Attractive and inciting CEO
93 Only one clue
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Attractive and inciting CEO
Author :viharika
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93 Only one clue

"Your mother"

"What….how??" elder Grey asked loudly.

"This is about something Jean's mother Sophia. Something or someone related to her" Daniel said

" What did they want from her. She is merely a commoner and a good house wife. Nothing else" her grandfather said bitterly.

"We don't know what it is or what they need. Only clue is her mom Sophia" Daniel repeated.

"There is always something fishy about her. But she had always been so good and caring….."

No one know the secret how her parents met or how their relation advanced. By the time her father bought her mother Sophia into family Jean is already two months old.

The way of she spent her time is always fishy. Jean's mother never worked or did job but her posture and gracefulness always resembled to a great personality

Though they know she is brilliant they couldn't find her real identity or her career. But she always stayed in home like a caring mother and house wife.

The Elder Grey ordered to spy on her when she came into family but it confirmed that nothing is suspicious about her.

And after some months they even got to know her past. She is merely a commoner with irresponsible parents who didn't support her studies making her a drop out.

But her elegance and the way she carry herself has always been fishy. She always laid low-key and never been a good socialite until Jean got humiliated in one of the incident.

That is when she came into lime light. Then they had seen her real personality to which their son have fallen hard. From then the elders started adoring her making Vanessa jealous…..

From then Vanessa tried to defame Sophia but to only get trapped in her own plans. Vanessa got obsessed with the attention that is stolen by Sophia

This drifted the brothers apart. After Jean's parents died Vanessa took Jean under her wings pretending to be like a kind woman instantly lifting her status up in the circle.

There are some incidents that hinted the strong presence of powerful help but the outcome is always in Sophia's favor. It is like she have even more big backup…


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