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Battle Through the Heavens


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《Battle Through the Heavens》 Chapters
Chapter 1: Genius No More
Chapter 2: Dou Qi Continen
Chapter 3: Guests
Chapter 4: Faction of the Misty Clouds
Chapter 5: Qi Gathering Powder
Chapter 6: Alchemists
Chapter 7: Divorce!
Chapter 8: The Mysterious Elder
Chapter 9: Yao Lao
Chapter 10: Borrowing Money
Chapter 11: The Marke
Chapter 12: Stay Away from Him
Chapter 13: Black Metal Piece
Chapter 14: Vacuum Hand
Chapter 15: Training
Chapter 16: Xiao Ning
Chapter 17: Conflic
Chapter 18: Xuan High Level Dou Technique: Octane Blas
Chapter 19: Cruel Training
Chapter 20: Auction
Chapter 21: Second Tier Alchemist Gu Ni
Chapter 22: Hurricane Chan
Chapter 23: The Scramble
Chapter 24: Everything For Later
Chapter 25: I’ll Pay for I
Chapter 26: Intensive training
Chapter 27: Rushing 7 Duan Qi
Chapter 28: Strengthening “Vacuum Hand”
Chapter 29: An Important Day
Chapter 30: The one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end
Chapter 31: One Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 32: Challenge
Chapter 33: Proof
Chapter 34: Turning Around
Chapter 35: Guil
Chapter 36: The Comical Breakthrough
Chapter 37: Xiao Yu
Chapter 38: This Brat Isn't Simple
Chapter 39: Ceremonial Tes
Chapter 40: Shock
Chapter 41: Qi Increasing Powder
Chapter 42: You Los
Chapter 43: The Powerful Xiao Yan
Chapter 44: You Want To Test Me?
Chapter 45: The Finale
Chapter 46: The Enraged Xiao Yan
Chapter 47: Blasphemy
Chapter 48: Qi Method Pavilion
Chapter 49: Selecting a Qi Method
Chapter 50: Help?
Chapter 51: Relief
Chapter 52: Breakthrough
Chapter 53: 9 Duan Qi
Chapter 54: Raising Money
Chapter 55: Acciden
Chapter 56: Jia Nan Academy
Chapter 57: Advertismen
Chapter 58: A High Price
Chapter 59: End of the Auction
Chapter 60: Ingredients Obtained
Chapter 61: Disguise
Chapter 62: Slap
Chapter 63: The Heavenly Flames Ranking
Chapter 64: Creation of the Qi Gathering Pill
Chapter 65: Dou Zhe Advancemen
Chapter 66: Flame Mantra
Chapter 67: Choice
Chapter 68: Fallen Heart Flame
Chapter 69: The Furious Xun Er
Chapter 70: Investigation
Chapter 71: Circumstances of the Xiao Clan
Chapter 72: Learning to Refine Medicine
Chapter 73: First Refinemen
Chapter 74: Turning up Uninvited
Chapter 75: Big Business
Chapter 76: Co-operation
Chapter 77: Breaking the Supply of Ingredients
Chapter 78: Training and Training and then Breakthrough
Chapter 79: Counter-Attack by the Xiao Clan
Chapter 80: Alchemist Liu Xi
Chapter 81: Detection
Chapter 82: Coming Clean
Chapter 83: Young Head of the Marketplace
Chapter 84: To Cripple
Chapter 85: Acceptance
Chapter 86: Challenge
Chapter 87: Try To Kill
Chapter 88: Conclusion
Chapter 89: Dark and Windy Nigh
Chapter 90: Arranging Everything
Chapter 91: A meeting in the nigh
Chapter 92: Rob
Chapter 93: Midway Destruction of Medicine
Chapter 94: Poor Foresigh
Chapter 95: The Circumstances of the Jia Lie Clan
Chapter 96: Promise
Chapter 97: Xue Ni
Chapter 98: Making Things Difficul
Chapter 99: Threaten
Chapter 100: The Classification of One’s Potential
Chapter 101: The Most Frightening One
Chapter 102: Requesting for Leave
Chapter 103: First Fight with a Da Dou Shi
Chapter 104: Forcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python
Chapter 105: Before Leaving
Chapter 106: Departure
Chapter 107: Misty Cloud Faction
Chapter 108: Octane Blast’s Hidden Force
Chapter 109: Blood Lotus Essence
Chapter 110: Fairy Doctor
Chapter 111: Joining a Team
Chapter 112: Entering the Magic Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 113: Cave
Chapter 114: Treasure Hun
Chapter 115: Danger at the Cave Entrance
Chapter 116: Ice Spirit Blazing Grass
Chapter 117: Flying Dou Technique: Eagle Wing
Chapter 118: Life or Death Escape
Chapter 119: Purple Cloud Wings
Chapter 120: Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame
Chapter 121: Promotion to Six Star
Chapter 122: Di Class Dou Technique: Flame Splitting Tsunami
Chapter 123: Start of Vengeance
Chapter 124: Massacre
Chapter 125: Eight Star Dou Zhe - He Meng
Chapter 126: Kill
Chapter 127: The Huge Encirclemen
Chapter 128: Killers’ Chase
Chapter 129: One-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi
Chapter 130: Breakthrough to Seven Star
Chapter 131: Mysterious Woman and the Rank Six Magic Beast Amethyst Winged Lion
Chapter 132: A Dou Huang Level Figh
Chapter 133: Fascinating Treatmen
Chapter 134: Cohabitation in the Cave
Chapter 135: The Trouble Caused by the Aphrodisiac
Chapter 136: Cave of Youthful Passion
Chapter 137: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 138: Joint Operation
Chapter 139: Amethyst Lion Birth Essence
Chapter 140: Obtaining the Amethyst Essence
Chapter 141: Time of life and death
Chapter 142: Absorbing the Purple Energy
Chapter 143: Nine Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 144: Gan Mu
Chapter 145: Killing a Nine Star Dou Zhe
Chapter 146: Meeting the Little Fairy Doctor again
Chapter 147: Breaking into the Wolf’s Head
Chapter 148: Wreak Havoc
Chapter 149 : Killing a Two Star Dou Shi
Chapter 150: Small Valley
Chapter 151: Purple Flame
Chapter 152: Refining the Flame Seed
Chapter 153: Strange Musings
Chapter 154: Woeful Poison Body
Chapter 155: The Terrifying Condition
Chapter 156: The Preparations Before Swallowing the Purple Flame
Chapter 157: Getting the Monster Core
Chapter 158: Refine Pills! Qi Method Evolution!
Chapter 159: Advancing to Dou Shi!
Chapter 160: The Difference Between a Dou Shi and a Dou Zhe
Chapter 161: Parting
Chapter 162: The Three Things Necessary to Refine the Heavenly Flame
Chapter 163: Grandmaster Ao Tuo
Chapter 164: The Alchemist Association
Chapter 165: The Test for a Tier One Alchemis
Chapter 166: Passing the Tes
Chapter 167: The Youngest Tier Two Alchemis
Chapter 168: The Incredible Treatment for Alchemists
Chapter 169: Gu Te
Chapter 170: Exchange
Chapter 171: Successfully Obtaining the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain
Chapter 172: The Alchemist Grand Meeting
Chapter 173: During the Fligh
Chapter 174: The Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill
Chapter 175: Arrival
Chapter 176: The Mysterious Map Fragment?
Chapter 177: Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 178: Figh
Chapter 179: Yao Lao Taking Action
Chapter 180: The One Who Was Once Among the Top Ten. Ice Emperor!
Chapter 181: Journey Through The Deser
Chapter 182: Tough Training in the Deser
Chapter 183: Coincidental Meeting
Chapter 184: First Meeting With the Snake-People, Initial Show of a Dou Shi’s Power
Chapter 185: Brothers
Chapter 186: Qing Lin
Chapter 187: Competition
Chapter 188: A Competition Between Brothers
Chapter 189: Qing Lin’s Discovery
Chapter 190: Surveying The Terrain
Chapter 191: Settling the Trouble
Chapter 192: Passageway
Chapter 193: Probing
Chapter 194: The Mysterious Creature In The Magma
Chapter 195: Attacked
Chapter 196: Two-Headed Flame Spirit Serpen
Chapter 197: Yao Lao Taking Action
Chapter 198: Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils
Chapter 199: Under the Cryp
Chapter 200: Green Lotus Core Flame
Chapter 201: Gaining a Little
Chapter 202: Promotion! Setting Out on A Journey!
