Bliss and Blitz
6 Chapter 6
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Bliss and Blitz
Author :Readkaholic
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6 Chapter 6

That night, the father and the son wrote a letter to Daisy. In the letter, they wrote about the dreams of residing in the present place and giving up the idea of moving to the States even after the war. They also told her what was going on here and about Edmond getting his first paycheck and lastly, how they both missed her. They also asked her how she was doing. The next day, they both went to the post office to mail the letter.
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Weeks passed by, but same as before, they had not received any letters back from Daisy. They heard the news about the explosion that occurred near the railways, causing the mail delivery to be delayed for an indefinite time.

One day, as they got back home, they saw a pile of letters in their mailbox. Edmond raced towards it to find the letters that were from his sister. They both spent their night reading the letters from Daisy. In one of her letters, she said that she agreed with the dream of her family. She also said that the station nearby where she lived was also hit by an explosion that caused the letters to arrive late. That night, the father and the son slept soundly as they knew that Daisy was safe and well. Even though they were feeling a brief sense of bliss, they were not assured when they would be reunited by the end of this Blitz.

The End.


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