Anime System in Overlord World
4 Watching PapaBone in Live Action 2
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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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4 Watching PapaBone in Live Action 2

Even though in panic, Momonga regain his wits and said

"H-Huh? The GM Call function isn't working " Momonga said in deep and authoritative voice

"Please forgive me"

*Step back*

"An ignorant such as myself has no answer to this 'GM Call' you speak off " Albedo said, she didn't know a shit to this stuff, well now and then some of the supreme being will spoke of some on unfamiliar words but just a talk of Supreme being not she Albedo just a creation(NPC)

Looking at these talking NPC Momonga was in a daze

'Her mouth is moving?!' thought Momonga while looking at Albedo

"If you allow me to correct this grave mistake,I will be forever grateful" Albedo Continue

'I'm talking with an NPC' Momonga thought while siting back to his throne

'No way, Is there an error occuring, Momonga thought

*Back to MC*

While watching this show I'm really envy in Momonga, there is Albedo going to do what ever you request (well I have 5 now)

While I'm fantasizing Albedo, the play is ongoing and now

*PapaBone POV*

"Sebas" Momonga said

"Yes " Sebas said and look at Momonga

"Sebas, Step out the Tomb and confirm the surronding of Nazarick " Momonga said in commanding rule (Befitting a ruler)

"Understood, Lord Momonga" Said and get up starting to leave

"Pleiades, go to the 9th floor and guard it in from possible intruders" Momonga continue

"As you wish, Lord Momonga" Captain of the Pleiades said and start to depart

While looking at this 'NPC are recognizing orders that aren't specified commands' Momonga thought 'What in the World is going on' Momonga continue to analyze

When in deep in thought there's a sudden voice that interrupted him

"So Lord Momonga, What shall I do" Albedo said while looking at Momonga

"Let's see. Then, come here" Momonga said

Albedo hurriedly come to his side

'Whooahah, smells nice' Momonga thought 'Eh?! ,Smell'

"Albedo, I'm going to touch you" Momonga said

"Yes "Albedo hurriedly obey

'Eh she has a pulse and while he look so alive'

'Well whatever this is the last'

"Albedo, C-can I touch your chest? "Momonga said almost stuttering his words

"Huh" Albedo thought out loud , she really is shock

"You don't nya..... mind do you?"Momonga hurriedly continue

And Of course , Albedo Happily obey

"Of course. Touch me as much as you wish" Albedo quickly said, how can she slip this chance by getting close to Momonga, of course she is willing to do it, who want to not get touch by Supreme being

Albedo hurriedly puff up his chest

Momonga slowly raise is trembling(Boney) hands and reach on Albedo chest


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