Faded | Rai
16 Past & Presen
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Faded | Rai
Author :MarnieeD
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16 Past & Presen

Softness could be felt beneath her, and she both felt uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time. Comfortable in the place where she was resting, and uncomfortable after having slept for so long - hundreds of years in fact.

Bright lights left her with temporary blindness, as they shone into the coffin she had been laying. And cold air seeped into her skin as soon as it hit her.

A slender hand reached in and gripped her own one, as she was helped to her feet. With further assistance, she stumbled out of the coffin, and she looked up at the person who had helped her. It was Frankie, who she vaguely remembered in her messed up memory.

"Frankie?" she hesitantly asked, unsure of who she was seeing as he stood next to her, his hand still grasped in her smaller one. "What's going on? Why am I here?"

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"It's ok if you don't remember, Ji-Ae," Frankenstein replied and his words were hushed and coaxing like he was speaking to a child. "So much has happened since you were laid to rest, and it'll take a long time to explain. Let's get you out off here first, shall we?"

"Ok..." she nodded her head and allowed him to lead her outside. The confusion was now deep set within her.

What exactly had happened whilst she slept?

Frankie raised his arm and went to attack the already defeated M21 again, but a demanding voice stopped him. "We're going back." Rai didn't bother saying anything else, and with one arm firmly wound around Ji-Ae's waist, he turned around to leave.

"Master?" Frankie was a little confused and unsure about his master's actions, but he knew better than to question it. "You should know what to do if you don't want to die here," he said to M21, as he too left the building.

M21 didn't want to accept the fact that he had been so easily defeated, but what else was he supposed to do? After that display of prowess, he knew just how much weaker he was than them. And he could only watch as they left, including Ji-Ae.


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