3 Weird Lady
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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3 Weird Lady

Almost one year later...

The Heavenly Imperial City has no weather, because it is in the endless void of the universe. However, everywhere, snow is falling inside the city since a year ago, and as if it follows the four seasons.

In front of the gate, Brian, who was almost covered in snow and was still looking at the Eternal Flame Stone.

Brian suddenly said: "I've almost had a major success in the element of fire, however, I need to personally touch and feel the stone to finally breakthrough, but that would be in an another time."

He stood up and thanked the guard who let him comprehend the essence of fire on the stone, and walked inside the city.

Brian muttered: "It's only three days left until we'll leave for Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm, I better go to the Court of Gods and ask Partheia's help."

After several minutes later, he entered the room in the inn where the Court of Gods was situated and went inside the white castle.

The day when Brian and Ji Yun first met and had a little... problem with each other, Bethalamus separated the both of them for the meantime after that and also toured Brian inside the Court of Gods.

Brian noticed that Bethalamus really liked to tour anyone who needs to be toured, that's why in the former's mind he called the latter the 'God of Tours'.

When Brian entered the white castle, the hall where he entered suddenly enlarged, however, the truth is, because the whole interior of the castle is enlarged by a spatial magic which could only be done by a very powerful expert.

He saw a counter with a man on duty, like inside the Public Barracks and went to it.

Brian said to the man: "Partheia's abode."

After which unknown to Brian he was already in front of the door of Partheia's residence.

When he got back to his senses, he admired the power of the man on the counter.

Brian thought: That man on duty must be a god on True God Realm with a very high attainment on space and time!

The man couldn't be compared to Ji Yun in terms of 'firepower' on space and time, however in terms of pure use of the said power, the former could easily beat the latter, but the difference in their power realms would change the result if the both of them fought.

Brian knocked on the door, and even without a second passing, the door opened which revealed Partheia in her usual mystical robes.

Partheia asked: "Brian, why are you here?"

Brian answered: "Umm... I just need some information about the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm."

Partheia was suddenly curious: "Huh, why did you ask just now and not a year ago?"

Brian was flustered when he heard the question: "Ehh... well, you see... umm."

There was no need to be nervous in answering that question, however Brian actually had the chance to ask Partheia about the Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm almost a year ago... which, he obviously forgot.

Partheia: "No need to say it, you may enter."

Brian entered her house, which was only a house with a bedroom.

As soon as Brian entered the house, Partheia grabbed a book on top of the table and passed it onto the former.

Partheia: "Here in this book is all the information that you need."

Brian accepted the book and said goodbye to Partheia, as the former was about to leave, the latter asked a question.

Partheia: "Umm, is that what you will wear for the expedition?"

Partheia pointed to what was Brian was wearing, which was the same old t-shirt and pants that in the former's eyes make him look like a slave.

Brian: "Yes?"

Partheia was puzzled: "You've got to be kidding me, right?"

Brian straightforwardly answered: "Nope."

Partheia: "Ehh, meet me outside the inn, you go ahead first."

Brian: "Okay."

Just a few minutes later, Partheia and Brian met at the front of 'The Mountain and The Hole' inn and started walking towards the southern sector while chatting.

Partheia: "I wonder why father didn't ask you to change your clothes, he could've change those weird clothes after the training, like to everyone he teaches."

Brian thought shyly: Oh, about that...

He suddenly remembered his and Ji Yun's reaction when they saw Tian Yi's face.

Partheia suddenly looked over at Brian: "Oh, why is your nose bleeding?"

Brian checked his nose and immediately rubbed off the blood from it.

Brian thought: Damn it, Tian Yi could become a secret weapon other than her being the heaven's will of Eleanor.

Time passed by and they reached an establishment through Partheia's guide.

Brian: "Why are we here?"

Partheia: "To replace those clothes of yours."

Partheia dragged Brian inside the store, they were welcomed by empty shelves and worn out wallpapers and a man on the counter in the corner of the room.

Partheia walked towards the man, meanwhile, Brian was inspecting the room and saw a staircase which leads to the second floor of the building.

Brian thought: For Partheia to go here, she must know who's the owner here.

After Brian's line of thought, Partheia and the man stopped speaking and the man gestured the both of them to go upstairs.

Both of the gods went upstairs and only saw a door on the far side of the second floor.

The went to it and knocked on it.

A voice from the door: "Who's there?"

Judging from the tone, the owner of the voice must be a woman.
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Partheia answered: "It's me, Partheia and somebody else."

The voice: "Come in, the door's unlocked."

Brian and Partheia entered and saw a room with a bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, and a mirror.

There was also a blonde woman lying down on the bed wearing pajamas.

The woman looked at Brian and Partheia and asked to the latter: "Is he your boyfriend?"

Partheia was caught off guard and immediately answered: "No... no no no no, nope!"

The woman: "Those are six nos. Yup, he is your boyfriend but not official yet."

Partheia was angered and pulled the hair of the woman, the former said: "We're here because need you need create some decent clothing for him, Angela!"

Angela: "Ouch, ouch, stop it, stop it! Alright, I'll stop teasing you!"

Brian thought: "She's cute when she's angry."

Partheia let go of Angela's hair and the latter sat up on the bed and saw Brian clearly.

Angela: "Okay, I already got his waistline."

Brian: "Huh? What?"

Angela: "What do you expect? Should I physically do it, we have powers too you know?"

Brian was embarrassed: "Oh yeah."

Angela: "So, what kind of clothes do you want to have? Don't worry, Partheia would be paying for it."

Partheia: "Do you even have to mention it?"

Angela: "Hehe."

Brian: "How about coat and formal pants?"

Angela: "What is this for, a party? Haha, I'm just kidding."

For mortals, it would be weird to battle with those clothes, however, for them gods, they could do anything with it.

Partheia and Brian left the establishment which was named, 'Angela's Copy Tailoring'.

Brian was stunned by the name of the establishment and thought: Did I miss something just now?


Inside the only room in the establishment...

Angela opened the wardrobe which revealed a living man with it's mouth tied by a thread and unable to move because of a rope tied around it's body.

Angela: "Hehe, if Partheia wants that young man, I'll still stick to you Mr. Fishsticks!"

The young man was struggling frantically when he saw the woman.

Angela asked to herself: "Hehe... that young man's name is Brian, right?"


Brian suddenly felt a chill on his crotch area.


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