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Chapter 107: Cooperation with the Meng Family

“Did you have an appointment with another girl? I knew it. Young lecher, since you did not have time to find me, you must be looking for other girls.”

“This time, you are accusing me wrongly. For this period of time, I have been studying obediently. I even got first in the mock test last week, and this is something that the whole school knows of. And it was because I have been busy for this period of time, so when it reaches the weekends I…”

“Therefore when the weekends arrive you could no longer control yourself, right? Every woman will have to make an appointment beforehand in order to date you now?” Lan Ya said ill-humoredly.

“Lan Ya, I know that I am a bit perverted and love beautiful ladies. But with regards to being with all of you, I have always been very serious. I have never intended to lie to any of you. You should also know about my identity, and perhaps, if you were to choose to stick with me, I might not have a lot of time to accompany you, at least for now. Anyway, Kunlun sent people to look for me and I have sent them away. However, the crisis has not yet disappeared. Sooner or later, I will have to battle with them. Even though I am not afraid of them, what I am afraid of is anyone of you getting hurt. Therefore, I must improve my strength. After the national exam, I will need to travel to somewhere far and among all the women, you are the one that I cannot stop worrying about. Because I am afraid that the moment I leave, Kunlun will come to look for you. Therefore, I must definitely leave behind some methods to protect you. Thus, I have always been thinking of ways to guarantee your safety,” Cheng Yu looked at Lan Ya and said seriously.

Lan Ya looked at Cheng Yu’s solemn expression and no longer teased him. Instead, she was touched by what Cheng Yu said. She had never expected this sloppy man in front of her to have actually been thinking of her all this while.

Until now, she had no idea how powerful Cheng Yu was. However, Kunlun also had a lot of powerful experts. Although she was worried for herself, she was even more worried for Cheng Yu because she thought that he would get injured because of her.

“Thank you,” Lan Ya leaned her body towards Cheng Yu on her own accord as she hugged Cheng Yu’s neck.

At this moment, if Cheng Yu were to still remain courteous, it would really be too unfair to her. He firmly gave a kiss on her fragrant lips.


When they arrived outside the company, Meng Wen was already there waiting for them.

“Mr. Cheng and Ms. Lan, you are here,” When Meng Wen saw them, he quickly went forward and greeted them.

Yesterday, after Meng Wen went home, he discussed with his dad, and they decided that it would be better to work with Cheng Yu. Otherwise, not only would they become someone else’s puppet, they might even be swallowed up by the Lan Family.

“I’m so sorry. There was a jam, and it caused Young Master Meng to wait for so long,” Lan Ya pinched Cheng Yu’s arms and said embarrassingly.

“Haha! Ms. Lan is too courteous. I also just reached here not long ago.”


Inside the meeting room.

“Mr. Cheng, Ms. Lan might have told you about our Meng Family’s situation. May I know what your opinion is on it?” Meng Wen get right to the point and asked.

Actually for this cooperation, Cheng Yu had already thought over yesterday. There were benefits and danger. Currently, his strength had not fully matured. Even though he had managed to swindle Kunlun, it did not mean that they would not find out the truth one day.

Now that Kunlun wished to use the Meng Family to uproot the Lan Family, it showed that they did not dare to use the cultivation world’s methods to deal with the Lan Family. It also showed that Cheng Yu had not pushed Kunlun to their limits yet.

If the Meng Family were to also lean towards Cheng Yu, the balance might be disrupted. They would definitely think that Cheng Yu was purposely opposing them. Cheng Yu can choose to ignore the Meng Family, but he could not ignore the Lan Family.

If he did not accept the Meng Family, Kunlun would definitely start planning some measures to deal with the Lan Family, causing both the Meng and Lan Families to suffer great losses. However, if he accepted the Meng Family, if Kunlun was to use extreme measures to deal with them, what could Cheng Yu do to stop them?

Lan Ya gave Cheng Yu a kick. Cheng Yu responded. He looked at the nervous Meng Wen. D*mn it! Since he had already become enemies with Kunlun, he might as well accept it. Why should he increase his enemy’s strength to give him more pressure? Cheng Yu replied, ”I agree to cooperate with the Meng Family.”

“Really? Thank you, Mr. Cheng! Thank you, Mr. Cheng!” After Meng Wen had gotten Cheng Yu’s reply, he responded elatedly.

“Don’t be too happy. You should already know the relations between Lan Ya and me. But even so, the price they pay to cooperate with me isn’t small,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“May I know what we will have to pay?” When Meng Wen heard what Cheng Yu said, his mood dimmed down.

“I know that the Meng Family is the second largest medical herb supplier. Furthermore, they also sell to the foreign market. Your current profits might be lower than the Lan Family, but you are still able to sustain alone. Since you chose to ignore Kunlun and chose me instead, it also shows that you do possess some intellect. So, I will not be unfair to you people. 20% of the medical herbs and profits.”

