Hell's Fate
2 Pain
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Hell's Fate
Author :Eldaweirdo
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2 Pain

There she was.

My little sister and my only family member other than my uncle, the only person who I have ever adored in my life and most likely the last. Especially after this.

A girl with glimmering dark hair and whitish, near unblemished skin. A girl so short you could probably cradle her with just one arm. But she wasn't as young as you'd think she is.

In fact she was 14.

But even though she was 14 she was so minuscule you could probably miss her if she were to walk past you on the streets. She was the sister I adored, the sister who contained the purest eyes that had ever existed on this planet. I want to take care of her, I really do, but at this rate I will never be able to help her ever again in this life of mine.

But I want to take care of her for the rest of my life!

But what can I do for Gods sake!

This goddamn eye of mine ruined everything, fucking everything!

Just what am I supposed to do at this point?

Pray to God?

Well not even God can save her because he's the one who's condemned her to this hopeless and bleak life, that God that everyone respects is the one that created this mess, that God is the one who's ruined my life and everyone else's. Just what does that God want me to do? Bring out Jesus to resurrect the dead or some shit!?!?

Well I don't have that power for Gods sake!

"Ah! Welcome back brother!"

She welcomed me back with same sweet smile everyday, the smile which allowed me to continue on day by day with this pathetic life of mine.

"I'm back lil'Nee"

I quickly placed her into my embrace in fear of that timer that constantly stood on top of her life scroll.

Why his her shirt slightly moist... Oh well she probably got it wet while washing her hands or something.

"How was your day again brother?"

And the same question as everyday, a question which always brings absolute warmth into my heart, a question which always keeps my day going.

"It's going well, as always, what about you what have you done so far today?"

And.... I responded back with the same line as every other day.

But of course only I remember that.

And only I ever remember what happens every day, and so everyday it's as if she resets.

And I can do nothing about it, because i'm just a spectator.

Slyly looking down at her bright face I could only hope and wish for more...

But I knew that it would never happen.

Reluctantly separating myself from her.....

Wait why am I reluctantly separating from her I ain't no lolicon.

"Brother let's go out to play in the park pretty please!"

"Okay just wait a little bit longer I have to get changed first and eat lunch, spare me a quick 5 minutes"

"Nononono..... But my ice cream..."

"Your just gonna have wait a bit longer so just bare with me please"

Ah I really don't like having to do this everyday but if I don't it will only make the short amount of time i can spend with her worse so I have no choice.

After quickly changing out of my uniform and switching to more casual clothing and stuffing my face with food I slowly took the heavy steps back down to the living room thinking about the day that's about to come ahead.

Whenever I look at the top of her head all I see is this.


Neela Levinski : Age 14

Time till death - 6 Hours, 27 Minutes and 22 Seconds

Location of death - Dependant

Type of death - Dependant

Possibility of Survival - None

Number of deaths - 99


This isn't the first time.

It isn't the first time and I don't want it to be the last.

I wanted to spend more time, in fact I've been very selfish, extremely selfish. Because every time she dies she suffers more, every time she dies I also suffer, were both suffering in this loop of ours. I don't want this loop to end but I have to at some point and it may be soon, very soon in fact.

"Ah! Are we finally going out brother!"

"Yes we are, we're finally going out"

I wanted to add 'again', but I can't because the moment I do she'll suffer the worst death possible.

And as for how I know that.... Don't ask.

"Shall we finally go to the park now?"


After walking alongside lil'Nee I felt like not even this cracked cement under my feet could worsen my mood....

Although all those suspicious stares from the older men and women made me feel extremely uncomfortable and more like a pedo than ever, let's just ignore them like any other responsible citizen would.

After all I've already seen this a hundred times by now.
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