Chapter 203: The Inner Regions of The Deser
Chapter 204: Snake-Woman Yue Mei
Chapter 205: A Terrifying Line-up
Chapter 206: The Fight Between The Strong
Chapter 207: The Mysterious Black-Robed Person
Chapter 208: Rushing Into The Tribe At Nigh
Chapter 209: The City At The Heart Of the Deser
Chapter 210: Queen Medusa
Chapter 211: Pill-King Gu He’s Generous Offer!
Chapter 212: Failed Negotiation
Chapter 213: Rushing For Time
Chapter 214: Seeing the Green Lotus Core Flame Again!
Chapter 215: Beginning The Evolution
Chapter 216: Successful Evolution?
Chapter 217: Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python
Chapter 218: Reining In The Green Lotus Core Flame
Chapter 219: Chaotic Situation
Chapter 220: Fleeing With a Treasure
Chapter 221: Fleeing for Thousands of Kilometers
Chapter 222: Yun Zhi?
Chapter 223: A Short Meeting
Chapter 224: Five Snake Death Poison Seal
Chapter 225: Ability
Chapter 226: Fruition
Chapter 227: Swallowing The Heavenly Flame, Begin!
Chapter 228: Detaching The Flame Seed
Chapter 229: Heavenly Flame Forging the Body
Chapter 230: Success
Chapter 231: Repairing And Strengthening
Chapter 232: Xiao Yan’s First Origin Heavenly Flame: Green Lotus Core Flame!
Chapter 233: Evolving the Qi Method
Chapter 234: Tormenting Pain
Chapter 235: Flame Mantra Evolved
Chapter 236: Meeting the Ice Emperor Again
Chapter 237: Conversation
Chapter 238: Heavenly Cauldron Ranking
Chapter 239: Hiding One’s Ability
Chapter 240: Breaking The Seal
Chapter 241: Obtaining The Map Fragment, Hiring A Bodyguard
Chapter 242: The Change in Rock Desert City
Chapter 243: Killing a Da Dou Shi!
Chapter 244: Charging In
Chapter 245: Frighten
Chapter 246: Mo Clan
Chapter 247: Annex
Chapter 248: Yan City
Chapter 249: Nalan!
Chapter 250: Res
Chapter 251: Hiring A Long Time Fighter
Chapter 252: Nalan Yanran
Chapter 253: Searching and the Mo Clan’s Wild Ambition
Chapter 254: Mo Alliance
Chapter 255: Smashing the Scene
Chapter 256: Vicious Means
Chapter 257: Killing Mo Cheng
Chapter 258: The Mysterious Green Clothed Lady
Chapter 259: The Fight Between Three Dou Huangs!
Chapter 260: Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor
Chapter 261: The Huge Fight In the Sky
Chapter 262: Merging the ‘Heavenly Flames’, Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!
Chapter 263: Terrifying Destructive Force
Chapter 264: Yao Lao Falling Into A Deep Slumber
Chapter 265: Relying On Oneself
Chapter 266: Recuperating and Flame Manipulation Ability
Chapter 267: Queen Medusa Appearing Again?
Chapter 268: Contes
Chapter 269: Sharp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility
Chapter 270: Purple Flame Pill
Chapter 271: Imitation of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’
Chapter 272: Resolving The Hidden Danger Before Leaving
Chapter 273: Arriving At The Capital
Chapter 274: Primer Auction House, An Old Friend
Chapter 275: Vicious
Chapter 276: Searching For Medicine
Chapter 277: Stopped
Chapter 278: Cheap Bastard
Chapter 279: Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva
Chapter 280: Xun Er
Chapter 281: Secretly Hiding and Protecting
Chapter 282: Let Me Try
Chapter 283: Stubborn Bone, Clenching Teeth, Enduring Humiliation
Chapter 284: Expelling the Poison
Chapter 285: Unexpected Surprise, Black Finger
Chapter 286: To Scour For Treasure
Chapter 287: The Benefits of the Champion
Chapter 288: Participate
Chapter 289: Liu Ling
Chapter 290: Hidden Opponen
Chapter 291: Advance to Seven Star, The Final Tes
Chapter 292: Refining
Chapter 293: Put to The Tes
Chapter 294: The Finish
Chapter 295: Black Horse
Chapter 296: Gathering
Chapter 297: Mu Zhan
Chapter 298: A Brief Figh
Chapter 299: Nalan Yanran Intervenes
Chapter 300: The End
Chapter 301: Sudden Appearance of a Dou Huang’s Presence
Chapter 302: Linen Robe Jia Lao
Chapter 303: Jia Lao’s Strength
Chapter 304: Fa Ma, Yao Ye. The Grand Meeting Begins!
Chapter 305: First Round, Begin!
Chapter 306: Soul-Stirring
Chapter 307: Test, The Mysterious Man in The Gray Robe.
Chapter 308 : The Overly Simple Second Round
Chapter 309: The Source of The Problem
Chapter 310: Turning the tide, Temporary Suspension of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 311: Surreptitious Black Robed Man
Chapter 312: Truth
Chapter 313: Yan Li
Chapter 314: Windfall
Chapter 315: Three Lines Green Spirit Pill
Chapter 316: The Final Round: Begin!
Chapter 317: Each Revealing Their Abilities
Chapter 318: Failure
Chapter 319: I Am Going To Be The Champion!
Chapter 320: Rising Once Again
Chapter 321: Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill
Chapter 322: Cauldron Explosion
Chapter 323: The Final Victor
Chapter 324: Evaluation
Chapter 325: The end of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 326: Obtaining the Reward
Chapter 327: Obtaining the Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva
Chapter 328: Awakening of Yao Lao?
Chapter 329: Night Discussion
Chapter 330: Consuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill
Chapter 331: Advancing to a Da Dou Shi!
Chapter 332: Entrusting
Chapter 333: Xiao clan, Xiao Yan!
Chapter 334: Three Year Agreemen
Chapter 335: Nalan Yanran, Defeated?
Chapter 336: The True Strength of Both Parties
Chapter 337: An Intense Fight!
Chapter 338: Wind’s Peak: Dazzling Sunse
Chapter 339: Exposed
Chapter 340: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!
Chapter 341: End!
Chapter 342: Renewed Storm
Chapter 343: A Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From
Chapter 344: Imminen
Chapter 345: Three Strong Dou Wangs
Chapter 346: Big Battle
Chapter 347: The Appearance of The Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python
Chapter 348: The Tragedy of Yun Leng
Chapter 349: Covering Sun Cloud Formation
Chapter 350: The Appearance of a Mysterious Dou Huang
Chapter 351: Dou Huang, Ling Ying
Chapter 352: The Misty Cloud Sect’s Trump Card
Chapter 353: The Previous Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Dou Zong Yun Shan
Chapter 354: Descending the Mountain
Chapter 355: Separation and Transaction
Chapter 356: The Journey Back Home
Chapter 357: The Turn of Events in the Xiao Clan
Chapter 358: Leave No One
Chapter 359: He Must Die!
Chapter 360: Settling the Xiao Clan
Chapter 361: Going Up To The Misty Cloud Sect Once Again
Chapter 362: Yao Yan, Yun Zhi
Chapter 363: Killing Yun Leng
Chapter 364: Life and Death Situation!
Chapter 365: Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 366: The Big Fight Between Dou Zongs!
Chapter 367: The Start of the Great Escape
Chapter 368: Recuperation
Chapter 369: Advancement!
Chapter 370: Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!
Chapter 371: The Ingenuity of the Secret Technique
Chapter 372: Bloody Revenge!
Chapter 373: Surrounded and Attacked in The Magical Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 374: Sudden Arrival of Reinforcements
Chapter 375: Escape
Chapter 376: Da Ling City
Chapter 377: The Preparation Before Leaving
Chapter 378: Black-Corner Region
Chapter 379: Exposed
Chapter 380: Leaving The Jia Ma Empire!
Chapter 381: Mysterious Faction, Hall of Souls?
Chapter 382: Jia Nan Academy, the Xiao clan has a Female Maturing Early
Chapter 383: Great Plains of the Black Region
Chapter 384: A Chaotic Region Where Compassion is Unnecessary
Chapter 385: Black Ranking, Black Storm
Chapter 386: Black Mark City
Chapter 387: Xiao Yan in Financial Distress
Chapter 388: Alleviating Poverty Through Refining Pills
Chapter 389: Black Mark Auction House
Chapter 390: The Start of the Auction
Chapter 391: Flying Dou Technique: Lightning Bat Sky Wings
Chapter 392: Competing for the Lightning Bat Sky Wings and the Map Fragmen
Chapter 393: Unforeseen Changes
Chapter 394: Di Class Agility Type Dou Technique: Three Thousand Lightning Movemen
Chapter 395: Main Attraction!
