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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being


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Updates:Ch277 – Cultivation Grounds

The genius cultivator Lin Xuanzhi didn’t let down the world in his past life, yet he only betrayed a single Yan Tianhen.
《Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being》 Text
Ch1 - Memories from the Pas
Ch2 - Possessed
Ch3 - Supervisor’s Scheme
Ch4 - Ah Hen, Come
Ch5 - Who’s fighting?
Ch6 - No One Dared to Stop Them
Ch7 - Suspecting Possession, Tianhen’s Awkward Inciden
Ch8 - Abolished Roots
Ch9 - Soul Plate’s Master
Ch10 - Demanding for Tiger Cubs
Ch11 - Gathering of Spiritual Qi
Ch12 - Wicked Though
Ch13 - Look Forward to His Gracious Presence
Ch14 - Gone too Far
Ch15 - Won’t Sell Tiger Cubs
Ch16 - Too Strange
Ch17 - Schemes and Plots
Ch18 - Amethyst Tiger Cubs
Ch19 - Skinning Tiger
Ch20 - Contracted Ah Bai
Ch21 - Fleas?
Ch22 - Let Them Look
Ch23 - Demonic Beast Bazaar
Ch24 - Ji Family’s Yunwei
Ch25 - Up Your Alley
Chapter 26
Ch27 - One Step Too Late
Ch28 - The Siblings’ Schemes
Ch29 - Ah Hen was Beaten Up
Ch30 - Scared Silly
Ch31 - A Great Debt of Gratitude
Ch32 - Sharing a Bed
Ch33 - Luojia’s Glittering Jewel
Ch34 - I Don’t have a Mother
Ch35 - Hand Seals for Fligh
Ch36 - Humiliation in the Spiritual Fields
Ch37 - You Did Well
Ch38 - A Belly full of Evil Tricks
Ch39 - Yuran’s Birthday
Ch40 - Breaking Sword Peak’s Young Master
Ch41 - No Invitation
Ch42 - Annulling the Engagemen
Ch43 - Huge Humiliation
Ch44 - Each on Their Own Path
Ch45 - I Want Both
Ch46 - Settling Scores at An Opportune Momen
Ch47 - Acting Spoiled and Warnings
Ch48 - The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree
Ch49 - Grievously Harm a Fellow Disciple
Ch50 - Sold Himself Ou
Ch51 - Su Mo’s Interrogation
Ch52 - Baseless Rumours
Ch53 - Giving the Hairpin
Ch54 - Bai Clan’s Evil Dog
Ch55 - Bawling in the Hall
Ch56 - Flatter the Strong and Step On the Weak
Ch57 - Do You Admit Your Guilt?
Ch58 - Warning Pillars’ Resonance
Ch59 - To Everyone’s Satisfaction
Ch60 - Punish The Vile One
Ch61 - Vicious and Merciless
Ch62 - Taste in the Cup
Ch63 - Selling Cups in the Bazaar
Ch64 - Xuanzhi’s Counterattack
Ch65 - A Business Transaction
Ch66 - Three Year Promise
Ch67 - Zhantian’s Decision
Ch68 - Appearance of the Yin Corpse
Ch69 - Meeting Yuyang On The Way
Ch70 - Returned to its Original Owner
Ch71 - Under Flying Luan Peak
Ch72 - Repaying One’s Gratitude
Ch73 - Parted Ways
Ch74 - “Overjoyed”
Ch75 - A Weird Person
Ch76 - It’s a Phoenix
Ch77 - Forged Engraving Pen
Ch78 - Just To Trick Fools
Ch79 - Huge Change in Attitude
Ch80 - Young Master Summons
Ch81 - Use One Good in Exchange for Another
Ch82 - Long-Term Partnership
Ch83 - Zhige’s Whereabouts
Ch84 - Shixiong’s Arrival
Ch85 - The Perpetrator
Ch86 - Su Mo’s Arrival
