2 The Meeting
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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2 The Meeting

Inside the meeting room in the Court of Gods...

There was an argument between the Heavenly Generals currently happening on the round table.

An armored man said: "We should kill that kid!"

Another armored man berated: "You heard the information from First General! That would speed up the process!"

This time, a golden haired armored man suggested: "How about we detain that kid?"

First armored man: "Yes! It's not like we would kill him."

A blue haired elder, which was none other than Tian Huang, berated: "Then what do we do after that, Third General Gu Wen?"
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Gu Wen, the golden haired man suggested: "Put him in an eternal coma using the Godly Sleeping Pills."

All the Heavenly Generals were silent after that suggestion, however they do not have the last say on the issue, but only the Three Arch Gods does.

Salazar, who was sitting on a smaller throne asked to Lord Valquin: "My lord, what should we do?"

Lord Valquin who was sitting on the highest throne in the middle of Ji Yun and Salazar said: "There's no conclusion yet on what do we do, as for you Sir Ji, what do you think should we do, you're the most powerful here in this room."

Ji Yun: "My lord you flatter me, I may be the most powerful, however your leadership skills are the best. As for what we do, I'm also unsure."

Lord Valquin frowned: "This issue... is too delicate. It was said, only the Court of Gods would be destroyed and no one would assumingly get hurt, however, if we let him destroy the Court of Gods, the Eternia would move towards us and we still don't have enough planets yet!"

Salazar suggested: "How about we stack up world energy, and when the Court of Gods is destroyed we could create another barrier against the Eternia to hold on until we could create another solid foundation."

Ji Yun's eyes went wide: "No! We are not going to destroy planets! We all know how many lives were killed in a particular operation long time ago."

Lord Valquin got a headache when he recalled the scene: "Those demons were definitely laughing at us and saying we're not different from them."

Lord Valquin concluded: "We should talk about this for an another time. Does anyone has something important to report."

Ji Yun: "Me, my lord."

Lord Valquin: "What is it?"

Ji Yun: "The Great Attractor has appeared once again. When I checked it, demons were flooding on it's vicinity."

Lord Valquin face became gloomy: "Second to Fifth General, Ji Yun would send you the coordinates to the Great Attractor, guard it's vicinity at max alert."

Four armored men stood up and bowed: "Yes our lord!"

Lord Valquin: "The rest except for First General, all shall evenly split up to guard the Holy Ruins, Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm, Ruins of the Dragon Temple and the Divine Flame Pocket Realm."

Everybody else: "Yes our lord!"

Lord Valquin looked at Tian Huang: "As for you, First General and Ji Yun, because your son and daughter, respectively, are friends with that new god, you both shall monitor him, got it?"

Ji Yun and Tian Huang: "Yes our lord!"

Lord Valquin: "Salazar, search for the information about the Great Attractor and the history of the universe in the Endless Library."

Salazar: "Yes my lord!"

Lord Valquin stood up: "Meeting is dismissed."

Everyone in the room left except for Tian Huang, Ji Yun, Salazar, and Lord Valquin.

Salazar asked to Lord Valquin: "Lord, what will you do?"

Lord Valquin: "I shall visit the Eternia."

Lord Valquin walked out of the room along with Tian Huang, Ji Yun and Salazar and splitted their ways.


Near the grand gate of the Heavenly Imperial City...

Brian was still sitting and contemplating the fire on the Eternal Flame Stone when he suddenly sneezed.

Brian thought: The irony, I'm currently sitting in front a very hot stone.


A location near the Great Attractor...

There was newly made low grade pocket realm in which was the stronghold of demons.

The stronghold was built in a middle of a small city of demons.

Inside a large empty room of the stronghold, was a four armed demon sitting cross legged with it's eyes closed.

The demon's eyes suddenly opened and sent a message towards the other demons: "1st Division, set out for Eternal Sprout Pocket Realm in a year! General Taurus shall lead you all."


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