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Monster Factory

Author:The sheathed sword

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Updates:Chapter 287: The temperament designer.


Literal synopsis:

I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application.

This bunch of super strong monsters are individually comparable to over 100 human beings, and they bring all kinds of skills!

Efficiency? With the skill processing speed +300, you still want to compete?

Precision? *cough, cough* Bring me that legendary dial ...
《Monster Factory》 Text
Chapter 1: Unlucky
Chapter 2: The strange pool
Chapter 3: Why are you blocking the road?
Chapter 4: Monster factory
Chapter 5: The thing 2
Chapter 6: The rest of the order
Chapter 7: The scenery on Caiyi bridge
Chapter 8: Going broke
Chapter 9: They are actually curb stones?
Chapter 10: This is why it’s called high tech
Chapter 11: 15,000,000 yuan order
Chapter 12: Happy collaboration!
Chapter 13: How to get a woman’s number
Chapter 14: Recruit-a-friend
Chapter 15: Worth it?
Chapter 16: No fear
Chapter 17: One who does not understand
Chapter 18: Outside of Tianranju
Chapter 19: Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle
Chapter 20: This vehicle is seriously overpowered
Chapter 21: Spectacle in the industrial park
Chapter 22: Reactors
Chapter 23: Underwater welding
Chapter 24: Race against time
Chapter 25: Self introduction
Chapter 26: Science means productivity
Chapter 27: Back to Tianranju
Chapter 28: New factory
Chapter 29: The power of the curbstones
Chapter 30: Idiots
Chapter 31: A fuss free order
Chapter 32: The natural cavern
Chapter 33: Karma
Chapter 34: Gifts
Chapter 35: Bro don’t be like this
Chapter 36: Operation at 9
Chapter 37: Operation is a go
Chapter 38: How are you going to explain this?
Chapter 39: Make Way! Professionals coming through
Chapter 40: Please, I’m the actual expert here alrigh
Chapter 41: Famous?
Chapter 42: New product for the old factory
Chapter 43: The Monster Factory’s first produc
Chapter 44: Camouflage
Chapter 45: The want for a research laboratory
Chapter 46: Pictures
Chapter 47: We know each other
Chapter 48: Sorry but what?
Chapter 49: Mine’s better than yours
Chapter 50: The best in Zhongyun
Chapter 51: The new scooter
Chapter 52: These aren’t normal
Chapter 53: Examination room
Chapter 54: Knockoffs
Chapter 55: Before leveling up
Chapter 56 : Upgrade complete
Chapter 57: Time to make some trouble
Chapter 58: Bite me
Chapter 59: The ‘delighted’ Mr. Liu
Chapter 60: All the losses
Chapter 61: Raging miners
Chapter 62: The giant mechanical hand
Chapter 63: Applications of the mechanical hand
Chapter 64: So desu ne
Chapter 65: The irritating customer service
Chapter 066: Ooo! Cool rockets!
Chapter 067: The spam continues
Chapter 68: It’s really over now
Chapter 69: The secret base
Chapter 70: The authors’ examination
Chapter 71: Buy buy buy buy!
Chapter 72: Visitors
Chapter 73: Definitely master level
Chapter 74: Master artisan, I choose you!
Chapter 75: Failure everywhere
Chapter 76: Yes yes, it’s all trash
Chapter 77: You’ll definitely love i
Chapter 78: Aston Martin Lagonda
Chapter 79: I’m going to be a broadcaster
Chapter 80: Oh man, that timing……
Chapter 81: Endorsements
Chapter 82: The explosive popularity
Chapter 83: The screams
Chapter 84: You are going to be ok
Chapter 85: The helpless firefighters
Chapter 86: Applause
Chapter 87: A natural price hike
Chapter 88: Give me all of i
Chapter 89: Getting lucky!
Chapter 90: Cooperation discussion
Chapter 91: You deserve a promotion
Chapter 92: Black gold credit card
Chapter 93: Dismantling live
Chapter 94: Deliberate
Chapter 95: The search begins
Chapter 96: Delivery!
Chapter 97: Display of real power
Chapter 98: Official stream
Chapter 99: Return of the king
Chapter 100: The horrific rainstorm
Chapter 101: Are you free?
Chapter 102: During the storm
Chapter 103: Ship repairs
Chapter 104: Repair killings
Chapter 105: So which one?
Chapter 106: Man that ranking
Chapter 107: Memory metal
Chapter 108: Sea chase
Chapter 109: Money making opportunity
Chapter 110: HOLY …. !!
Chapter 111: Upgrade!
Chapter 112: A bottomless pi
Chapter 113: Before the exhibition
Chapter 114: An unexpected acciden
Chapter 115: By Gree Electric
Chapter 116: The blame game
Chapter 117: A plan
Chapter 118: Rush Job 1 of 2
Chapter 118: 2 Fast 2 Furious 2 of 2
Chapter 119: Gathering of crows
Chapter 120: Oh. My. God.
Chapter 121: Fake news!
Chapter 122: Righ
Chapter 123: Stress Ball
Chapter 124: How to high tech
Chapter 125: Look ma, reporters!
Chapter 126: RIP
Chapter 127: The plan
Chapter 128: Professor, guess who!
Chapter 129: So many juniors
Chapter 130: The premiere
Chapter 131: The innovation award
Chapter 132: And the winner is……
Chapter 133: It’s starting, it’s starting
Chapter 134: The massacre
Chapter 135: The feels
Chapter 136: The note…
Chapter 137: Giant robotic arms
Chapter 138: All the fat sheep
Chapter 139: Wait what, dragons?
Chapter 140: Contracts
Chapter 141: He is just incredible
