6 Fight!
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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6 Fight!

Outside the rift...

A large hoard of demons were blocking the entrance of the rift. A giant bull-like creature was at the middle of the hoard, commanding all of them.

Unknown to them, a black-robed man was nearby, watching what was happening.

Black-robed man: "Stupid demons, they never learn since the Great Catastrophe."


Somewhere in the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm...

A scorpion demon was carrying a man on it's tail.

The man is none other than Brian, who was unconscious.

The scorpion demon: "Hahahahaha, I, Wang Xiezi[1], would get promoted at last, but I won't kill him yet... I will kill him by eating him."

The said demon's movement was fast and slick, then a tree branch suddenly hit Brian on the head which woke him up.

Brian: "Ugh, I feel so dizzy."

Wang Xiezi: "Huh, awake?"

The demon threw Brian to a nearby tree to try knocking him out, however, it was a wrong decision.

Brian immediately summoned his double bladed polearm and stabbed it to the tree to stop himself from falling from it.

The demon's tail suddenly split into three and repeatedly tried to stab Brian but the latter dodged it all, however, due to his injury, he fell off from the tree with his weapon due to exhaustion. Unknown to Brian, the coat started to repair the hole in it.

Brian panted: "You're at the level of False God Realm, huh?"

After falling, Brian then clearly saw the form of the humanoid, it has a thin body, with three tails.

Wang Xiezi: "Looks like I have to kill you now, and eat you later."

The demon attacked Brian again, the latter tried to block the former but the demon's movement was very fast and Brian was thrown again over to an another tree.

Blood seeped on the corner of Brian's mouth.

Brian thought: Damn it, he didn't train using the five elements, he trained using the body itself, this is bad, even though using the five elements against somebody who trains their body is more affective than vice-versa, he's two realms above me.

Why would Brian say that? It's because if your opponent is using the five elements, you could use a corresponding element that counters the opponent's element, plus, body trainers are overall weaker if they are on the same level of their opponents, but this time, Brian is fighting a body trainer who is two realms above him.

In addition, you couldn't say body training is already weaker than incorporating the five elements, because if you're a body trainer and at least a sub-level higher than your opponent, you would automatically have an advantage against an opponent using the five elements, more likely a body trainer two realms above him.

The conclusion, the two said paths have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wang Xiezi used his three tails to simultaneously attack Brian at three directions, who was now full of scratches and wounds on his body.

Brian: "Double Clash Execution!"

Brian then wielded two polearms and used them to repeatedly block Wang Xiezi's attacks.

Brian thought: I can't keep this up for too long, I hope somebody comes for me.


Outside the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm...

A four armed demon suddenly appeared behind the black robed man, but the latter noticed it.
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The black robed man removed his hood which revealed a scar travelling down his face and looked towards the four armed demon, the black robed man is none other than Professor Qin!

Qin said to the four armed demon: "Su Qian, you're really desperate, are you?"

Su Quan snorted: "Hmph, you dare destroy this expedition? You Chaos Wraith? You're kind is almost extinct in the universe!"

Qin replied back coolly: "Even though we're almost extinct, at the cost of our race, we could destroy the demonic race too."

Su Quan's eyes constricted: "Leave out the junior generation, us seniors shall fight first."

Qin didn't reply and an aura of near perfection appeared on him, in turn, an aura of near perfection also appeared on Su Quan too, and they started clashing, but due to their realms, they were not noticed by the other demons.


Brian coughed a mouthful of blood and his face paled due to the unceasing attacks of Wang Xiezi.

The battlefield was also full of holes and slashes because of their attacks.

Wang Xiezi grinned: "Hahahaha, puny ant, already exhausted."

Brian panted and thought: This demon won't let me summon other elements! I need to escape.

Brian jumped backwards in a bid to retreat, however, a tail attacked him from behind and stabbed through him again.


Brian thought: A fourth tail, how?

Brian then saw one of Wang Xiezi's tail was piercing deep in the ground.

Brian thought: He can do that too, huh?

Wang Xiezi grinned again: "You're weaker than I thought, I almost killed you there... I like to see you suffer more."

Due to the fact that Brian was immobilized by Wang Xiezi, one of the tails of the latter stabbed again to the body.

Brian coughed out a mouthful of blood and screamed due to pain: "GAHHHHH..."

Brian polearm was again gone, but now, it's due to exhaustion of the body.

Brian thought: This... doesn't make sense, I have a lot of energy, unless he... absorbs it?!

Wang Xiezi exclaimed: "Haha, you are really full of energy, I should really let you go again to..."

As he was remarking, two needles stabbed separately at both of the tails that was holding Brian, the tails suddenly withered and turned into ashes.

Wang Xiezi: "Gahhhh, poison arts?!"

Wang Xiezi looked at the source of the needles and saw a woman who was looking at him maniacally.

The woman is none other than Angela!

Angela smiled creepily: "Ohh, looks like I have a new gift for Mr. Fishsticks."

Wang Xiezi looked back Brian, who was now being supported out by a man wearing white robe.

The man is none other than Bethalamus.

Bethalamus looked at Brian who was at a bad state.

Bethalamus said to Brian: "Don't pass out, I don't want to be alone with Angela once again!"

Brian said faintly to Bethalamus: "I... was overwhelmed."

Bethalamus smiled: "It's already a feat to survive this long."

Brian joked: "I'm going to pass out if you have the guts to smile again."

Bethalamus: "Ok ok, let Angela take care of that demon."

Brian coughed a mouthful of blood and his face became paler: "She's... a... good fighter."

Bethalamus nodded and suddenly thought of something and shuddered.


Several decades ago, inside Angela's room in her establishment...

Angela asked to the tied Bethalamus: "You're little Bethy?!"

Bethalamus was tied by a rope, all of his pores are sealed and a handkerchief was preventing him from speaking.

Angela: "Let me introduce to you, Mr. Fishsticks!"

Angela opened the wardrobe and Bethalamus saw a young man tied by a rope while his eyes and mouth were sewed.



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