Anime System in Overlord World
5 Introducing myself as another Yggdrasil Player!
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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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5 Introducing myself as another Yggdrasil Player!


While there's a commotion going on, I'm thinking about my next action. So, I decided I'm going to take my next action

Time skip

*PapaBone POV*

Momon teleport to the 6 Floor. He observed the Floor and look the sky marvelling the sight of it, when suddenly ..

*Jump and do 360 spin and air and landed and do a V pose, run to Momon side and introduce himself

"Aura" Momon said

"Welcome, Lord Momonga. Welcome to the Floor we guarded" Aura introduce himself in a gentleman action

Lord Momonga Nodded and said " by the way" look around the floor

"Mare! Hurry up and get down here" Aura yell at high pitch voice

"Si-s I can't " Mare said in looking at the top of coliseum you can see a elf holding a staff

While they are bickering, Eventually Mare come down and Greet Momon

"W-welcome, To the floor we guard, Lord Momon" Mare said almost biting his words

"I'm just gonna test something"Momon said while looking at his Golden staff

"Is that the Ainz Ooal Gown staff that only supreme being used" Both elf simultaneously said

"Hmm, that's right" Momon said

Then the both elf prepare the necessary in summoning monster

{Summon! Primal Fire Elemental} Momon said raising his staff, creating a huge fire storm in the middle of Floor 6

"Sugoiii~"Said the both Dark Elf

"Aura and Mare, Fight him" Momon remarked pointing at the giant Monster surround by Flame like Fire God or something

They finished fighting, as expected they are too strong for that monster

"Wooo, that's some nice exercise "Aura said while stretching his tiny limb

"Ahh yess" Mare said

Suddenly Floor guardians after Floor guardians are appearing and they one by one introduce themselves to Momon and now Momon change his name to

Ainz Ooal Gown, the name of his staff. While Sebas said what he learn that they no longer at Yggdrasil game

Momon now Ainz starting to order the floor guardian and Sebas to do there task at hand. With that Momon test something and Mask himself as an Warrior on Black Armor Suit

Ainz teleport to Nazarick Entrance and immediately Demuirge notice him and accompany flying at the sky and gazing up the moon, when they suddenly notice a portal creating at some distance

Ainz quickly position himself at Battle mode ready to cast a spell while Demiurge his aura is at an scary level

"Step out and speak who are you" Ainz said in solemn voice

I step out in the portal Accompany with my Voice

"Uh My bad, I introduce myself. I Frey Soverein leader of Sovereignity Tower, Another player of Yggdrasil "I said that half *bow* while making an eye to eye contact with Ainz


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