Chapter 396: Tier Seven Medicinal Pill: Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!
Chapter 397: Auction House
Chapter 398: Ambush Killing
Chapter 399: The Fierce Fighting on the Road
Chapter 400: Xiao Yan Benefits from Two Forces Fighting
Chapter 401: The First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!
Chapter 402: Reward!
Chapter 403: Swallowing The Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!
Chapter 404: Peace Town
Chapter 405: Jia Nan Academy Law Enforcement Uni
Chapter 406: Crucial Momen
Chapter 407: One Strike
Chapter 408: Killing A Chicken To Warn A Monkey
Chapter 409: Bumping Into One Another At Nigh
Chapter 410: Clashing For the First Time
Chapter 411: Bewildering
Chapter 412: Rival
Chapter 413: Fighting Lu Mu
Chapter 414: Playing With Fire
Chapter 415: Pill Flame Skill
Chapter 416: Law Enforcement Unit : Wu Hao
Chapter 417: Challenge
Chapter 418: Heirloom Jade Piece
Chapter 419: The Last Qualifying Competition
Chapter 420: Big Chaotic Battle
Chapter 421: Shaking Lightning Arc Blas
Chapter 422: Figh
Chapter 423: Xun Er’s Strength
Chapter 424: One versus Three
Chapter 425: No Mercy
Chapter 426: The End of the Competition
Chapter 427: The Peace After The Great Competition
Chapter 428: The Mysterious Book Collection Hall
Chapter 429: The Mysterious Guardians of the Hall
Chapter 430: Fighting and Grabbing
Chapter 431: Sonic Dou Technique
Chapter 432: Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar
Chapter 433: Training
Chapter 434: Tiger Roar Shaking The Mountain Fores
Chapter 435: The Location of The Inner Academy
Chapter 436: Fire Energy Hunting Competition
Chapter 437: Snatching
Chapter 438: Reverse Snatching
Chapter 439: The Use of ‘Fire Energy’
Chapter 440: The Switch Between The Hunter And The Hunted
Chapter 441: Swiftly Growing Coordination
Chapter 442: The Fighting Strength After Forming A Group
Chapter 443: Grand Retaliation
Chapter 444: The Fight Between The Strong
Chapter 445: The Start of The Big Figh
Chapter 446: Temporary Victor
Chapter 447: The Fisherman Follows After the Fight Between The Sandpiper and The Mussels
Chapter 448: Unforeseen Turn of Events
Chapter 449: Fighting with the Black Demon Group
Chapter 450 - Race Against Time
Chapter 451: Reversing The Situation
Chapter 452: Bitter and Angry Sha Tie
Chapter 453: Distributing The Spoils, Recuperation
Chapter 454: White Demon Group
Chapter 455: The Final Big Fight!
Chapter 456: Triumph!
Chapter 457: Reward
Chapter 458: Settling In
Chapter 459: New Students Tribute Fee
Chapter 460: Deterrence and Politeness
Chapter 461: Pan's Gate
Chapter 462: The Mysterious Black Tower?
Chapter 463: Training Accelerator
Chapter 464: Shock
Chapter 465: Meeting For The First Time
Chapter 466: Black Hole
Chapter 467: The Mysterious Invisible Fire Python
Chapter 468: Troublesome Matter
Chapter 469: Wager
Chapter 470: Fighting Fu Ao
Chapter 471: The Strength of The White Gang
Chapter 472: Meeting
Chapter 473: Hidden Confrontation
Chapter 474: Middle Grade Training Room
Chapter 475: Refinemen
Chapter 476: Second Level
Chapter 477: Exploration and Meeting
Chapter 478: Seven Star Da Dou Shi
Chapter 479: The Changes of Pan’s Gate
Chapter 480: Tou She Ancient God’s Jade?
Chapter 481: Tou She Ancient Emperor
Chapter 482: Green Wood Celestial Vine
Chapter 483: Strange Fellow
Chapter 484: A deal
Chapter 485: Green Ganoderma Fire Spirit Ointment, Swift Wind Spirit Pill
Chapter 486: Retrea
Chapter 487: Trouble That Knocks On The Door
Chapter 488: Liu Fei
Chapter 489: Elder He
Chapter 490: Progress of Training
Chapter 491: Breaking Through Once Again
Chapter 492: Tyrant Spear Liu Qing
Chapter 493: Earning Fire Energy
Chapter 494: Refining In Bulk
Chapter 495: Plentiful Gains
Chapter 496: Conflic
Chapter 497: Han Xian of the Medicine Gang
Chapter 498: Compete
Chapter 499: The Competition Topic : Dragon Strength Pill
Chapter 500: Illusionary Golden Flame
Chapter 501: Half Finished Produc
Chapter 502: Fortunate Not to Fail One’s Expectations
Chapter 503: Victory
Chapter 504: Recruitmen
Chapter 505: Training, Three Thousand Lightning Movemen
Chapter 506: Wind-Lightning Strength
Chapter 507: Successful Refinemen
Chapter 508: Lightning Flash
Chapter 509: Comprehension, Ruler Technique
Chapter 510: Core Quenching Body Milk
Chapter 511: Experts of the Strong Ranking
Chapter 512: Wild Violent Bloodline
Chapter 513: Invitation
Chapter 514: The Fight Between the Python and Ape
Chapter 515: Searching For Treasure
Chapter 516: Fake Core Quenching Body Milk
Chapter 517: Reappearance of Queen Medusa
Chapter 518: Agreemen
Chapter 519: Mixing Medicinal Liquid
Chapter 520: Nine Star Da Dou Shi
Chapter 521: Advancing to Dou Ling
Chapter 522: Returning to the Academy
Chapter 523: Appearance
Chapter 524: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 525: Fighting a Six Star Dou Ling
Chapter 526: Fighting Medicine Drugs?
Chapter 527: A Powerful Strike
Chapter 528: Defeating the Opponen
Chapter 529: A Slap
Chapter 530: The Ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking’
Chapter 531: The Mysterious First on the Strong Ranking
Chapter 532: Asparagus Ice Fire Frui
Chapter 533: The Mysterious White-Clothed Little Girl
Chapter 534: Not a Human
Chapter 535: The Final Medicinal Ingredien
Chapter 536: Exchange
Chapter 537: Obtaining I
Chapter 538: Refining the Ground Spirit Pill
Chapter 539: Stir of Activity
Chapter 540: Medicine Emperor, Han Feng!
Chapter 541: Pill Formed
Chapter 542: The Talent to Hunt Treasures
Chapter 543: Urgent Matter?
Chapter 544: Return to the Outer Academy
Chapter 545: The Unexpected Change In the Clan
Chapter 546: The Participation of the ‘Hall of Souls’
Chapter 547: Xiao Li’s Plan
Chapter 548: Put up a Stage and Receive Challengers
Chapter 549: Yao Sheng
Chapter 550: Initial Exchange
Chapter 551: No. 1 Training Room
Chapter 552: The Violent Activity Within the Tower
Chapter 553: The Pre-Uprising of the Fallen Heart Flame
Chapter 554: First Elder Su Qian
Chapter 555: Enemies Often Cross Each Other’s Paths
Chapter 556: Tit for Ta
Chapter 557: Determining One’s Opponen
Chapter 558: The Start of the Grand Competition
Chapter 559: Bei Ju
Chapter 560: Ruler Technique
Chapter 561: Bloody Ground Eight Spli
Chapter 562: Green Fire Armor
Chapter 563: Liu Qing’s Appearance
Chapter 564: Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw
Chapter 565: Second Round
Chapter 566: Squaring Off Against Yao Sheng
Chapter 567: Overcoming the ‘Black Water World’
Chapter 568: Victorious!
Chapter 569: Dazzling
Chapter 570: One pester and one strong
Chapter 571: Scroll
Chapter 572: Contesting for the Top Ten
Chapter 573: The Contest Between The Novice Dark Horse And A Veteran Exper
Chapter 574: Seething
Chapter 575: The Collision Between the Octane Blast and the Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw
Chapter 576: Explode
Chapter 577: One Move
Chapter 578: The Collision Between the Great Splitting Rock and the Flame Splitting Tsunami!
