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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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7 4 Yonko!

I'm just gonna see what kind of Character is in this..

I just send my consciousness


In the south sea..

There's a big ship with many people on it and have a weird flag..

There's a giant man sat on a throne with many wires attached on his body

"Hahahah, to think there will be a New World Apart from Grand Line" Said a man sat on a throne

"Marcos, this will be a New Era and New world many people will come here and try their luck to become Pirate King" Said ??

"Yes, Captain " Marcos said and you can see a blue flame burn on his eye with excitement

"To think I, White beard lucky enough to see this world " White beard said

"There will be many fighting want to be a Pirate King and be Overlord on this World so lets name it"

"Overlord World" White beard said


In the East sea there's a Ship..

On this deck you can see a man with One arm

"To think the World is this big" One arm man said

"Luffy, Good luck , I be here waiting for you to be a Pirate King in this World and be a New Overlord"

"This World is who fight to become Overlord hmm"

"Overlord World"

"What a fitting name... I try to be accomplish my goal in this world"

"To spread the name of D's and become the strongest Clan"

"Ben, ready for an surprise attack this is a New World after all"

"Ok Shanks"Ben

"Get going , and not my name but Captain Ok?" Shanks said

"Yeah whatever"Ben


North sea...

"I, Kaido will become a New Overlord"

"So bothersome"

"Can someone kill me?"

"Ehhh Lord Kaido ..."


West Sea...

Yum yum yum..

"This cake is delicious "

"This is my favorite cake hahah"

"Overlord Huh.. Not bad Not bad indeed"

"I will sure of it Big Mama is gonna be an Overlord in this world"


"Ohh.. 4 Yonko is here" Frey said

"Thinking about being Overlord in this world is a pipe dream"

"Ohh there's a New one coming from ...."


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