Chapter 142: Let’s pay him a visi
Chapter 143: Ye, Ye Qing
Chapter 144: What a meeting
Chapter 145: True manufacturing
Chapter 146: The first prototype
Chapter 147: The bickering over a Mountain Creeper
Chapter 148: This is real technologies
Chapter 149: Time to switch
Chapter 150: Sudden fortunes
Chapter 151: Two different calls
Chapter 152: We won’t leave so easily
Chapter 153: This is a tes
Chapter 154: The steel fis
Chapter 155: History
Chapter 156: A master of pen and sword
Chapter 157: It’s from Monster Heavy Industry
Chapter 158: Final assembly
Chapter 159: Wrong company
Chapter 160: Choose Monster Heavy Industry
Chapter 161: A different kind of arm
Chapter 162: Dancing with the wind
Chapter 163: True effects
Chapter 164: Roadside watermelons
Chapter 165: Lightweight alloy armor
Chapter 166: Rank up
Chapter 167: The Metal Specialis
Chapter 168: Industrial Waste Purifying System
Chapter 169: The precious Dragon Creek Beach
Chapter 170: The Geologic Survey
Chapter 171: How to raise interes
Chapter 172: Money burning effects
Chapter 173: Expectations
Chapter 174: Big and Small
Chapter 175: The soul of a movie
Chapter 176: Rebranding
Chapter 177: The industrial priate
Chapter 178: The beauty of the industry
Chapter 179: No one wants change
Chapter 180: We want it too!
Chapter 181: The wai
Chapter 182: All for that pristineness
Chapter 183: The last step
Chapter 184 Analyze! Strong Purifying!
Chapter 185 Reciprocating
Chapter 186 Surrender That Guy
Chapter 187 Lock-On Targe
Chapter 188 I Also Know Discharge Sewage
Chapter 189 Counter Discharge Star
Chapter 190 One Hundred Fire Hydrant Burs
Chapter 191 Heavy Losses
Chapter 192 Factory Brightly Illuminated
Chapter 193 Total Defeat Of An Army
Chapter 194 1st of Next Month Is Important Day
Chapter 195 Technology Promotion Film
Chapter 196 Water Resorts
Chapter 197: Black Company
Chapter 198: Going up the blue river
Chapter 199: To fool a leader?
Chapter 200: foundation ditch
Chapter 201: The headline is gone
Chapter 202: Water Bungalow
Chapter 203: Private boats on the Blue River
Chapter 204: Crazy behavior
Chapter 205: Who Is So Bold?
Chapter 206: Friends circle
Chapter 207: Production lis
Chapter 208: Xiaoping Lake 1
Chapter 209: Xiaoping Lake 2
Chapter 210: Xiaoping Lake 3
Chapter 211: Class 1 water quality
Chapter 212: The equipment is removed
Chapter 29: Can I learn piano with you?
Chapter 213: What is the principle?
Chapter 214: It's Packed
Chapter 215: The exhibition will be launched
Chapter 216: The inspection begins
Chapter 217: The visitor is the gues
Chapter 218: Noisy
Chapter 219: Misunderstanding
Chapter 220: Shocking Show Begins!
Chapter 221: This is also possible!
Chapter 222: Educated leader
Chapter 223: Interesting Technique
Chapter 224: Make their way
Chapter 225: Javelin
Chapter 226: Rescue Tools
Chapter 227: Is this the end!
Chapter 228: Big Order
Chapter 229: Subsea Construction
Chapter 230: Single Arm Manipulator
Chapter 231: Part Of The Truth
Chapter 232: Super Hard Alloy
Chapter 233: Two young presidents
Chapter 234: Celebration Banque
Chapter 235: Haitang Island
Chapter 236: Ghos
Chapter 237: To reach the 2nd River
Chapter 238: Design Defects?
Chapter 239: Wait and see
Chapter 240: Gear Oil
Chapter 241: I Took the Haitang Island Project.
Chapter 242: Higher Technology
Chapter 243: Monster Heavy Factory’s Work
Chapter 245: Victory Tianzhu was crushed by Mount Tai
Chapter 246: Limit Tes
Chapter 247: The principle is this
Chapter 248: Annual salary of 8 million
Chapter 249: The mysterious administrator
Chapter 250: Reasons for Refusal
Chapter 251: How do others evaluate?
Chapter 252: One-sided criticism
Chapter 253: Spacecraft descending from the sky
Chapter 254: Domestic Science Fiction Movies
Chapter 255 added chapter: Explosion building
Chapter 256: Secrets in the ruins
Chapter 257: The discovery of shock
Chapter 258: Opening the steel gate
Chapter 259: Building a dream of building
Chapter 260: Content of the receip
Chapter 261: Urban Construction Bureau opens big move
Chapter 262: Interested Giants Heavy Industry
Chapter 263: Poor Urban Construction Bureau
Chapter 264: Giant God X-type dispatch
Chapter 265: The bosses who are moving in the wind
Chapter 266 : Concrete Waves
Chapter 267: Learning under the Ground
Chapter 268: The building still has a wind tunnel.
Chapter 269: Smoke and rain west pond.
Chapter 270 : Raf
Chapter 271: Rain
Chapter 272: Atmosphere in the car
Chapter 273 : Xiaoping Lake
Chapter 274: Please ask the Mechanical Colossus Type X to get out of the horse
Chapter 275: Tourists from the Old Beauty
Chapter 276: Unimaginable Flood Control Wall
Chapter 277: Bartering
Chapter 278: Rainwater also has its value
Chapter 279: Concealed Construction
Chapter 280: 100 meters underground
Chapter 281: The Giant Wheel in the Distance
Chapter 282: Underground
Chapter 283: Strange sounds in the depths
Chapter 284: Don't have a hole in the sky
Chapter 285: Damage to the Mechanical Colossus Type I.
Chapter 286: The Monsters Going Abroad.
Chapter 287: The temperament designer.