Chapter 579: A Breath Remains
Chapter 580: Coming to a Close
Chapter 581: Recuperation
Chapter 582: Advancement of Strength
Chapter 583: Deputy Commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan
Chapter 584: Separated
Chapter 585: Entering the Lowest Level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower
Chapter 586: Essence Heart Flame
Chapter 587: The Pain of Refining One’s Body
Chapter 588: Fallen Heart Flame, Erupt!
Chapter 589: Breaching the Seal!
Chapter 590: Breaking Through the Tower!
Chapter 591: Thousand Layer Sealing Formation
Chapter 592: Calling Out to Friends and Allies
Chapter 593: Joining Hands to Seal!
Chapter 594: Incomplete Flame Mantra
Chapter 595: Chaotic Great Battle
Chapter 596: Fighting Fan Lao
Chapter 597: Helping Hand
Chapter 598: Green Flame Everywhere!
Chapter 599: Sea Heart Flame
Chapter 600: Great and Terrible Explosion
Chapter 601: Similar Though
Chapter 602: Extermination
Chapter 603: Ineffective Seal
Chapter 604: The Fallen Heart Flame, a Cheating Training Machine!
Chapter 605: Fighting With Fire!
Chapter 606: Revealing The True Form
Chapter 607: True Body
Chapter 608: Clash
Chapter 609: Terrified
Chapter 610: Large Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame
Chapter 611: Swallow, Seal!
Chapter 612: Desperate Situation
Chapter 613: Appearance of the Snake
Chapter 614: Intersection Between Life and Death
Chapter 615: Slow Transformation
Chapter 616: Advancing to Dou Wang!
Chapter 617: Turning the Tables, Capturing the Fallen Heart Flame
Chapter 618: Erode, Refine, Merge!
Chapter 619: Successful Merger!
Chapter 620: The Sequelae From The Merger Of The Heavenly Flames
Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 622: Breaking Through the Tower and Escaping
Chapter 623: Tes
Chapter 624: Bane Existence
Chapter 625: Solving the Trouble
Chapter 626: Gathering Helpers
Chapter 627: The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 628: Withdrawal from Shouting
Chapter 629: Reinforcements
Chapter 630: Killing Fan Lao
Chapter 631: Killing Spree
Chapter 632: Life Devouring Pill
Chapter 633: Medicinal Formula
Chapter 634: Arrival of the Great Battle
Chapter 635: Collision Between The Strong
Chapter 636: Cross Swords
Chapter 637: Fire Lotus Bottle
Chapter 638: Fight Between Those with the Same Teacher
Chapter 639: Han Feng with Half a Foot into the Dou Zong Class
Chapter 640: Emerald Fire Lotus
Chapter 641: Your Life Is Mine!
Chapter 642: Reappearance of the Hall of Souls
Chapter 643: Serene Sea Storage Ring
Chapter 644: Retreat and Recuperation
Chapter 645: God Seal Technique
Chapter 646: Plans
Chapter 647: Transaction
Chapter 648: Practicing the Open Mountain Seal
Chapter 649: Xiao Gate
Chapter 650: Three Large Factions
Chapter 651: Shock and Awe
Chapter 652: Gathering Helpers
Chapter 653: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients
Chapter 654: Refining the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill
Chapter 655: Medicinal Pill Auction
Chapter 656: Deterren
Chapter 657: The End of the Auction
Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid
Chapter 659: Yao Lao Awakens!
Chapter 660: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again
Chapter 661: The Ingredients Needed to Refine a Body
Chapter 662: Finding Solutions
Chapter 663: Recover
Chapter 664: The Three Yao Brothers
Chapter 665: Looking After
Chapter 666: Settling Pan’s Gate
Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges
Chapter 668: Tranquil
Chapter 669: Fully Prepared
Chapter 670: Leaving the Inner Academy
Chapter 671: Begin the Journey: Return to the Jia Ma Empire!
Chapter 672: Activity of the Misty Cloud Sec
Chapter 673: Thousands of Kilometers Away
Chapter 674: Zhen Gui Pass! Old Acquaintance!
Chapter 675: Mu Tie
Chapter 676: Kill
Chapter 677: The Situation in the Jia Ma Empire
Chapter 678: Discussion in the Sec
Chapter 679: Primer’s Calamity
Chapter 680: Blood Bath
Chapter 681: Bloody Battle
Chapter 682: Rush to the Capital!
Chapter 683: Debt Collection!
Chapter 684: Giving Others The Taste Of Their Own Medicine
Chapter 685: Start a Massacre
Chapter 686: Sweep Away
Chapter 687: The Shock of the Misty Cloud Sec
Chapter 688: Situation
Chapter 689: State of Affairs
Chapter 690: Discuss
Chapter 691: Settling the Xiao Clan
Chapter 692: Females Picking On Each Other
Chapter 693: Xue Mei
Chapter 694: Fu Yan
Chapter 695: Meeting
Chapter 696: Revealing Oneself
Chapter 697: Wedding
Chapter 698: Mixed Bone Molding Pill
Chapter 699: The Xiao Clan’s Mansion
Chapter 700: Night Discussion
Chapter 701: Serene Sea Scaly Beas
Chapter 702: Treatmen
Chapter 703: Arrival of the Big Figh
Chapter 704: Wedding Day
Chapter 705: A Fight with Ten Exchanges
Chapter 706: Fighting Gu He
Chapter 707: Defeat!
Chapter 708: Kill Everyone
Chapter 709: Decisive Battle, Misty Cloud Sect!
Chapter 710: Decisive Fight With Yun Shan!
Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!
Chapter 712: Protector Wu
Chapter 713: Submerged Wind Braking Blades
Chapter 714: Trump Card, Three Colored Fire Lotus
Chapter 715: Explosion of the Fire Lotus
Chapter 716: Kill?
Chapter 717: Killing Yun Shan!
Chapter 718: Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 719: Reappearance of Nalan Yanran
Chapter 720
Chapter 721: Big Fight Between Dou Zongs
Chapter 722: Captured
Chapter 723: Pain
Chapter 724: Dealing With The Misty Cloud Sec
Chapter 725: The Fate of the Misty Cloud Sec
Chapter 726: End
Chapter 727: Situation
Chapter 728: The Great Meeting of Factions
Chapter 729: Poison Sec
Chapter 730: The Things Yao Lao Left Behind
Chapter 731: The Initial Form of a Faction
Chapter 732: Parting Ways
Chapter 733: Full Recovery
Chapter 734: Alliance
Chapter 735: Yan Alliance
Chapter 736: Succeed
Chapter 737: Refine
Chapter 738: The Thought of Undertaking a Retrea
Chapter 739: Qingshan
Chapter 740: Meeting an Acquaintance
Chapter 741: Strange Mountain Valley
Chapter 742: The Mysterious Black Figure
Chapter 743: Little Fairy Doctor?
Chapter 744: Zi Yan’s Advancemen
Chapter 745: Pill Formed
Chapter 746: He Clan
Chapter 747: Helping Hand
Chapter 748: He Gan
Chapter 749: Deep Retrea
Chapter 750: Change
Chapter 751: Deep Spiritual Observation
Chapter 752: Advancing to the Dou Huang class!
Chapter 753: Leaving the Valley
Chapter 754: Great Chaos
Chapter 755: Poison Sect, Gold Geese Sect, Mulan Valley
Chapter 756: Rescue
Chapter 757: Snake-Person Yue Mei
Chapter 758: Situation
Chapter 759: Big Battle!
Chapter 760: Three Beast Savage Skill
Chapter 761: Fighting Mulan Three Elders
Chapter 762: Intense Fight!
Chapter 763: Three Thousand Lightning
Chapter 764: Scam
Chapter 765: Eagle Cry
Chapter 766: Poison Sect’s Sect Leader
Chapter 767: Agility Figh
Chapter 768: Explode!
Chapter 769: Prestige
Chapter 770: People Have Changed Despite Everything Else Remaining The Same
Chapter 771: The Ceasing of the Big Battle
Chapter 772: Night Meeting
Chapter 773: The Poison Pill Method
Chapter 774: The Experts From The Snake-People Tribe
Chapter 775: The Four Great Elders
Chapter 776: Three Grade of Secret Technique
Chapter 777: Provocation
Chapter 778: Nursing One’s Health
Chapter 779: Operation
Chapter 780: Assassinate
Chapter 781: Fighting Many Alone
Chapter 782: Rich Reward
Chapter 783: Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings
Chapter 784: The Mountain Above the Clouds , Xun Er!
