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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Author:Summer Dye Snow

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Her step-sister just died three months ago. Now, she insists on marrying Chu Lui, who is supposed to be her future brother-in-law, the mind behind the Chu Enterprise. The world is sure that she, the new bride-to-be, haa caused her step-sister“s death in order to seduce him.
《Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities》 Volume 1
1 Mistaken Identity
2 Marry the Elder Sister If the Younger One Passes Away
3 She Never Had a Mother
4 A White Wedding
5 He truly hated her to the core
6 He Loathed Her
7 Deeply ashamed
8 Cruelty
9 Old Mother and New Father
10 She Had a Father But Lost Her Mother
11 Ruthless
12 Her Father Was Not Fond of Her and Mother Did Not Love Her
13 You Should Be Grateful for the Rest of Your Life
14 She Really Liked to Cry
15 A Father Who Belonged to Others
16 That Was Because She Loved Him
17 She Could No Longer Conceive
18 Great! She Could No Longer Conceive
19 Yixuan
20 Complete Destruction
21 How Dare She
22 A Father’s Selfishness
23 He Was The Devil
24 That Was Her Life
25 Inescapable Fates
26 Endlessly
27 Afraid To Love
28 Untitled
29 A Cold Hear
30 The Arrival of the In-Laws
31 Our Daughter-in-Law
32 Brutally Well
33 Complain
34 Excruciating Pain
35 Let Him Be Disgusted
36 Afraid of Not Loving Anymore
37 Thoughts of Dying
38 No Use Begging
39 How to Ruin a Person
40 Love Forever
41 True Feelings, False Intentions
42 Tenderness is also Cruelty
43 Who Cares About Her?
44 A Peaceful Morning
45 Started With Love and Hate
46 Clothes
47 It Didn't Suit Her
48 Someone Else's Humiliation
49 Insolen
50 Dared to Steal His Wife
《Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities》 Volume 2
51 To Feed The Wolves
52 The Light in the Hear
53 Couldn’t Bear to
54 Warmth
55 So-called Love
56 How Will She Compensate?
57 Unfair
58 Harmoniously
59 He Hurt Her Again
60 Surprise
61 Eternally Unchanging
62 What Xia Yixuan Liked
63 Someone's Embarrassmen
64 A Mother Like This
65 Wish She Died Early
66 True or False
67 Responsibility
68 Sweet Interactions
69 He Was Actually Dazing Off
70 I'll Make You Into A Princess
71 No Fooling with Friends' Wife
72 The One with Ill Intentions
73 Someone Else's Business
74 They Are No Longer Mother and Daughter
75 Auction
76 Akoya Pearls
77 For My Wife
78 Treated You Well
79 It Was Really Good
80 Live For Him, Die For Him
81 Possible to Conceive?
82 No Help at All
83 Do You Really Wish to Help Me?
84 She Was Sold
85 Stay or Leave
86 Transformation
87 He Loathed Her So Much
88 She Knew Nothing
89 Estranged
90 It Turned Out That He Was Married
91 His Indifference
92 Strawberry and Chocolate
93 What Did She Do Wrong
94 Don't Cry Till Your Eyes Go Dry
95 Foolish Woman
96 Was She Mistaken?
97 A Little Nicer To Herself
98 To Ride His Coattails
99 It's Better to Deal with Painful Things Quickly
100 What did She do Wrong
101 You Shouldn't Be Alive
102 She Didn't Feel Pain Anymore
103 In a Daze
104 Could You Be Kinder?
105 Irritation
106 Everything was a Lie
《Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities》 Volume 3
107 Heaven and Hell
108 Mistress and Wife
109 A Plea
110 Consider For a Few Days?
111 Tired as a Dog
112 Constant Low Pressure
113 Thoroughly Destroyed
114 The Hateful Mistress
115 In Search of Her
116 She Looked for You
117 Capable of Playing Games
118 Interrogation
119 So It was on Purpose
120 Broken, All Broken
121 He Wanted a Divorce
122 She Couldn't Conceive
123 One Should Always be Selfish
124 It Would Be Nice If You Were My Mother
125 When Rivals in Love Mee
126 Just Because He Doesn't Love Her
127 She Really Had Nothing to Do with I
128 Selfish
129 Have To Take Responsibility
130 No Point Explaining
131 Her Bone Was Broken
132 Broke Her Heartlessly
133 I Know What You are up To
134 Don't Go Through With I
135 Was It Your Lover
136 Such a Show
137 Whose Fault Is It?
138 Disown Her Daughter
139 Ruthless
140 She Needed Money
141 Work was Hard to Come By and Living was Tough
142 In Life, There Will Be Hope
143 Some People Were Meant To Be Forgotten
144 Because It Was for Survival
145 Haven't Had Enough
146 There Will Be New Beginnings in Life
147 This Could Be Considered As Happiness
148 She Has Nothing To Do With The Wedding of Others
149 This is Jealousy
150 Different People Have Different Lives
151 Birth
152 It's a Girl
153 Sleepless Nights
154 She Was Not Willing
155 Where's The Baby?
