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Anime System in Overlord World
Author :MyNameIsJeffrey
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1 Prologue

In a black space in novel what you called Void there's a boy quietly floating while contemplating how the hell did he get here

Did he offend someone

Did he got prank

or did he died

While the boy is quietly floating there's a voice that interrupt his thoughts

[Hello there , Frey Soverein]

Uhmmm Hello there what is Frey Soverein is that my name

[You died and got to choose where to reincarnate]

And stop , How I die

[You seem don't have your memories, here your memories and the answer why you die ]

A second later there's cooling sensation in the boy's head


Ahhh, What a pity I die, well it's good that I save many child in the school bus

[Well since you have accumulate unlimited karmic points I'm gonna tell you where to reincarnate ]

[First , In the Heaven where you can live with a rest of your life with intake memory because of your karmic points ]

[And Second, In Dream World where you can go to place you want like for example Naruto verse and Dragon Ball verse you intake your memory because of your karmic points and you got 5 wish to make that will help you in that world]

Ohhhhh ... well i chose the Dream World because I like to watch some anime and read novels

[Well then, Chose your world and 5 wishes]

I like to go to... Drag.. nooo Naru... nooo

Give me a sec..

[Well go ahead]

Then I like to go to Overlord Verse

As for wish..

-I want Immortality and give someone immortality

-Eternal Youth and give someone Eternal Youth

-Anime System

-With Unlimited AS Points

-And I can transfer to Another World

[Ohhh-oohh Well then , what timeline do you want]

1 year before Momonga or Ainz Oal Gown got transmigrate

[Hmmm done good luck Frey Soverein in your journey]




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