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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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6 A Big Twis

@@"Uh, My manners, My name is Frey Soverein. Leader of Sovereignity tower" I *bow* and lock eyes on Ainz

'Hahahhaha, I'm gonna bullsh*t this trough' Frey thought

"Why are you here?" Ainz said

"Ohh, I detect a magic teleportation circle and its quite powerful one at that" Frey said

"Ohhh, Like you said, a player of Yggdrasil?" Ainz

"Hmm" Frey nodded

"I think, I excuse my self, your new in this world and I'm just another Overlord of my tower and needs some one to govern it"

"My Advise is lay out a formation and make a strong barrier and a land of yourself"

"So you can defend from some of the hidden Overlord of this world"

He finished said that and vanished in thin air

"Ohh interesting" Ainz said

"Demeiurge, go and inform all the guardians and go to throne room"



In a forest there's sudden ray of light


"I feel some of the powerful Anime Character in this world"

"Perhaps this is my doing by going in this world?"

"Let's see what play out this is going to happen"

"But First, Let's summon some of powerful Army and powerful commander"

"Maybe, Night Raid from Akame ga kill"

"12 springans From Fairy Tail and hmmm commander Zeref"

"Well let's see"



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