Chapter 785: Pill Tower
Chapter 786: Recruiting Gu He
Chapter 787: First Commander
Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers
Chapter 789: Hurrying to Chu Yun!
Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate
Chapter 791: Wu Ya
Chapter 792: Dangerous
Chapter 793: Xie Bi Yan
Chapter 794: Big Battle Between Factions
Chapter 795: Kill
Chapter 796: Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion
Chapter 797: Revealing Oneself
Chapter 798: Protector Tie
Chapter 799: Eruption of Dou Zong Battle
Chapter 800: Sneak Attack
Chapter 801: Xie Shan’s Death
Chapter 802: Soul Bag
Chapter 803: Sea Flipping Seal!
Chapter 804: Miserable Protector Tie
Chapter 805: Capture!
Chapter 806: An All Out Strike
Chapter 807: Demon Poison Spo
Chapter 808: Rock Pool
Chapter 809: Sealing The Demon Poison Spo
Chapter 810: Two Star Dou Huang
Chapter 811: Third In Ranking
Chapter 812: Plans
Chapter 813: Information on the Hall of Souls
Chapter 814: Hurrying to the Black Corner Region
Chapter 815: Encounter Along the Way
Chapter 816: Demon Flame Valley
Chapter 817: Blood Sword Wu Hao
Chapter 818: Eagle-Clawed Elder
Chapter 819: Xiao Gate, Xiao Yan
Chapter 820: Leave No One Alive
Chapter 821: Turbulent Times
Chapter 822: Entering the City
Chapter 823: Thousand Medicinal House
Chapter 824: Pill Exchange Gathering
Chapter 825: Red-Faced Elder
Chapter 826: Bidding
Chapter 827: Success
Chapter 828: Bodhisattva Hear
Chapter 829: Black Emperor Pavilion
Chapter 830: Trouble That Comes Knocking At the Door
Chapter 831: White-Clothed Person
Chapter 832: Mo Ya
Chapter 833: The Gathering of the Strong
Chapter 834: Two Women’s Hidden Ac
Chapter 835: Zong Breaking Pill
Chapter 836: Activity
Chapter 837: Mo Tian Xing
Chapter 838: The Start Of the Auction
Chapter 839: The Start of the Show
Chapter 840: Auction!
Chapter 841: Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler
Chapter 842: Magical Beast Dried Corpse
Chapter 843: Auctioning Corpse
Chapter 844: Barter Trade
Chapter 845: Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva
Chapter 846: Each Revealing One’s Capital
Chapter 847: The Final Victor
Chapter 848: Old Man Ying Shan
Chapter 849: Meeting
Chapter 850: Discussion
Chapter 851: Deliberating a Plan
Chapter 852: Splitting a Corpse
Chapter 853: Green-Red Blood
Chapter 854: Rank 7 Monster Core
Chapter 855: Heart Flame Seed
Chapter 856: Tailing
Chapter 857: Probe
Chapter 858: Spiritual Avatar
Chapter 859: It Is Really You
Chapter 860: Fellow Disciples Meeting Again
Chapter 861: Five Great Dou Zong
Chapter 862: Situational Change
Chapter 863: A Big Battle Begins
Chapter 864: Life Transforming Flame
Chapter 865: Capturing
Chapter 866: Kill
Chapter 867: Wrathful and Uncontrollable Zi Yan
Chapter 868: Frighten Off
Chapter 869: Leave
Chapter 870: Turn of Events
Chapter 871: Eliminating The Hidden Danger
Chapter 872: Reaching Peace Town
Chapter 873: Xin Lan
Chapter 874: Meeting
Chapter 875: Method
Chapter 876: News of a Heavenly Flame
Chapter 877: Nine Dragon Lightning Flame
Chapter 878: Three Thousand Burning Flame
Chapter 879: Refine
Chapter 880: Unexpected Reward
Chapter 881: Overbearing Bone Wings
Chapter 882: Once And For All
Chapter 883: Arrival
Chapter 884: Old Ground Demon Ghos
Chapter 885: Figh
Chapter 886: Fighting The Old Ground Demon Ghos
Chapter 887: Soul-stirring
Chapter 888: Crazy
Chapter 889: Extermination Fire Lotus
Chapter 890: Great Destruction
Chapter 891: Qian Bai Two Elders
Chapter 892: Hope
Chapter 893: Fail
Chapter 894: Five Star Dou Huang
Chapter 895: Training Venue
Chapter 896: Entering The Bottom of the Tower Again
Chapter 897: Summoning
Chapter 898: Initial Mastery of the Ruler Technique
Chapter 899: Mysterious Bones
Chapter 900: Magma’s Living Creatures
Chapter 901: Fire Lizard Race
Chapter 902: Tian Huo Zun Zhe
Chapter 903: Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique
Chapter 904: Mysterious Existence
Chapter 905: The Activity of the Tuo She Ancient God Jade
Chapter 906: Advancing Again
Chapter 907: Information
Chapter 908: Discussion
Chapter 909: Gather
Chapter 910: Alliance
Chapter 911: The Deterrence Created By Speed
Chapter 912: Protector Xuan
Chapter 913: Fire Spirit Revealing Its Migh
Chapter 914: Gathering Fierce Spiri
Chapter 915: Meeting In Battle
Chapter 916: Collecting Fierce Spiri
Chapter 917: Kill
Chapter 918: Exchanging Blows Again
Chapter 919: Fire Lotus, Kill!
Chapter 920: The Final Victor
Chapter 921: Treasure Hunting
Chapter 922: Rock Cave Storeroom
Chapter 923: Sky Demon Puppe
Chapter 924: Soul Cultivating Saliva
Chapter 925: The Woeful Poison Body Erupting Ahead of Time
Chapter 926: Seal
Chapter 927: Refining the Fierce Spiri
Chapter 928: Refining the Sky Demon Puppe
Chapter 929: Refinemen
Chapter 930: Successful Refinement!
Chapter 931: Big Commotion
Chapter 932: Refining The Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill
Chapter 933: The Mighty Pressure from the Bloodline
Chapter 934: Pill Formed
Chapter 935: Pill Lightning
Chapter 936: Earth Demon Puppet Revealing its Migh
Chapter 937: Breaking Through Again!
Chapter 938: Departure
Chapter 939: One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions
Chapter 940: Close
Chapter 941: Red Clothed Young Lady
Chapter 942: Rank 6
Chapter 943: Repair
Chapter 944: Space Storm
Chapter 945: Frightening Tunnel
Chapter 946: Han Chong
Chapter 947: Han Clan, Han Xue
Chapter 948: Demon Snake Xia Mang
Chapter 949: Ten Thousand Snake Gorge
Chapter 950: Mysterious Strong Person
Chapter 951: Spatial Strength
Chapter 952: Hong Clan
Chapter 953: Intervene
Chapter 954: Tian Bei City
Chapter 955: Acquaintance
Chapter 956: Feel Ou
Chapter 957: Nine Turning Wind Steps
Chapter 958: Zhu Gan
Chapter 959: The Location Where Yao Lao was Imprisoned
Chapter 960: Sky Stone Stage
Chapter 961: Figh
Chapter 962: Lightning God Descen
Chapter 963: Exterminating Lightning Hammer
Chapter 964: Unexpected Change
Chapter 965: Not Qualified
Chapter 966: Demon Puppet Revealed
Chapter 967: Encirclement By the Hong Clan
Chapter 968: Decisive Killing
Chapter 969: Crazy Action
Chapter 970: Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body
Chapter 971: Incomplete Scroll
Chapter 972: Monstrous Aura
Chapter 973: Killing Chen Yun
Chapter 974: Self Destruction of an Elite Dou Zong
Chapter 975: Qingfeng Mountains
Chapter 976: Nine Star Dou Huang
Chapter 977: A Very Dangerous Place
Chapter 978: Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation
Chapter 979: Thunder God’s Fury
Chapter 980: Fire Lotus Migh
Chapter 981: Killing Hong Tian Xiao
Chapter 982: Remnant Spiritual Imprin
Chapter 983: Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool
Chapter 984: Tian Lei Zi
Chapter 985: Chased With Killing Inten
Chapter 986: Unravel
Chapter 987: Bitter Training in the Fores
Chapter 988: Rank 7 Gray Wolf King
Chapter 989: The Three Large Clans of the Magical Beast World
Chapter 990: Tempering the Avatar
Chapter 991: Arriving at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range
Chapter 992: Miss Feng
Chapter 993: Brief Figh
Chapter 994: Black Clothed Man
Chapter 995: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 996: Meeting Nalan Yanran Again
Chapter 997: Wang Chen
Chapter 998: Maze
Chapter 999: A Murder Arising From A White Fox
Chapter 1000: Heaven Mountain Stage
Chapter 1001: Mouse Tide Sound Array
Chapter 1002: Breaking Through the Checkpoin
Chapter 1003: Mu Qing Luan
Chapter 1004: Sonic Wave Face Off
Chapter 1005: The Whereabouts of Feng Zun-zhe
Chapter 1006: Transaction
Chapter 1007: Bottom Of The Blood Pool
Chapter 1008: Entering the Blood Pool
Chapter 1009: Hidden Training In the Blood Pool!
