Anime System in Overlord World
9 Re:Eztise Kingdom
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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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9 Re:Eztise Kingdom

Many Days Later


On Ainz Side..

Ainz and his Floor guardian gather in the throne room.

"Demuirge, Do you fell that magic power"Ainz said

"Yes Lord Ainz!" Demuirge Answer

"So What your thoughts about it"

"I think it will be pretty hard to win"

"Even though Lord Ainz is invincible" Demuirge quickly added afraid he will displeased Ainz

"Hmm" Ainz nodded

"What about you Albedo" Ainz asked the beautiful women beside him

"Of course Lord Ainz will win" Albedo answer. She has of course blind confidence

"Hmm" Ainz nodded.

Hes helpless Ainz know himself hes no ruler at all and he just transmigrated and quickly come another calamity much more annoying at that

Well he needed to survive and quickly come back yo Earth and defend his friends creation or NPC

"Ok here's the command..."


In a Kingdom

There's a masculine man with a sharp gaze that could make soul will cowered in fear

This Man is name Gazef Stronoff the Number One Warrior in Re:Eztise Kingdom

On his side a young man with a mythril armor was training with him

After some clash..

Eventually The mythtril guy lose

"Climb"Gazef said

The Myhtril young man name is Climb

"Yes Sir Stronoff" Climb Respoded

"Stop with honorifics were just the two of us" Gazef sigh this guy is really strong headed

"Climb you need to protect Reiner in anything posible"

"Yes Lord Stronoff I will protect Lord Reiner"

"Climb You must, there is a Weird atmosphere surrounding the continent "

"A war!" Climb Asked

"No I think it will be big as war"

"Hmmm... What about the Myth about 10 Greedy Kings who can cast 10 tier spells is that comparable" Climb said

"Hmmm maybe or maybe not"Gazef said

"That serious" Climb asked incredulously

Because as far as Climb know the invasion of 10 Greedy Kings is the worst calamity

Gazef sigh and murmured to himself

"Who would stop this with this kind of strong magic that even surpassed 10 Tier spells"


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