5 The Encounter
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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5 The Encounter

Outside a large rift in the universe...

A powerful teleportation could be felt near the rift and with a shua, a group of ten people appeared where the teleportation was.

They are none other than the group that was tasked to obtain the five leaf clover.

On the lead of the group was a woman wearing a robe with mystical symbols, the woman is none other than Partheia.

Partheia: "Everyone go to your formations as planned."

Everybody in the group got into their formations.

A robed man with a bowl hairstyle was the vanguard on the front, the man is none other than Louis.

Meanwhile, Brian was at back of Louis, the former was currently wearing the coat and formal pants that he asked to be made from Angela, which attracted the eyes of his fellow teammates.

Brian thought: What's wrong with wearing this outfit?

There was nothing wrong in wearing that kind outfit, it's just that he stands out in the group because of it.

They created a weird formation, if Brian looked from above, it looked like the formation was based on a plane.

The assigned people on the nose of the formation were Brian and Louis, on the wings were a pair of people each, on the rear or tail of the plane were three people. Brian noticed that Bethalamus also joined the expedition and he was one of the three people on the rear, in addition to Bethalamus was Angela too, who was currently looking at Brian like a mantis stalking a cicada. On the middle or the heart of the formation was Partheia, it's not that she's to be protected, it's because she's the only spellcaster in the group.

Brian thought: What a small world... I mean universe, almost everybody that I know is here or it's just a coincidence.

Partheia commanded: "Everyone prepare your weapons, we are going in."

The people on both of the wings were at God Ascension Realm, on the rear were two Venerable God Realm and somebody at Mortal God Realm, both of the two people in Venerable God Realm were Angela and Bethalamus!

All of them released their weapons which created a protective aura around them and they entered the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm.



The group entered through a rift in a forest filled with gigantic trees and vegetation.

Louis: "Everybody, land on the ground or a pressure would appear above us to force us down."

Everybody did what Louis say and landed on the ground and walked towards a direction with Louis' instruction.

Brian suddenly heard a telepathic message saying: "You better not be a burden to us."

The message was none other from Louis.

Brian nodded and looked cautiously around the surroundings.

Brian mused within his heart: There are many wood type monsters in this pocket realm, I have the biggest advantage against them in this group because I have a major success in the metal element.

As they were walking they began to grow bored and sent message through their minds at each other, which was allowed by Partheia.

Brian again suddenly got a message, but this time it's from Bethalamus.

Bethalamus through telepathy: "Hey Brian!"

Brian replied with the same means: "Hey, how come you got to join the expedition, for mission points?"

Bethalamus explained: "Umm..."


More than a year ago inside the Court of Gods...

There were only two people, excluding the man on duty on the counter in the main hall, they were none other than Partheia and Bethalamus.

He was approached by Partheia and said: "Hey Bethy! Could you join my group expedition for Sir Rene's mission?"

Bethalamus who was about to leave and answered: "No thanks."

Partheia: "Come on please!"

Bethalamus: "No!"

Partheia: "Please?"

Bethalamus: "No!"

Partheia suddenly sealed all of Bethalamus' pores and energy meridians.

Bethalamus: "Huh what?"

Bethalamus was powerless now and Partheia gave the former two choices.

Partheia: "Join us or I'll send you to Angela."

When Bethalamus heard Angela's name, the former suddenly produced beads of sweat on his forehead.

Partheia: "No answer? Okay, I'll send you I guess."

Bethalamus answered immediately: "I'll join, I'll join!"

The man on duty: "..."


Present day...

Bethalamus howled miserably to Brian through telepathy: "WOMEN! DAMN IT!"

Brian was speechless when he heard the story.

Brian asked back through the same means: "What's so scary about Angela?"

Bethalamus: "Oh, you have no idea! My father doesn't easily become afraid but when he faces Angela, he sweats like he just had a bath!"

Brian: "..."

As they were having a conversation Louis suddenly halted which in turn stopped all of them from talking.

Louis: "Something, is near us. No... not just 'is' but a whole group."

After which a group of red humanoids charged at them.

One of the people in the wings remarked: "Demons!"

Bethalamus: "Damn it, there's also a group of them in the rear."

Two groups of demons charged at the rear and the front of the formation.

Louis: "Everyone to their defensive stances!Bethalamus, get behind Angela and cover her. Partheia, cast a spatial spell around the formation to disrupt their ranged attacks. The people on the wings, 'fold' yourselves to the main body."

Bethalamus and Partheia nodded: "Mhm."

Bethalamus: "Soul Integration!"

Bethalamus made a gesture with his hands towards the ground beneath demons on the rear which suddenly rumbled and corpses of plants and animals appeared and attack the demons.

Partheia: "Minor Sword Domain Shield!"

With Partheia's experience from his father, Ji Yun, she created the Minor Sword Domain Shield in accordance to the latter's sword domain and could be used without using a sword.

An invisible spatial disrupting aura appeared around the group which guarded them from the ranged attacks of the demons.

In both of Angela's hands were two needles connected to a thread which she threw to demons' forehead and pierced through their head without making any noise, she retrieved her weapons by pulling the thread and when the thread was released from the particular demon, it collapsed to the ground.

In Louis' right hand, a lance suddenly appeared and stabbed towards three incoming demons in one hit on their foreheads.

Louis said to Brian: "Cover me... if you can."

Brian nodded faintly and then used his double bladed polearm to cut the demons into half who were coming to him.

Brian: "Double Clash Execution!"

He then span his double bladed polearm on his right using both hands and suddenly separated his left hand and with it was an illusion of his polearm and continued attacking the demons.

It may take some time to explain but it all happened in a blink of an eye.

They've been fighting for minutes and demons were coming to their location without any stop.

Louis: "These demons are only equivalent to people at God Ascension Realm, but why are there so many?"

Partheia suddenly looked above them and pointed: "Look out!"

A scorpion demon was suddenly above them and stabbed it's tail towards Brian's back and pierced through it's body.

Brian shouted in agony: "Gahhhhhh..."

Brian's weapon disappeared through the sudden distraction. The scorpion demon then used it's momentum and escaped the fight with Brian on it's tail.

Angela: "No! My Brian!"

Angela tried to throw the needles toward the scorpion demon but didn't reach it.

Louis: "He's... done for."

All the demons then suddenly retreated one by one until only the group was left.

Louis looked to the direction were Brian was taken and added: "Brian was their goal all along, damn it I couldn't save him the demon was too fast."

Bethalamus looked at Louis and thought: The scorpion demon was only at the equivalent of somebody in Half-step True God Realm, you liar.

He didn't dare voice it out loud for fear he might trigger Louis.
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Partheia: "We should save him."

Louis: "No, it's too dangerous!"

Bethalamus: "Hais, I volunteer."

Angela: "Same!"

Only silence could be heard after Angela's remark.

Louis felt he got a headache: "Bethalamus and Angela, go get Brian, the rest of the group keep following me."

Partheia: "Shouldn't you also come with them?"

Angela intercepted Partheia and said: "Haha don't underestimate me and Bethalamus."

Partheia: "But... alright."

Angela: "Yes!"

Angela and Bethalamus split up from the main group and went to the direction were Brian was taken.

Louis looked at the direction and thought: I hope you die instead, Brian."


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