156 Life is Tough
157 Sick
158 A Woman's Vanity
159 The Necklace Worth Thirty Million
160 Hospitalized, What To Do
161 A Good Doctor
162 You will be Crippled if You don't Treat I
163 A Well-behaved Child
164 A Stranger Helped Her
165 You Have To Figure Out Your Own Happiness
166 Work was Hard to Come By and Life was Tough
167 Compete with Men for Jobs
168 It Resembled That Woman
169 Sending Clothes
170 He is a Psycho
171 He Won't Leave Us Alone
172 Three Years
173 A Well-Behaved Child
174 A Candy
175 Mommy Is a Good Witch
176 Weird Temper
177 She Could Have Been Dead Long Ago
178 Dysfunctional Couple
179 To Conceive Soon
180 Mother and Daughter's Job
181 Weird Temper
182 Beautiful Doll
183 A Familiar Face
184 It's Not Easy to Make a Living
185 Buying A Doll
186 A Child's Hear
187 The Doll is Gone
188 Mommy Had a Doll, Too
189 It Would be Nice to Rest for a Day
190 Vapid Life
191 He's Batting for the Other Team
192 Bad People
193 You're Kidnapping My Daughter?
194 He is a Man, a Man
195 Acquaintances
196 We Meet Again
197 This Doctor is a Good Person
198 She was Grateful to Him
199 Rainy is Sick
200 Rainy Is Very Sick
201 Heartless
202 Who Destroyed Who?
203 No More Illusions
204 Wanted To See Him
205 I Have a Daughter
206 He Loathed Her
207 Wanted Her Dead
208 An Obedient Child
209 Still Strangers After Four Years
210 She Could Not Catch Up With Hope
211 Unless
212 She was Going to Sell Herself
213 Merchandise has no Need for Dignity
214 She was Waiting for Her Mother
215 They had been Living and Depending On Each Other
216 Initiative
217 He Wanted a Daughter
218 It Will Only Hurt a Bi
219 She Lied to Her Child
220 Be Strong
221 She Needed To Think
222 Mommy's Gone
223 A Beating
224 Shen Wei
225 A Life in Exchange for Money
226 Untitled
227 Slim Hope
228 Only Mommy
229 Trying Hard to Smile
230 Would He Care?
231 You Are Worse Than A Dog
232 Dosed
233 Fed Up
234 Lack of Security
235 Their Home
236 Not Too Late
237 Encounter
238 Not Done With Hating
239 Want To Do It Again?
240 Do I Have A Father?
241 Undying Hate
242 Drinking
243 Is There A Difference?
244 She was No Longer in Love
245 Inescapable Man
246 What the Hell Did She Do Wrong?
247 Together, We Waited for Mommy to Come Back
248 Your Choice
249 Noodles Cooked by Rainy
250 Good News
251 Was It Luck?
252 He Will Save Her
253 There Will Be One Soon
254 Without Love, Where did Hate Come From?
255 He's Here Again
256 If You Give Birth to One, Strangle I
257 Not Filthy
258 Why is it Him
259 Will You Save Her?
260 A Change of Hear
261 Split Personality
262 You Talk Too Much
263 Is She Ugly?
264 Much Cooler Now
265 Who wouldn't Know How to Smile
266 Bought With Money
267 A Mistress
268 Betrayal
269 Guil
270 Untitled
271 Compensation
272 A Woman's Love
273 Because They Like You
274 An Astronomical Sum of Hospitalization Fees
275 Would You Forgive Him?
276 I Only Want to Continue Living
277 Who He Loves Mos
278 A Show
279 An Evil Smile
280 Why was the Child Bald
281 Can't Be Seen
282 Who's The Third Party
283 The Chus’ Argumen
284 The Meeting
285 Thank You, Uncle
286 Whose Child was That?
287 She Must Die
288 Bad People
289 It was a Mosquito
290 She Disagreed
291 Passed Ou
292 Pregnan
293 He Promised
294 She Had Everything
295 Fever
296 Will She Grow Up?
《Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities》 Volume 4
297 That Was I
298 No More Surgery
299 She Had Waited For I
300 Never Let Go
301 He Didn't Help
302 Is There Still Hope?
303 Leaving
304 Does A Tomorrow Exist?
305 She Just Fell Asleep
306 A Glimmer of Hope
307 It's Her
308 Save Her
309 A Fairytale Only Kids Believe In
310 Such a Cute Little Baldy
311 It was not Tough on Her
312 You are Free
313 Didn't Look Like One
314 She wasn't Afraid
315 That was Because They were Poor
316 She was Actually Still Young
317 Weird Temper
318 Do You Like Mommy?
319 That is not Xinxin
320 Too Swee
321 It will be Alrigh
322 Once Gone, Don't Ever Come Back
323 A Daughter Is Good
324 You are Still Cute
325 The Original Home
326 Must Love Your Mother More
327 Everything Will Be Alrigh
328 Not Letting Her Go to School
329 She was not Shen Yijun
330 Be Careful, For the Child
331 Where Did the Baby Come From
332 The Baby Is Gone
333 Has He Truly Been in Love Before?
334 He Treated Her Very Well
335 A Family
336 She had a Father
337 Uncle likes Mommy
338 Tried to Believe
339 It Was Not That Difficul
340 Old Acquaintance
341 The Beautiful and Noble Mrs. Chu
342 The Coffee Wasn't Bitter Anymore
343 A Perfect Woman
344 No Such Thing as a Perfect Woman