1 The Five Elements
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Author :Celestially_Mortal
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1 The Five Elements

Inside the Public Barracks...

Brian thought: It's Louis! What should I do? Should I teleport away... no it's prohibited to use spatial teleportation here in the city unless they have permission... or... greet him? He doesn't seem that... bad of a person.

Louis said, not hiding the tiredness in his tone: "Hey, I'm Louis, nice to meet you."

Louis stretched out his hand to have a handshake with Brian, and the latter also nervously sent out his hand to the former.

Louis noticed that Brian's hand was shaking: "What do you think am I, arrogant? I just transcended from True God Realm and I still have many Yin deformations on my body, don't get on my nerves."

When they finished their handshake, Louis asked: "You're only at Mortal God Realm?"

Brian said nervously: "Uh-huh."

Louis thought: But his energy is denser than mine.

Louis: "I'm just going to say something to you... stay away from Partheia, if I win in the Battle of Planets, that'll be my request, alright?"

Brian answered: "Umm... okay."

Louis asked: "But what if you win?"

Brian was confused: "Huh?"

Louis clarified: "What will you request to me?"

Brian: "Oh... I haven't decided yet."

Louis: "Then think, my patience isn't long enough to wait for you."

As the atmosphere in the area was about to get more awkward and hostile, a cold looking woman wearing mystical robes approached the both of them and walked to the gap on their middle, however her mood suddenly turned from winter nighttime to summer day.

She was none other than Partheia.

Partheia looked towards Louis: "Congratulations Louis for transcending into the Divine God Realm."

Louis smiled: "I'm not yet at Divine God Realm, only at half-step because I didn't get any enlightenment yet about divine entity of fire... and I almost forgot, thank you for letting me join the group expedition."

Brian thought: Oh, so his powers has a connection to fire, and is joining on the expedition?

Partheia: "Oh... you're welcome, and Brian, I'm sorry about my father who almost choked you to death."

Brian: "Oh it's okay!"

Louis clenched his fists when he remembered the guard's report to him and thought: My body is much better than his'!

Partheia said to Brian: "Oh yes, I also added your name in the list to the group expedition."

Brian: "M... me?"

Partheia: "Yes!"

Brian thought: After I saw the price of the Eternal Flame Stone I planned to do some small scale missions now, but looks like I have to join the group mission that Partheia signed me up for instead.

Louis asked to Brian: "You're scared?"

Brian: "No... not scared! When are we leaving for the mission?"

Partheia: "A year from now."

Brian: "Whoa what? So short!"

For mortals, a year is already long enough to do a lot of things (not to mention it's already New Year in the real life), however for them gods, even just sleeping would take thousands of years.

Partheia: "Ehh, I'll see the both of you later."

Partheia then walked into the nearby room, leaving Brian and Louis.

Before leaving the room, Partheia thought: Men are always like this.

Louis said nonchalantly: "See you again... next year."

Brian was now the only one left in the group of three. He kept examining the contents of the jade slip until he saw something that peaked his interest.

Brian read what was written: "Dragon Temple Ruins Water in a bottle, 100,000 mission points. Looks like I need this to finish comprehending the Water element."

When Brian was training with Ji Yun, he thought of incorporating the five elements to his attacks, movements and defenses and got a major success on the Metal element, meanwhile minor successes on the Earth, Wood and Fire elements, but no progress on the Water element.
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Brian thought: I should probably get an Eternal Flame Stone for myself too to continue comprehending the Fire element.

Brian left the Public Barracks and went to the entrance of the city, which was also the only exit to it, and saw the Eternal Flame Stone that was embedded on the gate and suddenly got an idea.

Brian asked to the nearby city guard: "Is it allowed to take a look and comprehend using the Eternal Flame Stone on the gate?"

The city guard replied: "Yes, but do not touch it or else it'll deemed as stealing."

Brian thought: What strict rules, but Bethalamus did say once that a city with discipline would prosper, so I have no qualms about this.

He then sat cross legged in front of the Eternal Flame Stone and through it, he started to comprehend the Fire element.


Inside the Court of Gods, there was a wide room and in it was a large round table in the middle of the room, a chandelier on the ceiling and three thrones in front of the tall windows on the far reaches of the room, the throne in the middle was the highest, representing that whoever sits there has great power!

There were many chairs around the round table, of which all of them were occupied by armored men arguing at each other.

Now, on one of the smaller thrones is a gray robed teenager sitting on it, while on the other smaller throne was a green haired elder with a green mustache wearing robes in deep blue color.

The gray robed teenager looked at the brown haired elder: "Salazar, what time would Lord Valquin attend the meeting?"

The brown haired elder is none other than Salazar.

Salazar looked back and chuckled: "Ji Yun, have patience, he'll come soon, let's listen first to these old fogeys."

The gray robed teenager is none other than Ji Yun.

Both of the arch gods heard some very 'wonderful' stories from the people who were sitting on the round table, it was a kind of story that could make one cough blood, curse the heavens and incinerate all living things. For Ji Yun tho, it's obvious that he really wants to incinerate the armored men because of their loud mouths.

A man sitting on the round table said: "You know what, I heard Partheia slept with a young man a century ago!"

Another man: "Really?"

First man: "Yes!"

When Ji Yun heard his daughter's name he suddenly loss his fuse and blurted out: "You really dare to say that in my presence?!"

First man said brightly: "Of course not Sir Ji, I was just going to say that it was a gossip because we didn't get any news of a god being killed after the gossip was spread out."

After the first man's remark, the other armored men in the room laughed loudly as if they won't laugh ever again: "Hahahahahaha..."

A blue haired elder then stood up and said: "I, Tian Huang also has some nice gossip to share with you all!"

After that, the armored men stopped laughing and listened to the blue haired elder, which was none other than Tian Huang.

While they were listening to Tian Huang, Salazar said to Ji Yun: "These Heavenly Generals have big mouths, hahaha."

Ji Yun retorted: "Hmph, you're their leader, you just influenced them with the same attitude as yours."

Salazar coughed like he was an innocent little boy that never did anything wrong.

Few minutes later the grand door on the room was opened and it revealed a brown haired middle aged man wearing a black vest with high collars, a mask covering all of his face except for his right eye, the pupil of his eye is in color gray, wearing track pants and leather boots and a lance strapped in a buckle.

Everyone in the room including Salazar and Ji Yun got on their knees and shouted: "Lord Valquin!"

Lord Valquin said while walking towards the thrones, hands on his straight back: "I could hear you Heavenly Generals spitting useless gossips with your uncontrollable blabbering mouths a mile away from here."

Lord Valquin immediately sat on the highest throne and said: "Let the meeting begin, I want to know more about that new god I have heard from Ji Yun and Salazar."

Everyone: "Yes sir!"


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