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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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8 Acnologia

In the forest..


You can hear a roar of a Dragon

There's 12 frost Dragon circling a Black Giant Dragon with Blue stripes on its body

"To think there will be Dragon here"

"I just Travel here by smell of this stinky smell of a Dragon"

"To think there will be Many Dragon Here"

While the black dragon murmuring something

One of the Frost Dragon

"Tier 4 spell : Frost Breath"


The Black Dragon just eye the attack not wanting to be bother


"Wha-What impossible not a single scratch "

"Ant! To think you be this weak " Black Dragon

"Who are you"

"I, Acnologia The Dragon King" Acnologia said in a domineering tone

While saying that Acnologia attack all the Frost Dragon

Blood Splatter Everywhere


"Hahahah lets the Dragon Festival Begin" Acnologia said while laughing


In a country you can see a laughing Old man

"Fluder, What' wrong" the man with a handsome feature said

"Ah, Sorry your majesty i just sense some magic with over Tier 7 above "

"What! , Where!"

"In all Direction your majesty"

"In all direction?!"

"Is this a New Era hahahhaha I, Fluder is Lucky to see a New Era "

"I think Emperor Jircniv need a Meeting with three nation of Humans , I think some of the high level magic caster will send someone of them"

tok! tok!

"Enter" Jircniv said

"State your reason"

"The emissary of Holy Kingdom wish to see you , Your Majesty "Upon hearing this Jircniv look at Fluder, this old man with happy expression

"The thing about magic with Tier 7 up, Is that true" Jircniv asked his amethyst eyes is asking with a look of bewilder

"Ahh its true, its true"

"And I think it's new magic at that" Fluder said you can see in thisnold man expression that he is really a mad man on magic


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