Ch87 - Seven Stars Murderous Array
Ch88 - Demonic Cultivator with a Ghost Mask
Ch89 - 《Imperial Corpse Technique》
Ch90 - Meeting Face to Face
Ch91 - Hundred Families Gathering
Ch92 - Make a Be
Ch93 - Ashen Face
Ch94 - Yuyang Fooling The Res
Ch95 - Auctioning at a High Price
Ch96 - Xuanzhi’s Seclusion
Ch97 - Escape From Death
Ch98 - Tiger Cubs Got Hur
Ch99 - Punishing the Evildoers
Ch100 - Abolishing His Own Cultivation
Ch101 - Demonic Beast Abuse
Ch102 - Group Bullying
Ch103 - The Start of Internal Selections
Ch104 - Can’t Match Up to a Side Branch
Ch105 - Continuous Shocks
Ch106 - Another Wave
Ch107 - You’re Shameless
Ch108 - Dual Paths: Alchemy and Demonic
Ch109 - Corpse Got Exposed
Ch110 - Disappeared Without a Trace
Ch111 - Blackmail and Extortion
Ch112 - A Different Punishmen
Ch113 - Saved My Life
Ch114 - Persecuted
Ch115 - Royal Heavenly Capital
Ch116 - Selecting Cultivation Methods
Ch117 - Fighting Over Cultivation Methods
Ch118 - Two Profound-Level Books
Ch119 - Business Delivered to the Doorstep
Ch120 - Accompaniment of the Firestone
Ch121 - Raising the Price and Fighting
Ch122 - Seizing the Treasure from One’s Hands
Ch123 - Getting Bullied
Ch124 - Focusing on Cultivation
Ch125 - Saw Blood, Admonitions
Ch126 - Secret Hin
Ch127 - Little Bro Lodged a Complain
Ch128 - Tingling Scalp
Ch129 - Received a Huge Blow
Ch130 - Swallow Yin Gu Bugs
Ch131 - Tiger Roar Heard Through the Fores
Ch132 - Painful Losses
Ch133 - Capability Says it All
Ch134 - Ah Hen’s Eating Vinegar
Ch135 - Backer’s Here
Ch136 - Your Skin’s Thick Enough
Ch137 - Blind and Deaf
Ch138 - Mingyin Body
Ch139 - Fully Equipped for the Journey
Ch140 - Setting Off
Ch141 - Yuyang Appears
Ch142 - Chronic Poisoning
Ch143 - Huangfu Family
Ch144 - Huangfu’s Young Lord
Ch145 - Past Life’s Friend
Ch146 - Deadlock at City Gate
Ch147 - Outbreak of Explosive Anger
Ch148 - White Crane Immortal Carriage
Ch149 - Walk Carefully, I Won’t Send You Ou
Ch150 - He’s Very Special
Ch151 - Sky Peak’s Bai Family
Ch152 - Absorbing Yin Qi
Ch153 - Meeting Young Master Ji Again
Ch154 - Bai Family’s Competition
Ch155 - Start of the Treasure Appraisal Convention
Ch156 - Making Things Difficult on Purpose
Ch157 - Young Master Bai
Ch158 - Terms of Exchange
Ch159 - Busybodies
Ch160 - Killing People With Demonic Arts
Ch161 - He’s a Devil
Ch162 - Divine Devil Clan
Ch163 - Directly Skipping Two Levels
Ch164 - Fully Equipped With Top-Grade Items
Ch165 - Suspiciously Probing
Ch166 - So-Called Family
Ch167 - Five Sects Gathered Together
Ch168 - Martial Arts Competition
Ch169 - Young Master Invites
Ch170 - Kill or No
Ch171 - Fight Through Mt. Xi
Ch172 - Marriage Proposal
Ch173 - It Can Only be Him
Ch174 - So Ridiculously Wrong
Ch175 - Destined But Not Fated
Ch176 - Cleave Through with a Single Swing
Ch177 - Kind-hearted, Yeah Righ
Ch178 - Rich and Overbearing
