Divine Emperor of Death
501 Infiltration
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Divine Emperor of Death
Author :Stardust_Breaker
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501 Infiltration

"It's only a matter of time... We will get the medicinal pill soon..." Claire gently spoke as she consoled her uncle.

Daniuis could only nod his head with a wry smile on his face.

"Alright, for the time being, we will all stay low acting as Alchemist Scythe's guests. This way, even if people visit tomorrow to ask Alchemist Scythe to concoct pills for them, we would appear natural." Logan nodded his head and gave his opinion to which the other three people in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

Nevertheless, Davis offered his thought on the matter as he had a different idea, "I'll hang a board outside the residence that Alchemist Scythe is not accepting requests for a month. People will naturally come up with their own reasons to understand why I'm not accepting requests."

"By the time a month has passed, their thoughts on why I'm not accepting requests will turn into nothing more than fleeting thoughts, giving us enough time to procure the King Grade Medicinal Pill and escape to the Alstreim Family Territory."

The others agreed that it was a good idea and settled on it. It was met with unanimous approval since this way, they all don't have to be bothered about people who might visit for pill concoction commission.

Davis returned to his room after which he sealed the room with his soul force and had a 'battle' with Evelynn as their bodies rubbed and slammed the entire night.


Next-Day Morning.

Davis and Evelynn were already awake, their countenances bright as if they were refreshed from the 'battle' that lasted for more than six hours.

At this time, they were dressed up but engaged in small talk, the topics revolving around the Tripartite Alliance Territory.

Davis kept reiterating his experience on the behest of Evelynn, especially on what he had experienced while acting the persona of Alchemist Scythe.

His experience gradually neared the scene where Natalya's little sister Fiora, wanted to save her elder sister by sacrificing her body to him.

"You wouldn't believe it. That little girl had pledged herself to me in exchange for saving her elder sister Natalya who was just beside her, unbeknownst to her.."

"Even though it was foolish, it was commendable, however, did you know how I found it difficult to hold my laughter when I saw Natalya plead me with her eyes to not accept the request of her little sister?"

Evelynn intently listened as she giggled while immersing herself in his experience. The stories he told her, whether true or fake, it didn't matter to her. Her languid eyes were gazing at his face and his gestures, self-indulgent, making her feel happy in return.

Davis ended his story with a good end and spoke, "That's it, I have to go out soon and try another method to procure a medicinal pill for Grand Uncle."

Evelynn coyly replied, "You can concoct one by yourself."

"Haha, I'm sure that I can in a few years." Davis laughed at her proud outline, however, he too felt self-satisfaction from her unreserved praises. He brought her closer to his face, plundering her lips off her taste for a few seconds before he let her go.

He bid her a short farewell and was about to exit the residence. However, he saw a woman with dark purple hair sitting over tree shade of a blossoming tree that had purple flowers growing across its branches, the scenery invoking a certain sense of tranquility and admiration in him.

Feeling even more refreshed, he was renewed with the prospect of finding the required King Grade Medicinal Pill.


He suddenly heard a feminine voice that attracted his attention. When he turned around to look at who it was, it turned out to be the charming Ophelia.

Ophelia had a charm on her face, passively exhibited by her beauty but she dared not to try charm the masked person with her charm arts.

She stood her ground before she unreservedly spoke, "Can I leave this place?"

"You can, however, you should swear that you will never divulge any information about us or our location."

Ophelia visibly relaxed, "Thank you."

She then hopped away like a humanoid bunny, skipping her legs as her curves danced. 

'What was that supposed to be?' Davis vaguely pondered and then understood her doubts.

Likely, she thought that they were keeping her in confinement... Understandable, since she was the only one without a companion in this group.

As for Uncle Erik, it seems like he was eternally single!

Davis's eyes remained on her entrancing curves before he turned his head to face the exit but then suddenly froze.

"So even you forget yourself when approached by a beauty... Or is it because you were distracted by unhealthy thoughts?"

Davis looked at the dark purple-haired woman who was scrutinizing him deeply with her smiling gaze.

Without batting an eyelid, he replied, "Princess Isabella, I'm a man after all."

Davis saw her smile freeze and an imperceptible smile became visible on his lips for a split second.

"I was thinking if we should target Arashi Family Head today, what do you think?" Davis's imperceptible smile became perceivable.

"Have you bought the medicinal pill required for Daniuis?" 

Princess Isabella asked, no longer bothering about the previous awkward atmosphere that only lasted for a split second.

"Uh, no. Nevertheless, if we can kill the Arashi Family Head, we will obtain his loot."

Princess Isabella wanted to say that the loot will be hers, but she chose another way to suggest, "What if he doesn't possess the required Medicinal Pill?"

"Then we can try to rob the treasury..." Davis lifted up his fingers in a gesture and winked.

Through the mask, Princess Isabella could see his nonchalance and couldn't help but point at him, "You!"

"What? The honorable Princess can't afford to steal? Or can't she bear to rob? We have already stained our hands with the blood of others, there's no going back, Princess Isabella." David calmly retorted, and then shrugged.

"I know..."


Sunlight shined on the Arashi Family Residence but the atmosphere was as severe and depressing as it could be ever since Young Master Arashi died, the family had become tame, because the family head had never shown up, secluding himself.

The higher elder members of the Arashi Family were busy, protecting their properties, businesses, and family from internal struggles, immediate rivals, and potential rivals.

If they were careless, it didn't take them much to realize that they will disappear in the annals of history.

At this time, in the large-sized residence, the children of the Arashi Family were playing in the inner courtyard, exhibiting their innocence. The inner courtyard was not than a kilometer long and wide, making the place capable of holding small festivities.

Surrounding them were a few elders and family members immersed in the playful atmosphere of the children. It made them feel better rather than to be depressed all the time.

In the skies, watching over the scene was two figures clad in black robes wearing silver colored masks to hide their facial features. Translucent dark soul force whirled around them while showing a viscous characteristic, making their presence utterly undiscoverable to the people who lived here.

These two black-robed sliver masked figures were none other than Davis and Princess Isabella.

"What are you suddenly regretting your decision to kill the Arashi Family Head?" Even now, Davis didn't know the name of Arashi's Family Head.

Neither wasn't he going to bother learning actively since the other party was going to die by Princess Isabella's hands.

Princess Isabella just shook her head, "I just find it pitiable. These children look so innocent, yet they become such monsters who don't care about others after they mature to an adult."

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