After waking up this morning I've decided that I'm gonna talk to Jason about having kids. Just imagining the look on his face makes me giggle. Looking out of the window, theres no sign of Jason. Heading into the bathroom, I go ahead and take a nice long shower. While I'm blow drying my hair, I hear a thump. Peeking my head through the crack in the door. Looking around I see nothing out of the ordinary. I quickly dry the rest of my hair and put on some short shorts with a tank top and sandles. Laying down on the sofa, I wait for Jason to get back. Just thinking about him, he steps in the door carrying a big bloody sack. Just looking at makes my stomach churn. He glances at me and heads through kitchen to the backyard. I hear chopping minutes later and try to focus on something else. Jason comes and sits beside me. Wrapping his arms around me he looks down at me, his are sparkling. Leaning down he snuggles his mask against my cheek. I look down at my hands nervously. He lifts my chin a little to look into his eyes. "Jason I want us to have kids." His eyes get big, he glances around nervously.
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