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2701 Who is Getting Hit in The Face? 3

Jun Wu Xie made it clear that she was going to declare war with Long Xuan City!

Ruan Zhongshan's face was gloomy to the extreme, the malevolence on his face hinted on his anger that was on the verge of erupting!

Sea Spirit City! Yan Hai!

How dare he threaten him!

The message passed on by Ye Sha not only made Ruan Zhongshan fly into a rage, but also made Zheng Weilong, who was hiding in the dark watching the battle, frown slightly.

As far as their positions were concerned, they could clearly see that Ruan Zhongshan's hands, which were behind him, have begun to condense the spiritual inscriptions. Once the spiritual inscriptions were condensed successfully, it would be quite easy to block the attacks of the arrows!

"Miss, what exactly is the Lord of the Sea Spirit City thinking? Does he really think that with only a thousand archers, he can force Ruan Zhongshan to retreat?" Ah Da looked dazedly at Zheng Weilong. The actions of Sea Spirit City puzzled him. It seemed to be strong, but upon careful thinking, it seemed strange. Even if the thousand archers launched an attack on Ruan Zhongshan at the same time, as long as Ruan Zhongshan's spiritual inscriptions had been condensed, the damage caused by those bows would be almost zero, which was not enough to threaten Ruan Zhongshan's safety.

"I don't know. The City Lord of Sea Spirit City is a bit devilish. Within a short time, I can't seem to tell." Zheng Weilong pursed her lips. Jun Wu Xie's actions for the past two days puzzled Zheng Weilong. She didn't know what kind of temperament the City Lord of Sea Spirit City possessed, thus her judgement was greatly restricted. 

Just as Zheng Weilong and Ah Da conversed, Ruan Zhongshan's spiritual inscriptions had finished condensing! 

The previous repression was swallowed by fury at this moment, and Ruan Zhongshan's body was covered with a layer of ice-blue light! Strong spiritual power drew around him, and a stream of air rose up!

"You have a death wish!" Ruan Zhongshan stared at Ye Sha fiercely, and the airflow blew his hair up, making his already sinister face looked even more horrible!

"Damn your mother, Yan Hai! How dare you threaten me? A little bastard like him! I want to see if he can even touch me as I stomp all over Sea Spirit City today!" Ruan Zhongshan spat viciously. Spiritual inscriptions scattered with ice-blue light rays flickered around him, although it was not as strong as the light from the Spirit Rings, but it still held strong spiritual power. 

He lifted his head up suddenly and looked at the thousand archers on the wall of Sea Spirit City and sneered: "Based on these little things, you want to hurt me? Just try it! If you can hurt a single strand of my hair, I will consider you worthy!"

Ruan Zhongshan's shouting was piercing and Xu Zu's mood undulated along as well. His eyes shone with malice while he laughed secretly within his heart. 

Ruan Zhongshan already harbored a deep hatred for Jun Wu Xie. Now, since Jun Wu Xie was acting recklessly, she even ran out to threaten Ruan Zhongshan. Wasn't she courting death? 

Xu Zu could almost imagine what a terrible end it would be for Yan Hai when he fell into Ruan Zhongshan's hands after Sea Spirit City was breached ...

However, in the face of Ruan Zhongshan's shouting, Ye Sha did not react at all. The archers standing along the tower suddenly relaxed their bowstrings, and the sharp arrows were also withdrawn. 

The situation seemed to turn around at this moment. The restraint exercised by Long Xuan City's army before seemed to have vanished as the flames of aggression were rekindled once again. One by one, full of vigor, they banged their weapons on the ground; making a deafening noise!