy!

"That's exactly what you are, just another toy. Seems like you are many times dumber than your sister, you just found out that your one and only sister destroyed your life and yet you still fight for her, Hahahaha!"

My sister was the one who started it all, she began this loop simply for her own greed...

"That's right!"

No.... NO! She wouldn't do that! She must have had a reason!

"Stop denying it human, you know the reason already. You know it and yet you deny it, humans truly are intriguing toys..."

My little Neela.... She entrusted me with everything so there's no way i would trust in you!

Even if she did betray me I'd rather trust in her than in you!

"Hahahaha! Very good choice..."

"It seems like you aren't as dumb as I originally thought!"

You tormented my sister, you placed her into this situation for your own fun. And yet even in the end you denied her all the answers she wanted, if you deny her and don't seem to want to tell me anything...

"Shut up."

"You have no power to speak, if you want the power to speak then I give you a different offer."

Another offer...

"I will give you a chance, the only chance you will ever get, to save your sister. Do you accept this chance?"

Willingly giving me such a good offer... There's simply no way there isn't a catch in this.

"Hahaha... And why does that matter, it's not like you had a choice in the first place!"

"Now accept my little 'gift'!"

My body.... What are you doing!

Luca's body began tearing, bone against bone, his flesh slowly burning up.

Ah... AH! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! This is the show I wanted to see!"

"Enjoy my gift puny human!"

"Show me what you can do while you live! Burn up this planet for me!"

"Entertain me 'human', for it is your purpose!"

ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!

His flesh continued melting, dripping off like lava...

His bones crushed into powder....


The liquid continued to drip off...

Until there was simply nothing remaining but a puddle.

"Now 'human', you better not disappoint me like every other toy..."


His eyes switched on within milliseconds.

What was that, that pain, that dream!

He slowly brought his eyes down onto his hand...

It's still there... After letting out a sigh of relief he finally sat himself up.

Wait... What is this why do I feel this light?


Why am I half the size I was before?!?! Why am I this tiny?!


Luca Levinski

Sex - Male

Species - Spirit, ???

Age - 16

Fate- Hell's Fall, [Second Gate Test]

??? Attributes:

Core Being - 10

Celestial - 0.1%

Fate Coins - 50

Gates - [First Passed]

-50 Fate Coins granted.

-Shop unlocked.

- [Second Unlocked]

- [Third Locked]


I passed the first gate?

I should be happy about this yet in exchange for passing this has happened to me...


You sacrificed everything to be able to continue seeing me and yet I am here and you are gone. Here I am sat on my bed and you are gone forever. That bastard is using us for his own entertainment and we could do nothing about it, but I'll change just for you. I'll destroy that bastard no matter what it takes!

But before that I have to deal with this little problem, I am half the size now after all. I have to quickly find a way to fix this problem before leaving this flat again or else I'm going to be taken in and tested on like a lab rat...

But it seems like my Core Being has drastically increased even though I have greatly decreased in size, if so then there's no way that it's linked to physically strength because there is simply no way for this body to hold so much power.

After releasing a long sigh Luca began sorting through all the information that his brain had to take in within that short period of time, this was so that he could handle all of the information slowly without overloading himself with a constant amount of information.

-First of all I've gained some Fate Coins

-My Core Being has jumped in value

-A shop has be opened up

-My race seems to have... changed?!?!

Wait what?!?!

How did my race change? Is that even possible?

Furthermore what's with all of these question marks?!

What the hell is even going on?

Wait, calm down. If I was able to reduce to half my original size then something like a race change shouldn't shock me this much. Relax...

It's a huge change but I need to be able to accept these changes from here on out, my life is no longer a normal one after all but a completely different one now. I must learn to accept change.

I cannot remain the same, I must stay calm. I must slowly figure out a way to return back to normal.

*ding dong*

A sudden ring on the door woke me up from my concentrated state.

Now the question that remains is how do I handle someone in this state...
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