Ch179 - Lin Yan’s Good Fortune
Ch180 - Su Mo’s Arrival In Person
Ch181 - Birth of an Alchemis
Ch182 - Swallowed in One Go
Ch183 - Delivering the News
Ch184 - Baili Yunhua
Ch185 - I Can’t Compare to Him
Ch186 - Top-Grade Magic Tool
Ch187 - Malicious Scheme in the Dark
Ch188 - Bai Family Elder
Ch189 - How to Punish Him
Ch190 - Not Afraid of Losing Face
Ch191 - Living isn’t Easy
Ch192 - Craftsmen Alliance
Ch193 - Chivalrous One Shouldering the Responsibilty
Ch194 - Kind and Easy to Chea
Ch195 - Exploding the Furnace to Successfully Refine Pills
Ch196 - Can’t Live Without Me
Ch197 - Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation
Ch198 - Not Worth Mentioning
Ch199 - Rejecting A Little Brother
Ch200 - Equivalent Exchange
Ch201 - Huangfu Fool
Ch202 - Extending a Helping Hand
Ch203 - A Peach Blossom
Ch204 - Difficult to Say
Ch205 - Not Very Proper
Ch206 - I Really Didn’
Ch207 - Yunwei Strikes Back
Ch208 - Little Fox Cub
Ch209 - I Have A Celestial-Level Pill
Ch210 - Every Word Struck the Hear
Ch211 - The Reason Within
Ch212 - Pill Limit Mysterious Land
Ch213 - Young Miss Shen
Ch214 - Entrance to the Mysterious Land
Ch215 - Return Everything to You
Ch216 - Parting in the Rain
Ch217 - Chaotic Sky Bell Appears
Ch218 - Fangfei and Linghua
Ch219 - Obtained Some Benefits
Ch220 - He’s Not Willing
Ch221 - Appearance in the Mirror
Ch222 - Activation of the Mechanism
Ch223 - Trapped
Ch224 - Blood Offering for the Array
Ch225 - Qi Er Taking Revenge
Ch226 - The Grace of Bestowing A Sword
Ch227 - Small Transforming Bone Dragon
Ch228 - Can’t Afford to Climb this Social Ladder
Ch229 - Each Relying on Their Own Abilities
Ch230 - Master of the Mysterious Land
Ch231 - Yuyang’s Attitude
Ch232 - Dual Cultivation Method
Ch233 - Celestial-Level Medicinal Pill
Ch234 - Shen Family’s Siege
Ch235 - West Phoenix Monarch
Ch236 - Phoenix’s Severe Oath
Ch237 - Clever and Eloquen
Chapter 238
Chapter 239
Ch240 - Successfully Got Out of Danger
Ch241 - Lonely Star
Ch242 - Incorrigible
Ch243 - Even More Exposed
Ch244 - Profound Sky’s Invitation
Ch245 - Returning to the Lin Family
Ch246 - Leading Children Astray
Chapter 247
Chapter 248
Ch249 – Struggle for Crown Prince Position
Chapter 250
Ch251 – Escape Through the Nigh
Chapter 252
Chapter 253
Chapter 254
Chapter 255
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258
Chapter 259
Chapter 260
Chapter 261 – The Other “Mother”
Ch262 - Young Master of the Lin Family
Ch263 - So-Called Young Master
Ch264 - Young Peak Master Zhan
Ch265 - Illusion Array Master
Ch266 - Profound Sky’s Four Swords
Ch267 - Killing Gods and Slaughtering Heaven
Ch268 - Ah Hen’s Destination
Ch269 - Esteemed Huai Yu
Ch270 - Gift Upon First Meeting
Ch271 - Punished with Copying Peak Rules
Chapter 272
Ch273 – Fate-Changing Karma
Ch274 – Beixi and Lianlian
Chapter 275
Chapter 276
Ch277 – Cultivation Grounds