Hell's Fate
4 Me and Fate
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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4 Me and Fate

Within this final hour of ours there were many things I wanted to do, but I knew that it just was not feasible.

This type of feeling would bring a sour taste upon the tongues of many but not mine, because this wasn't the first time I had been through this. In fact at this point i had begun to savour this sour taste because I never knew when this taste would disappear for eternity.

This sour taste had been ongoing for what seemed like years to me.

To me I have been replaying this single day exactly 100 days now, it all started since that thing appeared. The timer would constantly sit on top of her innocent soul as if tainting her. Every single one of those days the timer would run out and kill her, every single one.

And I could do nothing but watch on, just like a spectator.


"lil'Nee, do you want to go on a long walk with older brother to the river and watch the stars?"

"Mmmm if brother want's to then let's do it!"

She responded to my question with her immaculate smile once again, I really don't want to lose this smile. I want to engrave it within me forever but at this point it's engraved so deep within my heart than any further and I would simply lose myself within it.

As we began to walk into the abyss that people call 'night' lil'Nee began saying something very strange to me.

"Brother..... I'm afraid that my body is bad....."

"What are you talking about, your body is completely fine!"

"But it's so small compared to everyone else's... I'm afraid brother..."

The expression on her face told me that she was truly afraid of death. God damnit what have I been doing this whole time, I've been letting her die over and over again everyday for my own satisfaction and my own greed but I never thought of her own feelings about death. Whats wrong with me!

After half an hour of silence after what she had said I responded.

"It's fine lil'Nee, brother will make sure that you'll never feel pain!"

"Mmmm.... I believe in brother!"

Her face had lit up this moment, lit up to the point where even the sun would feel disgraced to shine it's own light upon this planet. At that moment I had decided, decided to longer play the spectator but do something to try and change this shit fate of mine.

As for whether it works or not... That is something that i'll just have to risk.


We finally reached the river.

This river seemed to stretch on endlessly with emotion and power yet still being subtly fragile, this fragility seemed to be just like my own, the river runs on endlessly just like time and contains no power against it's own fate and can only allow God to play with it's emotion and fragile power.

I was just like this river, simply another person who could do nothing but allow God to control my own fate with no ability to take over and carve my own path through heaven and hell.


Lil'Nee and I took seat on a bench alongside the endless river, simply staring into the distance for what seemed like hours yet was simply mere minutes.

I slowly rapped my hands around Lil'Nee's frail body.

"Lil'Nee, brother loves you, you know that right?"

"Mmmm! I know that, I love you too brother"

"And you know that I would do whatever it takes to let you live the best life possible right?"


That wasn't enough to reassure me and so I asked my precious Neela another question.

"So will you let brother take care of your future and carve out a path straight through hell and bring you back?"

"What do you mean brother..."

"Answer me that question first please..."

I asked in the gentlest tone I could amongst the endless hesitation within my mind.

"I don't want you to be hurt brother... But in the end it's your choice not mine."

"Then don't mind if brother is selfish....."

I gently embraced Neela and caressed the side of her face and lightly pecked her forehead.

"Neela..... Brother will never let you feel pain again, not in this life or any other, understood?"

"Brother... Mmmm."

"Neela..... I promise you that I will do anything to live with you for the rest of my life ok?"

"I promise you that I shall destroy anything that stops me from getting you back and bring hell down with me onto this planet if need be ok...?"

Tears simply burst out my eyes at this point as my eyes burnt with absolute hate, my mind reaching the point of craze.

"Mmmm..... Brother will do anything to help me I know that..... But why are you cwying?"

Neela slowly began to dissipate.

Particle by particle, bit by bit she was being erased from this world, this was her fate.

"Neela, I promise to bring you back okay?"

Neela had already begun to wipe my tears but was simply unable to end the seemingly infinite flow. I gently place Neela onto my lap and held her for as long as I could.

"Brother what are you doing.....?"

It seems like she can't tell what is happening...

"Neela, brother is sorry, very sorry..."

Amidst my messed up state Neela's face began to shine.

"Brother.... You don't need to be sorry... You should just enjoy life and stop crying ok?"

"Mmmmm..... Brother promises that he will enjoy life from now on!"

"Mmmm... Good Luca...."

Neela's body had completely disappeared. Her body broken into many orbs and slowly floating upwards. Her disappearance accentuating the silent river...

All that was left was me.

Me and Fate.


*First requirements for Hell's Fall met.

*Second requirements locked.

-Beginning first Fate.
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