Anime System in Overlord World
10 Summoning Zeref and Mavis along With 12 Spriggans!
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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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10 Summoning Zeref and Mavis along With 12 Spriggans!

Many Interesting is happening in this world!

Many overlord power are moving and preparing for any calamity befalling to this world.

Well like they said, 'One mountain can't hold Two Tigers', how about Ten or more Tigers.


This is pretty depressing, what kind of anime should I summon.

Well let's just summon Zeref and Mavis along with 12 springans.

That would me awesome.



-Zeref Dragneel

-Mavis Vermillion


-Irene Balserion

-God Serena

-Larcade Dragneel

- Ajeel Ramal

-Brandish μ

-Dimaria Yesta

-Invel Yura

-Jacob Lessio



-Wall Eehto

The second I finish the summoning ceremony white light engulfed my vision.White light illuminates the the vicinity i wan in.

The sky darkening like its the end of the world.Magic was chaotic and fluctuating."Wait fluctuating!"


I summon the Barrier to stop the magic fluctuation but it's to lo late some powerful being sense the magic fluctuation.

"Aahhh shit I messed up"

"I want to stay hidden as a last boss of this world"

I want to stay low key so I can peacefully watch the battle of the powerful being of this world.

"Man What I drag anyway I just lay some barrier so they cannot step in this forest and I can relax and play with some girls and have fun with them"

The magic fluctuation subsided and the sky is back to normal. The white light is now gone.

Before me is Mavis and Zeref with his 12 spriggans.

They half kneel and greeted me.

"Zeref in your command" said the jet black hair guy.

"Mavis in your command"said the blonde hair girl.

"Amd the 12 springgans pay there respect"

Looking at this 14 I summon I was thrill that I can now join the fight with the powerful being with this 14 here I doubt only Acnologia and handful Powerful being will defeat this but majority cant defeat this.

"My order is World Domination!"


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