Hell's Fate
3 Lil“Nee
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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3 Lil“Nee

As we were strolling across the drawn out streets of London lil'Nee kept on skipping around the pavements as if she owned them, it was a pretty entertaining sight to watch and also the reactions of the people watching us was absolutely priceless.

As we slowly approached the park lil'Nee kept on firing questions at me one after another:

"Brother when will we get there?"

"How many more more minutes brother?"

"I'm getting hungry now brother..."

And on and on she went on with her questions.

Of course i answered every single one nicely like the nice brother I am.

And so then we switched from going to the park to the local family diner which sold many kid meals and normal meals at cheap prices, of course I always bought lil'Nee whatever she wanted although my wallet enjoyed shouting at me every time I did buy her whatever she wanted...

And so we finally arrived at the diner and the waitress came up to greet us with an amiable smile.

"Welcome sir, a table for two I assume?"

"Yes please"

We were quickly taken to our seats by the window, the view may not have been the best but the trees outside and the same old road with cars driving past every now and then gave off a soothing feeling. It felt truly felt like I was on a date but I need to remember that i'm with my sister and not some random girl off the streets.

Lil'Nee kept on shifting around in her little baby seat which I had to specially ask for even though she was in fact 14 years old. Man.... i'm still getting weird looks even though this is meant to be a family diner, I'm not a pedo for God's sake.....

After what seemed like a century of waiting with Lil'Nee constantly shifting in her seat distracting all the other customers the waitress finally arrived to ask us what we want.

"Ah..... I'd like the adult hamburger set please with a side of fries, Also ketchup instead of mayo thank you. What do you want lil'Nee? Today's a treat so pick whatever you want."

"I also want the adult hamburger set, I'm an adult after all hmph"

After the waitress finally took our order lil'Nee turned to me and asked me a question which put me in a very awkward spot.....

"Does brother have a boyfriend?"

Ahhhh..... The difficulties of having a sister who doesn't know the proper difference between girls and guys...

"No lil'Nee I don't have a boyfriend I'm a straight and single boy....."


The waitress quickly saved me from this awkward situation as she arrived soon after with plates of delicious food.

This truly is a blissful time, a time I can spend with my sister without any worries or anything that could possibly bring worry or pain onto my life.

But this time is limited...


After we finished eating our lunch we both sat there and chatted for the next hour about my life and what lil'Nee had been doing at home before I came back.

To the outside this may have seemed like an ordinary conversation between a brother and sister but to me this was a special moment, it was something that i could lose at any moment.


After we had finished our conversation it was already nearly 6 O'clock. Both I and lil'Nee had been staring out this window for the past 3 minutes and for some reason we continued staring out, as if it was going to slowly separate us and turn that separation into an eternal separation soon afterwards.

Luckily for me lil'Nee quickly began chatting on again and rambling on and on about how I should go out with her again next time and that she was an adult now because she ate the adults hamburger set. Ah... That was really too funny when she said that and i couldn't stop my self from laughing in front of her. Although she ended up hitting me for 5 minutes straight right afterwards but i felt nothing, it was truly too adorable.

It seemed like our time limit was coming closer so we had to leave the diner after paying the price.

But it was worth it.

Lil'Nee told me that she wanted to go the park now that she was no longer hungry so I listened to her words and we arrived at a calm and peaceful park on the side of the street.

This park was usually empty and this seems to be one of those days where it was.

Lil'Nee quickly escaped from my grasp and sprinted straight into the sand pits and dove in. Moments later i could hear her joy even from the position I was in. This was my sister after all.

Lil'Nee and I ended up playing together in this tiny park of ours for an hour or two and it was already beginning to get dark and I knew that she was usually even more hyperactive in the dark so I had to make sure that she wouldn't run off without me realising it.

At this point we only had an hour remaining.
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