Anime System in Overlord World
2 Overpowered!! and Summoning
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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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2 Overpowered!! and Summoning

Hmmm System where I am

[Ding! Host is in the forest far away in human civilization, system advise is to get as powerful as can get and control and it]

Hmmm thats right I'm gonna build a Tower here and live, summon many girls and flirt with them and be powerful that can dominate this dream world

System buy me...

-Ancient Saiyan Bloodline

-Sage of Six Path


-Costumize my Tail beast, Saiyan Ape with Ten tails

-Ultra instinct

-Bankai mode

-Vaste Lorde










Then Build a Tower that stretch in the sky and connect in the moon make it invisible to other and other than I permit to see

[Ding! Building will take a day to finish]

Well then system

Lets focus on controlling my power and getting stronger

System Estimate the hoe many day or year I can control my power

[Ding! System estimate that Host can fully control it within a Year]

Oh great just I predict hehehe

Well now shall we begin

*1 Year later*

Yess I complete my seclusion or controlling my power

while im controlling my power i decided what to summon


-Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail)

-Serafall Leviathan(High School DxD)

-Rias Gremory(High School DxD)

-Mirajane Strauss(Fairy Tail)

-Akame(Akamr Ga Kill)

Shing with a bright light

5 girls appear out of nowhere in front of Frey Soverein

"Greetings Master!"The 5 girls said while half kneeling in the ground

"Now now All of you girls stand up, I'm Frey Soverein you can just call me Frey and I'm your master and lover " Frey said with a smile

"Yes Frey-sama" Said the 5 girls while standing up

"Now that all of you here, lets go to the Tower and serve me first" Frey said with playful smile

"Master please be gentle of us" Serafall said with a winked

"Heheheh don't worry I'm gonna be gentle " Frey said while walking in the Tower


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