Chapter 1010: Soul Refining Effec
Chapter 1011: Breakthrough! Dou Zong!
Chapter 1012: Seeing Yao Lao Again
Chapter 1013: One Star Dou Zong
Chapter 1014: Gu Realm
Chapter 1015: Refine
Chapter 1016: Wind Lightning Mountain Range
Chapter 1017: Lightning Mountain
Chapter 1018: Four Great Zun-zhe
Chapter 1019: The Commencement of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 1020: Chaotic Filtering
Chapter 1021: Come
Chapter 1022: Fighting Wang Chen
Chapter 1023: Six-Joint Flame
Chapter 1024: Identity Revealed
Chapter 1025: Accepting the Challenge
Chapter 1026: Peak Level Fight Among the Younger Generation
Chapter 1027: Wind Killing Finger
Chapter 1028: Holy Demon Phoenix Icon
Chapter 1029: Holy Icon Strength
Chapter 1030: Demon Phoenix Bell
Chapter 1031: Victor
Chapter 1032: Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood
Chapter 1033: End of the Grand Meeting
Chapter 1034: Absorption
Chapter 1035: Bone Wing’s Transformation
Chapter 1036: Events of the Pas
Chapter 1037: Heading to the Pill Region
Chapter 1038: Practicing the Flame Creation Skill
Chapter 1039: Refining Beast Flame
Chapter 1040: Fire Seed
Chapter 1041: Middle Region, Tianhuang City
Chapter 1042: Competing for Wormhole
Chapter 1043: Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 1044: One Strike
Chapter 1045: Heading to the Burning Flame Valley
Chapter 1046: Roasting Fire Mountain Range
Chapter 1047: Tang Zhen, Nine Dragon Lightning Flame!
Chapter 1048: Heavenly Flame Tes
Chapter 1049: Reward
Chapter 1050: Strive
Chapter 1051: Fire Bodhisattva Pill
Chapter 1052: Fuse
Chapter 1053: Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 1054: Turning the Tide
Chapter 1055: Seeing Pill Lightning Again
Chapter 1056: Successful Pill Refinemen
Chapter 1057: Yin Yang Life Soul Pill
Chapter 1058: Hindered
Chapter 1059: Tes
Chapter 1060: Fighting Wu Chen
Chapter 1061: Hidden Skill
Chapter 1062: Succeed
Chapter 1063: Inheriting the Secret Technique
Chapter 1064: Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1065: News about Little Fairy Doctor
Chapter 1066: Hurrying to the Middle Region
Chapter 1067: Ye City
Chapter 1068: Ye Clan
Chapter 1069: Whereabouts
Chapter 1070: Falling God Stream
Chapter 1071: Extermination by the Ice River Valley
Chapter 1072: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 1073: Extremely Weak
Chapter 1074: Leave No One
Chapter 1075: Recuperate
Chapter 1076: Traces of the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beas
Chapter 1077: Advancemen
Chapter 1078: Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beas
Chapter 1079: Dragon Scorpion Tribe
Chapter 1080: Slaughtering the Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beas
Chapter 1081: Kill
Chapter 1082: Successful Obtainmen
Chapter 1083: Refining the Yin Yang Life Soul Pill
Chapter 1084: Refining A Body
Chapter 1085: Peak of the Dou Zong Class
Chapter 1086: Throwing An Egg Against A Stone Useless Effor
Chapter 1087: Sun Flame
Chapter 1088: Black Fire Sec
Chapter 1089: Sun Fire Ancient Alter
Chapter 1090: Poison Dan Method, Begin!
Chapter 1091: I Will Kill Whoever Dares Touch You!
Chapter 1092: Core Bead
Chapter 1093: Obtain
Chapter 1094: Imminent Big Battle
Chapter 1095: Three Changes!
Chapter 1096: Terrifying Increase In Strength
Chapter 1097: Easy Crushing
Chapter 1098: Sky Incinerating Expelling Flames
Chapter 1099: Terrifying Clash
Chapter 1100: Shocking Battle
Chapter 1101: Qing Hai
Chapter 1102: Cold Ice Throne
Chapter 1103: Bing Zun-zhe
Chapter 1104: Reuniting With Xun Er!
Chapter 1105: Golden-Colored Flames
Chapter 1106: Defea
Chapter 1107: Forcing the Enemy to Withdraw
Chapter 1108: Seal
Chapter 1109: Plans
Chapter 1110: Mystery of the Ancient Jade
Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion
Chapter 1112: Resolving the Demon Poison Spo
Chapter 1113: Breakthrough
Chapter 1114: Commander Ling Quan
Chapter 1115: Blood Jade Token
Chapter 1116: Weak!
Chapter 1117: Repaying Deb
Chapter 1118: Departure
Chapter 1119: Elder’s Sea
Chapter 1120: Bitter Pill Refinement Training
Chapter 1121: Cao Clan
Chapter 1122: Betting
Chapter 1123: Playing With Fire
Chapter 1124: Witch of the Cao Clan
Chapter 1125: Pressure
Chapter 1126: Spiritual States
Chapter 1127: Hurrying to Holy Pill City!
Chapter 1128: Dan Clan
Chapter 1129: Night Meeting in the Stars Realm
Chapter 1130: Branch Tower
Chapter 1131: Tes
Chapter 1132: Tier 7 Middle Grade Alchemis
Chapter 1133: Teaching A Lesson
Chapter 1134: Alchemist Trade Fair
Chapter 1135: Blood Essence Demon Frui
Chapter 1136: Copper Plate
Chapter 1137: Exchange
Chapter 1138: Profound Xuan Sec
Chapter 1139: Spirit Nourishment Powder
Chapter 1140: Anonymous Word Formula
Chapter 1141: Absorption
Chapter 1142: Gathering of the Five Great Clans
Chapter 1143: Start of the Test!
Chapter 1144: Soul Tes
Chapter 1145: Stunning the Four Others
Chapter 1146: Spiritual Control
Chapter 1147: Spiritual Figh
Chapter 1148: Secretly Learn
Chapter 1149: Being Victorious
Chapter 1150: Unwelcomed Gues
Chapter 1151: Mysterious Black Robed Person
Chapter 1152: Old Mu Gu
Chapter 1153: Xuan Kong Zi
Chapter 1154: Song Qing
Chapter 1155: Spiritual Handprin
Chapter 1156: Pill Gathering Begin!
Chapter 1157: Two Great Hurdles
Chapter 1158: Passing the Hurdle
Chapter 1159: Entrance to the Pill Realm
Chapter 1160: Thousand-Year-Old Ground Rehmannia Glutinosa
Chapter 1161: Core Soul Marrow
Chapter 1162: Yellow-Clothed, Old Man
Chapter 1163: Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range
Chapter 1164: Meeting Again
Chapter 1165: Attack
Chapter 1166: To Kill
Chapter 1167: Departure
Chapter 1168: Pill Spirit Serum
Chapter 1169: Doping
Chapter 1170: Massacre
Chapter 1171: Join Hands
Chapter 1172: Fleeing For One’s Life
Chapter 1173: Zi Yan, Xiong Zhan
Chapter 1174: Frightening Away
Chapter 1175: Medicinal Ingredient Square
Chapter 1176: Mediating the Core Soul Marrow
Chapter 1177: Advancing to the Eighth Tier!
Chapter 1178: Hurrying to the Exi
Chapter 1179: Leaving the Pill Realm
Chapter 1180: Main Even
Chapter 1181: Blood Demon Flame
Chapter 1182: Start of the Pill Refinemen
Chapter 1183: Pill Lightning Repeatedly Appearing
Chapter 1184: Experts Appearing One after Another
Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill
Chapter 1186: Three-Colored Pill Lightning
Chapter 1187: Staking it All
Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancemen
Chapter 1189: Five-colored Pill Lightning!
