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204 The Wall Climbing Beauty

As her heart hammered hard against her chest, Wang Reiji hang on the possibility that her god sibling was still alive. Following her instinct, she quickly searched the area, hoping to find the boy and eventually her Aunt Hee. 

With a strong wish to find any member of Aunt Hee's family, her feet took her some meters away from the shoe's location. Reaching the other end of the river, she finally saw Aunt Hee's son. With wide eyes and mouth stretched open, Wang Reiji realized that her godsibling was about to commit suicide soon as the light of the moon shone on the long shard of glass that was about to pierce the teenager's neck. 

"Cut! Good take!" The director yelled out loud, snapping Wang Reiji back to the reality. She quickly bit her lower lip in an attempt to push back the tears that were welling in corner of her eyes. 

The makeup artist and the senior hair stylist approached her immediately to re apply her make up on and fix her hair back in place. 

"Superb acting, Miss Jing! You were truly breathtaking back there!" The senior stylist said as he began to arrange her soft curls. 

"You should have seen the look on everyone's face! Your performance smitten them. You also look ethereal on screen!" The make up artist said as he wiped off the tiny beads of sweat on Wang Reiji's forehead before dabbing powder on her face.

"Thank you for the praises. But I just did my job. I'm glad that you guys appreciate my hard work."  Despite the exhaustion, Wang Reiji managed to give out a sweet smile to her first ever pair of fans. 

The make up artist and the senior stylist then escorted Wang Reiji to a chair she can rest on while waiting for her next scene. As Wang Reiji replenish her stamina, the director approached her and with a mocking voice he told her,

"Not bad for a newbie. Well, it is also impressive that you look good on screen. But can you still keep up? Good luck on your next scene. I wonder how are you going to climb up a wall using your bare hands while wearing a gown and a pair of stilleto?!" 

Though the director was outright belittling her capabilities, Wang Reiji knew that she can perform the scene well using the parkour skillsshe acquired through the extensive training she received from Wang Daizhuo. However, she never wall climbed in a ball gown and stilettos before. 

"Standby! Cameras will run in 3...2...1... ACTION!"

Split seconds after hearing the director's cue, Wang Reiji relaxed her tensed muscles as she drew a lungful of air in. As the cameras began to roll and record her movements, Wang Reiji run straight towards the brick wall that was covered with slimy algae. 

'Ugh! I need to be extra careful! This wall is rather slippery.' Wang Reiji thought to herself as she stretched her arms up to reach the topmost part of the wall. Using her upper body strength, she then pulled herself up. But not to a great extent because the gown she was wearing was weighing her down. 

Before she can run out of stamina, Wang Reiji planted one foot on the wall to gain the support she needed to completely separate her body from the ground. Once steady, she used her dominant foot to spring herself over the wall.

Gasps filled the entire set as the director and the rest of the crew stared at Wang Reiji in awe. Everyone's mouth hung wide open as they wonder how a fragile beauty wearing a ball gown and high heeled shoes could move like an expert stunt woman. 

"C-cut!" The director almost forgot to yell for he was still at loss for words at Wang Reiji's sleek display of skills. After witnessing how cool Wang Reiji was during the second scene, the director was gradually considering changing his perception on her. 

"You did well. That wall climb was splendidly executed. Did you have trainings?" The director was one of the first people to approach Wang Reiji. 

"I am glad the director liked my performance. Yes, I have attended parkour fitness classes a couple of times before." Wang Reiji did not hide the fact that she indeed had received parkour training.

"Well, you impressed me. Frankly speaking, I was not really expecting that much from you." The director admitted. 

"I was not expecting much from myself either. I went here just thinking about how to do my job well." Wang Reiji replied quickly not showing any signs of dislike or appreciation. 

"That's a good attitude. I hope you can stay like that even after you became a big star."

Wang Reiji did not answer the director and just gave him a slight nod of approval instead. The director was about to say another word but when he saw the assistant of the CEO walking towards them he stopped himself from speaking.

"Pardon my intrusion. I would like to speak to Miss Jing for a while." Rentao politely approached the director and Wang Reiji.

 "Sure, Sir Rentao. Miss Jing and I were already done talking anyway." The director answered as he left and check his crew members.

"Good thing you arrived! I was really not comfortable speaking with that two faced director." Wang Reiji said, raising an eyebrow up.

"I figured that out, boss. That's why when I saw that you alone with him, I immediately went towards your location." 

"Anyway, I heard that he and his crew were late as well. Kindly remind him of his lapse." Wang Reiji told Rentao as if she was a little girl asking her father to punish the person who bullied her.

"Understood, boss. Do you want me to discipline him and his crew as well?" Rentao replied as he loosened his necktie and cracked his knuckles.

"No need for that. Just don't give them their bonus. And please double the payment for the hairstylist and the make up artist. They are nice to me."

After giving her orders, Wang Reiji separated herself from Rentao and went to the hairstylist and make up artist.