4 Entering the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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4 Entering the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm

After going into some other shops, Partheia escorted Brian out of the city and the latter teleported back to Mount Godwin of Eleanor.

As soon as Brian teleported back to Mount Godwin, he saw Tian Yi, who was still sitting on the same rock and wearing the mask.

Brian: "Doesn't your butt gets hurt?"

Tian Yi: "Not really."

After the reply, Brian saw a wooden house which releases medicinal aroma.

Brian looked oddly at Tian Yi, the former coughed innocently and thought: Poor guy whoever inside that house, he got kidnapped for nothing.

A kid wearing tattered robes opened the door of the house and walked out of it, he looked at Tian Yi and shuddered, he then noticed Brian, which in turn tried to go back to house.

He turned around and saw Brian in front of the entrance. The kid then looked back and forth to where Brian was before he appeared in front of the entrance.

The kid said: "H... he... hello senior, I'm Yongheng Zhidao!"

Brian looked at the kid and thought: He's just 15 years old right?

Brian: "Uhh... I'm Brian Godwin, nice to meet you, kid."

Yongheng Zhidao's eyes at first was filled with confusion but after a few seconds, he was stunned.

Yongheng Zhidao: "G... g... Godwin?"

Brian: "Uhh, yes?"

Before Yongheng Zhidao was about to say something he was suddenly teleported inside the house by Tian Yi.

Brian: "Care to explain what you did?"

Tian Yi smiled shyly under the mask: "That kid has a top-grade alchemic potential!"

Brian was surprised: "Oh?"

What's a top-grade alchemic potential? First of all, what's an alchemic potential?

Alchemic potential, as the name says, is like the latent talent for cultivating, however the former would mostly be about alchemy and crafting elixirs, medicines, etc.

Plus, Brian was surprised because a kid with top-grade alchemic potential was given birth! He could easily create a kid with a top-grade alchemic potential, it's just that, Yongheng Zhidao was naturally born! He would probably be one of the existence in Eleanor to appear with such potential for several hundreds of thousands of years.

Tian Yi: "I'm training that kid so he can refine the Eternal Flame Stone, where's my stone?"

Brian: "Oh... ehh, I need to accomplish a mission first from the Public Barracks to buy it, alright?"

Tian Yi: "Okay, I'll wait! And oh yes, Immortal Celestial needs your help."

Brian: "Alright."

Before leaving, he check onto Changqing Weibao.


On the slope of Mount Godwin, 250km away from the peak.

Changqing Weibao was inside a newly-conquered cave, he was currently at the Peak Soul Tribulation Realm. There were many empty vials around him.

Changqing Weibao: "Damn it, who the hell throws so many vials from the mountain? It's less likely that Godwin because he won't waste his time on medicines, but damn it, when I always come out, a vial sudden appears above me and goes to my mouth. That's not all, the vials here have corrosion effects too!"

Weibao coughed out black blood and thought: I was just cured of the spider's poison, now this happened!


Brian looked at Tian Yi and Yongheng Zhidao inside the house.

Brian thought: Hais, they used Weibao like a guinea pig.

He then teleported out of Mount Godwin.


In a secret location in the sky, on the equator of the world, there was a large white temple with palace grounds floating beyond the clouds...

A man wearing white robes with silver linings welcomed Brian.

The man bowed: "Welcome to my humble abode, the Paragon Grounds!"

Brian: "Rise, Immortal Celestial."

The man is none other than Paragon Immortal Celestial.

Both of them walked on the palace grounds while talking at each other.

Brian: "Why did paragon suddenly asked for my help?"

Immortal Celestial: "Pardon me, Your Lordship, I wasn't really asking for help, I only said I need help because you probably won't have time for me if it's not for helping."

Brian: "Oh, don't say that, let's just cut to the chase."

Immortal Celestial: "An Eternal Flame Stone that you mentioned to us great leaders, suddenly appeared in one of the gardens of roses here. Due to the fact that my cultivation level isn't high enough, I didn't touch it."

Immortal Celestial then gave a small box to Brian, the latter immediately opened it and saw an Eternal Flame Stone at a size of a palm.

Brian: "Wait a minute, you said you didn't touch it, it's less likely nobody else could touch it too, but how was it brought in this box?"

Immortal Celestial: "I just used the power of my cultivation to lift it up and seal here into a very special box."

Brian thought: You just had to bombard me with common sense, huh?

Brian stayed for several minutes until he teleported out of the Paragon Grounds.


Brian then appeared on the flat peak of Mount Godwin and threw the box towards Tian Yi, who was of course, still sitting on the same rock.

Tian Yi opened the box and was surprised to see what's in it, she didn't ask anymore questions and went inside the wooden house where Yongheng Zhidao was.

Brian thought: Finally, she left that rock. Wait a minute, why didn't I comprehend it first? Damn it! I can't just ask them to give it back even though I'm their god, it's rude.

Brian ignored the both of them and summoned his double bladed polearm and started training continuously until it's finally the day where he has to leave for Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm.

Training three days straight for mortals might be bit overboard. However, even training for three days, Brian didn't even get a nanosecond of experience if we compared it because he has been training for a long time!


Three days later...

Brian teleported out of Eleanor and went to the Heavenly Imperial City's gate. After finishing to teleport, he rushed to the Public Barracks immediately.

As soon as he reached the front of the Public Barracks, he saw a group of nine people, then a cold woman in a robe with mystical symbols from the group approached him.

The woman's cold attitude was replaced by a warm smile: "Hey, Brian!"

She's none other than Partheia.

Brian: "Uhh, hey!"

Partheia flicked her fingers then folded clothes appeared on her hands: "Oh here's your clothes."

Brian: "Thanks."


In the Demonic Pocket Realm...

A horde of demons was mobilizing and teleporting out of the pocket realm lead by a giant minotaur-like figure.

Inside a room in the stronghold...

The four-armed demon was shouting telepathically to the giant minotaur: "General Taurus, kill the new god, so the Court of Gods would be destroyed!"

A voice replied telepathically: "Yes, sir!"

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Inside a cathedral in the Holy Ruins.

Qin was sleeping cross legged on top of the podium.

His eyes suddenly opened, looked to a direction and muttered: "Stupid demons... it doesn't work that way."


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