Chapter 1190: Receiving the Pill Lightning
Chapter 1191: Evolution! Sky Demon Puppet!
Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering
Chapter 1193: Xuan Yi, Tian Lei Zi
Chapter 1194: Two Opposing Women
Chapter 1195: Dragon Seal
Chapter 1196: Star Realm, Three Thousand Burning Flame!
Chapter 1197: Fierce Three Thousand Burning Flame
Chapter 1198: Seal Breaking
Chapter 1199: Reinforcement of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1200: Intense Battle
Chapter 1201: Do I
Chapter 1202: Seal
Chapter 1203: Soul Battle
Chapter 1204: Erup
Chapter 1205: Stalemate
Chapter 1206: Subdue
Chapter 1207: Swallowing Heavenly Flame, Nine Star Dou Zong!
Chapter 1208: Fire Lightning Bead
Chapter 1209: Information
Chapter 1210: Fungus Green Pill
Chapter 1211: Yi Chen
Chapter 1212: Figh
Chapter 1213: Thanks for Conceding
Chapter 1214: Obtaining Information
Chapter 1215: Death Soul Mountain Range
Chapter 1216: All Prepared
Chapter 1217: Rescue Mission
Chapter 1218: Stone Swallowing Demon An
Chapter 1219: Giant Hall
Chapter 1220: Big Battle
Chapter 1221: Killing
Chapter 1222: Old Ghost Zhai Xing
Chapter 1223: Fooled
Chapter 1224: Situation
Chapter 1225: Delay
Chapter 1226: Both Side Suffering Losses
Chapter 1227: Mysterious Person
Chapter 1228: Serious Injury
Chapter 1229: Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1230: Time Flies
Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!
Chapter 1232: Awakening
Chapter 1233: Ancient Remains
Chapter 1234: Beast Region
Chapter 1235: Bone Mountain Range
Chapter 1236: Finding Trouble
Chapter 1237: Roll Down
Chapter 1238: Spatial Seal
Chapter 1239: Black Shadow Person
Chapter 1240: Opening of the Remains
Chapter 1241: Enemies Appearing Together
Chapter 1242: Entering the Remains
Chapter 1243: The Fire Path With Another Secre
Chapter 1244: Subdue
Chapter 1245: Ancient Fores
Chapter 1246: Soul Baby Demon Tree
Chapter 1247: Dragon Phoenix Origin Frui
Chapter 1248: Huang Xuan
Chapter 1249: Heaven Phoenix Ancestral Soul
Chapter 1250: Ancestral Soul Figh
Chapter 1251: Ancient Medicinal Pill
Chapter 1252: Attracting the Pill Beas
Chapter 1253: Qing Lin?
Chapter 1254: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 1255: Terrifying Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils
Chapter 1256: Main Hall
Chapter 1257: Seal Vanishmen
Chapter 1258: Chaos
Chapter 1259: Snatching the Ancient Scroll
Chapter 1260: Kill
Chapter 1261: Dou Sheng Skeleton
Chapter 1262: Join Hands
Chapter 1263: Great Heaven Fortune Palm
Chapter 1264: Fighting for the Skeleton
Chapter 1265: Collecting the Bones
Chapter 1266: Intervention of Various Parties
Chapter 1267: Stacking of Four Seals
Chapter 1268: Bloody Battle
Chapter 1269: Help
Chapter 1270: Hei Qing
Chapter 1271: Separation
Chapter 1272: Mysterious Tattoo
Chapter 1273: Ancient Heaven Serpen
Chapter 1274: Tian Class Dou Techniques
Chapter 1275: Saint sheng-zhe Zhao Hua
Chapter 1276: Perfect Body
Chapter 1277: Dou Sheng Bone Marrow
Chapter 1278: Arrival of a Big Battle
Chapter 1279: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 1280: Unleash
Chapter 1281: Miserable End
Chapter 1282: Displaying one’s Great Migh
Chapter 1283 - Ban Half Sheng
Chapter 1284: Saint Yao, Yao Chen
Chapter 1285: Meeting Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1286: Fortune
Chapter 1287: Hurrying to the Flower Sec
Chapter 1288 - Meeting Yun Yun Again
Chapter 1289: Yaohua Liangjun
Chapter 1290: Qi World Transformation
Chapter 1291: Sect Chief Position
Chapter 1292: Refining
Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon
Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method
Chapter 1295: Tearing the Seal
Chapter 1296: Interception
Chapter 1297: Intense Figh
Chapter 1298: Qi Method Revealing its Migh
Chapter 1299: One Versus Three
Chapter 1300: Sent Flying
Chapter 1301: Ancient Dragon Island
Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Spli
Chapter 1303: Begin
Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer
Chapter 1305: Chaos
Chapter 1306: Awaken
Chapter 1307: Dragon Emperor, Zi Yan
Chapter 1308: Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor
Chapter 1309: Void Lightning Pool
Chapter 1310: Advancing to the Fifth Star
Chapter 1311: Old Mister Mang
Chapter 1312: Leaving the Dragon Island
Chapter 1313: Eight Ancient clans
Chapter 1314: Jade Invitation
Chapter 1315: Great Single Soul Skill
Chapter 1316: Hurrying to the Eastern Region
Chapter 1317: Enemies Frequently Cross Paths
Chapter 1318: Like
Chapter 1319: Eight Great Commanders, Four Great Generals
Chapter 1320: Third Commander Yang Hao
Chapter 1321: Yan Clan
Chapter 1322: Hun Ya
Chapter 1323: Opening of the Gu Realm
Chapter 1324: Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1325: Gu Zhen
Chapter 1326: A Lesson
Chapter 1327: Devil General
Chapter 1328: Mang Tian Chi
Chapter 1329: Start of the Rites
Chapter 1330: Bloodline Grade, Clan Tattoo!
Chapter 1331: Challenge
Chapter 1332: Strong Opponent!
Chapter 1333: Peak Level Figh
Chapter 1334: Great Silent Destruction Finger
Chapter 1335: End of Battle!
Chapter 1336: Victorious
Chapter 1337: Divine Bloodline
Chapter 1338: Rainbow clan Tattoo
Chapter 1339: Mee
Chapter 1340: Talk
Chapter 1341: Opening of the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1343: Bitter Training
Chapter 1344: Hun Ya, Hun Li
Chapter 1345: Advancing to Six Star
Chapter 1346: Pursue and Escape
Chapter 1347: Nine Star Energy Body
Chapter 1348: Purple Sky Demon Puppe
Chapter 1349: Big Storm
Chapter 1350: Gather
Chapter 1351: Ancient Devouring Insec
Chapter 1352: Collecting Remuneration
Chapter 1353: Opening the Crystal Wall
Chapter 1354: Third Level
Chapter 1355: Ban Sheng Energy Body
Chapter 1356: Saint Xue Dao
Chapter 1357: Two Dou Sheng
Chapter 1358: Appear
Chapter 1359: Xiao Xuan!
Chapter 1360: Bloodline Inheritance
Chapter 1361: Changing Blood
Chapter 1362: Blood Fusion
Chapter 1363: One And A Half Years
Chapter 1364: Peak of an Eight Star Dou Zun!
Chapter 1365: Activating the Clan Tattoo
Chapter 1366: The Final Training
Chapter 1367: Kill
Chapter 1368: Leaving the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1369: Hun Lin
Chapter 1370: Revealing One’s Hands
Chapter 1371: Leaving the Gu Realm
Chapter 1372: A Completely New Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1373: The Turbulence of the North-western Continen
Chapter 1374: Accepting Disciple You Quan
Chapter 1375: Inviting Helpers
Chapter 1376: Mysterious Yellow Fortress
Chapter 1377: Little Xiao Xiao
Chapter 1378: Big Battle Begins
Chapter 1379: Miserable
Chapter 1380: Killing With One Palm Strike!
Chapter 1381: Completely Different from Before
Chapter 1382: Fourth Tianzhu, Xue He!