“Really?” Meng Wen asked surprisingly.

When they heard Cheng Yu’s terms, not only Meng Wen, even Lan Ya was also shocked. Originally, Lan Ya thought that Cheng Yu would make them pay a heavy price for the cooperation, however, she never expected the terms Cheng Yu put forth would be so low. It was because the price Lan Family had to put forth was 40%! Lan Ya immediately felt dissatisfied.

Naturally, Cheng Yu knew the reason why Lan Ya was dissatisfied. Cheng Yu laughed and chose to ignore her.

“Since you have decided to cooperate with me, naturally, you would also become business partners with the Lan Family and the Lan Family markets will also be opened up for you,” Cheng Yu’s words caused both of them to be shocked again.

The reason why Meng Wen was shocked was because this was simply giving him a meaty pie!

“Mr. Cheng, are you really willing to offer these terms to us?” Meng Wen no longer dared to believe all this was real.

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“Of course. However, I hope that you will also open up your foreign market to the Lan Family. In the future, both families will be business partners. Just by your individual power, even if I were to give you the whole country’s medical herb market, you would not be able to swallow the other. However, as long as both of you cooperate, in the future, not only would the southern market be yours, even the whole country’s market will be dominated by the you.” Cheng Yu words caused the both of their eyes to shine. That’s right! If the two families really cooperated with each other fully, what would the southern region market count as?

“Sure. I will listen to Mr. Cheng. Then, about Kunlun…” This was the main point that Meng Wen had been most worried about.

“If someone from Kunlun comes to look for you, you can just tell them that you belong to me, Cheng Yu, from Limitless Palace,” In any case, the Limitless Palace was definitely going to be Cheng Yu’s scapegoat, so he might as well push everything to them. When the time came for him to travel to the cultivation world, at most he would be a bit more appreciative to them.

“Limitless Palace,” Meng Wen recited it in his heart. Even though he had no idea how powerful the Limitless Palace was, Meng Wen was still able to tell from Cheng Yu’s tone that it was definitely more powerful than Kunlun. “Alright. Thank you, Mr. Cheng. Our cooperation…”

“Look for Lan Ya for this. In the future, the chances for you cooperating together would will be more and more frequent. The two of you handle it yourselves.”

“Alright. Since it’s like that, I will leave first. Thank you, Mr. Cheng and Ms. Lan.” After the agreement was completed, Meng Wen couldn’t wait to tell his father the good news. He thanked Cheng Yu and Lan Ya again before saying goodbye.

“Why did you give him such good benefits?” Lan Ya voiced out her dissatisfaction once again after Meng Wen left.

“Do you know why they would choose to cooperate with me instead of Kunlun?”

“Naturally because Kunlun’s people are too arrogant. Last time, when they asked us to cooperate with them, they also put on an air of haughtiness. They also expected us to beg them,” When Lan Ya recalled the days of being under their control, she became extremely angry.

“This is only one of the reasons. They are cultivators, so naturally they would look down upon mortals. In addition, it was because of this attitude, the way they conducted themselves caused them to think that if they were to give others a few benefits, others should be very thankful. However, they have no idea of a businessman’s mindset. Without any benefits, what did it mean to be immortals? This time, the terms Kunlun offered the Meng Family were very harsh. Otherwise, the Meng Family would definitely not have delivered themselves to Cheng Yu’s doorstep. Kunlun would mention about how they would push the Lan Family down and allow the Meng Family to become the biggest medical herb supplier. For the Meng Family to give up on this enticement and to be able to find out that I am the one supporting your Lan Family, this shows that the Meng Family people possess some brains.”

“If it’s like that, you actually gave them even greater benefits. So much that you are willing to open up the Lan Family market to them!” Lan Ya still felt confused about this point.

“Do you know who Kunlun’s current target is?”

“Of course, the Lan family.”

“That’s right. However, with the Meng Family cooperating with us as well, do you not think that there will be an additional target for Kunlun to go after?”

When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Lan Ya finally understood what Cheng Yu was trying to achieve, ”You are trying to divert their attention to another target?!”

“You can look at it this way. At least before they find the Lan Family for trouble, Kunlun would hate the Meng Family even more. In total, with the Meng Family being the shield for you, it would be better than having Kunlun keeping their eyes on you. Since I have given such good benefits to the Meng Family, don’t you think that they will definitely put in more efforts to cooperate? Even though, it seems like you have taken a loss, in the long term, this is actually the best idea.”

“Smooch!” Lan Ya hooked onto Cheng Yu’s neck and gave him a kiss on his face, ”This is a reward for your hard work.”

Cheng Yu turned around and pushed Lan Ya down.