Hell's Fate
5 Drifting Away
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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5 Drifting Away

Luca sat there for hours, simply staring into the distance.

His mind slowly opening up once again after his guilt-ridden heart brought forth a short period of depression and hatred towards himself.

He knew that he had to get up and change his fate once again but no matter how determined he had been in front of his sister he was still a human with emotion, but he had to get rid of this emotion, he had sworn to do anything for his sister after all.

And no human could do that and whether he had to turn into a demon from the bottom of an abyss or a saint from the heart he would do whatever it took. And because of this he had to get rid of his lingering emotions, he had to cut them all off. All ties with the people he knew had to slowly be removed over time or else he would simply bring them down with him.

To do this he had to swallow all of his pride and do whatever it took, whether he was humiliated or mocked or left alone for the rest of his life. As whatever he would end up becoming in the end he had to take on the the world on his own.

But before all of that... He was still currently a human, a human with no power on his fate.


His brain continued opening up as he slowly accepted what had just happened.

Once he completely assimilated all the information he had to process through those many hours the sun had already begun to rise from the distance, illuminating the river as if giving it hope once again to change it's fate. But that was simply an illusion.

And the fact that he could now see a different screen in front of him seemed even more like an illusion.


Luca Levinski

Sex - Male

Species - Human

Age - 16

Fate- Hell's Fall, [First Gate Test]

Human Attributes:

Core Being - 2

Celestial - Broken

Fate Coins - 0

Gates - [First Unlocked]

- [Second Locked]


This would be a nice surprise to most but to me it was as if Hell was mocking me, telling me that i'm not even as good as the average human yet I have these ambitions.

From first glance I can tell that this will most likely be one of those systems from games and novels which allow you to get stronger but I knew that this won't be as simple because an upper system would never allow a human to gain power so easily meaning that this would definitely have a catch.

Also considering that I only have the first unlocked and theirs a second implies that there could be many more and as for how many there are well I should be able to guess once I've finished the first. But I don't even know how to complete the test and from the looks of this Core Being thing I'm probably very weak so I won't be lasting very long...

Before I continue thinking about how to change my fate I should probably get home.

And so I slowly stood up from the bench that I had accompanied for the past 7 hours, agonising as it was I couldn't falter at this point, the moment I did i could possibly lose this starting point and be consumed by Hell, who knew what it would do to me if I ever gave up on this path so I had no choice but to follow this path and then divert and annihilate whatever started this game in the first place.


After what seemed like long walk back to the flat I finally arrived back and sat down on my bed for a short while, I did still have school today after all and I could only continue living this normal life to build up a facade for myself and slowly expand and see if I was the only one with this thing in front of me. Chances are I wasn't alone but I still had to make sure or else I could get myself killed at any moment due to arrogance.

At this point it was already 3 O'clock in the morning and I had around 5 hours til school starts and so I took this opportunity to check up on the screen in front of me once again.

-First of all I was weaker than the average person but also smarter.

-Secondly this screen/system thing was able to tell everything about me.

-Also I could use this to slowly figure out everything behind it.

-And finally there was something called Fate Coins, as for what it can be used for, who knows.

That was all I could tell at this point, oh and also I should be able to get stronger using this.

From the looks of things whatever gave me this thing wants to watch me try and forge my own path and I'm most likely just a piece of entertainment for it. But that doesn't matter, because the moment I get powerful enough I could easily mess with them instead but that may never even end up happening, who knows what could end up happening in the future.

After organising my thoughts and tidying myself up something unexpected appeared next to my stamina


Core Being Drop


To recover must sleep.


It seems like my physical condition in real life will affect my Core Being if I don't have sufficient sleep?

How the hell do I improve my Core Being in the first place? Working out?

That would also allow me to greatly improve my chances of survival once I get a chance to prove my self in the tests if there are any in the first place if I know what the hell this Core Being is.

I should get to sleep now it's tiring to stay up all night after all, and with what just happened I doubt that I could remain sane if I stayed up any longer...

And so I covered myself up and simply drifted away...
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