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1075 Chapter 1072 “Reason To R*pe“

"What?? You want to r*pe Li Shi Ying?? What for?!" Meng Yue Ming subconsciously stood up hearing Thén Sin Lung vicious plan. 

This man is crazy! 

"Well isn't that our plan from the start? If not why kidnap her in the first place? See, if Long Ao Zhen found out that Li Shi Ying had been...r*ped, he will be angry at us but as long as we escape we won't be in any danger."

Thén Sin Lung began to explain his justified reason which sounded logic but not at all. The beast in human skin just wanted to satisfy his inner demon. The man continued. "Then what will happen to the two of them after this incident? Women who lost virginity before marriage or getting r*ped here will lose their future. Everyone will look at them with contempt. It means Long Ao Zhen and his family will do so too!"

Thén Sin Lung eyes sparkled when he talked about this. He wanted to make Long Ao Zhen suffered. If he knew that his beloved one was r*ped and her virginity was taken, he would surely break into pieces. 

"Are you sure Long Ao Zhen will do that? He's very much in love with Li Shi Ying" Meng Yue Ming secretly clenched her fist under the table. She too was a woman. Even though she did so many bad things to Li Shi Ying, there was only 1 thing she won't do to her. 

That was to let others r*pe her! No! As a fellow woman, she won't allow that. Not to mention that she needed Li Shi Ying to be alive and stay in this world until her big plan was ready. If Li Shi Ying was r*ped now won't she kill herself or choose to go back to her world out of extreme shame? 

"Long Ao Zhen might not do that but his family won't agree with him. As long as we separate Li Shi Ying and Long Ao Zhen isn't that enough? You then can come between the two and replaced Li Shi Ying. While I myself will take Li Shi Ying. She will be glad since no one will want to take a tainted woman like her" 

Thén Sin Lung smirked as he spoke. His moral values had really gone downhill. The man thought that by making Li Shi Ying tainted, he would be the only man she would rely on. Someone like Long Ao Zhen would be far out of her reach. 

Isn't this good? He achieved his goal in getting Li Shi Ying and Meng Yue Ming too could go seduce Long Ao Zhen or something. 

With this girl's ability, she could just make Long Ao Zhen forgot the Li Shi Ying. That's easy. 

"Look here. I don't agree with your plan r*ping her. Instead of r*ping why not torture her instead? R*ping is only fun for you but not for me" Meng Yue Ming a.k.a Chi Tian furrowed her eyebrows in disgust. Thank God she decided to let this man died in Long Ao Zhen's hand later. 

When the time comes she won't save him. Such a disgusting lowly man couldn't be allowed to live. Even she herself couldn't help but want to kill this man with her own hand. 

But she had to endure! Endure all of this. The main plan was to let this guy get killed by others after all. 

"What? Hmmm, why don't you torture her first and then I'll r*pe her after? That will satisfy both of us how is it?" Thén Sin Lung negotiated. He still wanted to f*ck Li Shi Ying. When they were dating before that girl didn't let him kiss her not to mention having s*x. 

What an arrogant girl. Did she think of herself that important? Hah! See if her virginity was taken by him now. She would forget all her pride and throw it to the garbage. 

Hearing Thén Sin Lung suggestion, Chi Tian bit her lips. There's no logical reason to refuse his offer. But she didn't want Li Shi Ying to experience that. What should she do? The only thing she could do was to stall time by torturing that girl. 

"Fine but I'll go first and before I finish you can't step in. After I'm done you can do anything you want to do to her and I'll go out." Chi Tian reluctantly agrees. The girl silently thought of a way to make Long Ao Zhen found this base faster. 

She could only hope that Long Ao Zhen would arrive in time or even if he didn't maybe she would be able to stall time by seducing this bastard. 

Okay, let's secretly send the location of this base to Long Ao Zhen first. 

"Sure, I'll wait patiently" Thén Sin Lung nodded and continue his meal. He was confident that Long Ao Zhen won't be able to find this base. First off, it blocked away all divine energy which means that man won't be able to use dragon seal to track Li Shi Ying down. 

Second, the base was armed with an anti-teleportation array made by Meng Yue Ming. So those dragons won't be able to use the portal to come here. 

Lastly, there's also an invisible and soundproof barrier around this base. It's basically impossible to find the base. 

Thinking like this, Thén Sin Lung whistled happily waiting for his turn to enjoy his time with his 'beloved'. 

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