Chapter 1383: Blood Devouring Skill
Chapter 1384: Nine Changes to turn Sheng
Chapter 1385: End
Chapter 1386: Cancer
Chapter 1387: Pill Refinemen
Chapter 1388: Severely Punished
Chapter 1389: Resolve
Chapter 1390: Before Departure
Chapter 1391: Returning to the Falling Star Pavilion
Chapter 1392: Spatial Trade Fair
Chapter 1393: Eight Coloured Origin Stone
Chapter 1394: Ancient Hall
Chapter 1395: The Last Map Fragmen
Chapter 1396: Information
Chapter 1397: Ancient Wasteland Region
Chapter 1398: Three Ghost Scorpion Demon
Chapter 1399: Four And Half Coloured Angry Buddha Lotus Flame
Chapter 1400: Obtaining the Ancient Map
Chapter 1401: Ancient Map Mystery
Chapter 1402: Purifying Demonic Lotus Sain
Chapter 1403: Practicing the King Kong Glass Body
Chapter 1404: Wasteland Town
Chapter 1405: Entering the Ancient Wasteland Region
Chapter 1406: Venturing Deeper
Chapter 1407: Encountering Yun Yun Again
Chapter 1408: Killing The Profound Sky Sec
Chapter 1409: Ancient Heaven Demon Python
Chapter 1410: Sieging the Heaven Demon Python
Chapter 1411: Heaven Demon Blood Pool
Chapter 1412: Nine Star Dou Zun!
Chapter 1413: Ancient Region Stage
Chapter 1414: Show of Strength
Chapter 1415: Meeting of Two Women
Chapter 1416: Hun Yu, Beast Tide
Chapter 1417: Charging Against the Beast Tide
Chapter 1418: Breakthrough!
Chapter 1419: Five Ban Shengs!
Chapter 1420: Killing Ban Sheng Puppets
Chapter 1421: Entering the Ancient Tree
Chapter 1422: Illusion
Chapter 1423: Negative Emotions of a Dou Di
Chapter 1424: Three Bodhisattva Treasure
Chapter 1425: Awaken
Chapter 1426: Hundred Lives Reincarnation, Nine Change Peak!
Chapter 1427: Absolute Suppression
Chapter 1428: Rupturing Space
Chapter 1429: Second Tianzun, Saint Gu You Bones
Chapter 1430: Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame
Chapter 1431: Fighting Ban Sheng
Chapter 1432: Forcing Gu You to Withdraw
Chapter 1433: Retrea
Chapter 1434: The Change in the Hun clan
Chapter 1435: Challenge Card
Chapter 1436: Imminent War
Chapter 1437: Big Battle in the Star Realm
Chapter 1438: Leaving the Retreat, Dou Sheng!
Chapter 1439: Angry Buddha Reincarnation
Chapter 1440: Massacre
Chapter 1441: Hun clan Dou Sheng
Chapter 1442: The Secret of Each Sec
Chapter 1443: Killing Another As A Deterren
Chapter 1444: Seeking Allies
Chapter 1445: Heading to the Pill Tower Again
Chapter 1446: Small Pill Tower
Chapter 1447: Elder Selection
Chapter 1448: Small Pill Tower First Elder
Chapter 1449: That May Not Be The Case
Chapter 1450: Black Demon Lightning
Chapter 1451: Grade Nine Treasure Pill
Chapter 1452: Alliance
Chapter 1453: Sky Mansion Alliance
Chapter 1454: Deputy Hall Chief of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1455: Nine Serene Spring
Chapter 1456: Nine Ying Yellow Spring Pill
Chapter 1457: The Situation of the Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1458: Underground Serene Snake Network
Chapter 1459:
Chapter 1460: Yao Ming
Chapter 1461: Yao Xiaotian
Chapter 1462: Violent Beating
Chapter 1463: Nine Serene Profound Scepter
Chapter 1464: All Had Been Decided
Chapter 1465: Demonic Saint Sheng Huang Quan
Chapter 1466: Yellow Spring Huang Quan Divine Anger
Chapter 1467: Soul Battle
Chapter 1468: Demon Saint Essence Blood
Chapter 1469: Finding Helpers
Chapter 1470: Absorbing the Demon Saint Essence Blood
Chapter 1471: Heaven Demon Three Phoenix
Chapter 1472: Ambush
Chapter 1473: Fighting Two Saints Alone
Chapter 1474: Absolute Suppression
Chapter 1475: Threatening With A Hostage
Chapter 1476: Encounter
Chapter 1477: Resolve
Chapter 1478: Meeting Zi Yan Again
Chapter 1479: Eruption of a Big Battl
Chapter 1480: Three Great Dragon Kings
Chapter 1481: Fighting Desperately
Chapter 1482: Dragon Slaying Sword
Chapter 1483: End of the War
Chapter 1484: Two Star Dou Zun!
Chapter 1485: Activity of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1486: Tiangang Hall
Chapter 1487: Exterminating the Man Hall
Chapter 1488: First Tianzun
Chapter 1489: Defea
Chapter 1490: Bloodbath
Chapter 1491: Soul Light Cluster
Chapter 1492: Absorbing the Soul Essence
Chapter 1493: Perfect Heavenly State
Chapter 1494: Chief of the Hall of Soul
Chapter 1495: Demonic Flame Descending In the World!
Chapter 1496: Commotion Everywhere
Chapter 1497: Eight Wasteland Destruction Flame
Chapter 1498: Reunification With Xun Er
Chapter 1499: Yao Wangu
Chapter 1500: Not Knowing What is Good For Oneself
Chapter 1501: Shattered Space
Chapter 1502: Demonic Flame Realm
Chapter 1503: Breaking Through An Obstruction
Chapter 1504: Blood Coloured Giant Axe
Chapter 1505: Illusion and Reality
Chapter 1506: Breaking the Illusion
Chapter 1507: Cooperation
Chapter 1508: Eight Saint Battling the Demonic Flame
Chapter 1509: Reverse Control
Chapter 1510: Tianluo Sealing Demon Formation
Chapter 1511: Snatching the Demonic Flame Essence
Chapter 1512: Earthshaking Clash
Chapter 1513: Xiao Chen’s Intervention
Chapter 1514: Old Man Hun Mo
Chapter 1515: Cattle Herdman
Chapter 1516: Refining the Sky Ancient Formation
Chapter 1517: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint?
Chapter 1518: Demon Saint VS Demon Flame
Chapter 1519: Stripping
Chapter 1520: Final Reward
Chapter 1521: Refining the Demon Flame!
Chapter 1522: Change In the Central Plains
Chapter 1523: Breaking Out of the Cocoon
Chapter 1524: Fire Baby
Chapter 1525: Demon Flame Plains
Chapter 1526: Destroy With The Flip Of A Hand
Chapter 1527: Imminent Storm
Chapter 1528: Returning Home
Chapter 1529: Challenge Letter!
Chapter 1530: Fallen Mountain
Chapter 1531: Hun Qian Mo
Chapter 1532: Confrontation
Chapter 1533: Draw
Chapter 1534: Final Round
Chapter 1535: Xiao Yan VS Hall of Soul Chief
Chapter 1536: Nihility Devouring Flame
Chapter 1537: Little Yi Revealing Its Migh
Chapter 1538: Deciding the Victor
Chapter 1539: Killing Strike
Chapter 1540: Black Bead
Chapter 1541: Message
Chapter 1542: Huang Tian
Chapter 1543: Confrontation Between Two Tribes
Chapter 1544: Exchange Blows
Chapter 1545: Nine Coloured Light Pillar
Chapter 1546: Cai Lin Exiting Her Retrea
Chapter 1547: Unexpected Change
Chapter 1548: Transforming Dragon Demon Formation
Chapter 1549: Extermination Fire Body
Chapter 1550: Crazy Northern Dragon King
Chapter 1551: Kill
Chapter 1552: Refining A Puppe
Chapter 1553: Northern King
Chapter 1554: Devouring Black Demon Lightning
Chapter 1555: Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning
Chapter 1556: Gathering Spirits
Chapter 1557: The Strength of the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning
Chapter 1558: Change
Chapter 1559: Calm
Chapter 1560: Yao clan Medicinal Ceremony
Chapter 1561: Figh
Chapter 1562: Aggressiveness
Chapter 1563: Elder Wanhuo
Chapter 1564: Hun Huzi
Chapter 1565: The Start of the Medicinal Ceremony
Chapter 1566: Challenge
Chapter 1567: Life Spirit Flame
Chapter 1568: Alchemy Contes
Chapter 1569: Snatching Energy
Chapter 1570: Pill Rain
Chapter 1571: Borrowing Jade
Chapter 1572: Shocking Change
Chapter 1573: Actual Form
Chapter 1574: Yao Di’s Soul Fragmen
Chapter 1575: Tunling Devouring Soul
Chapter 1576: Clan Extermination War
Chapter 1577: Borrowing Flames
Chapter 1578: Eight Coloured Fire Lotus
Chapter 1579: Escape
Chapter 1580: Devour
Chapter 1581: Flee
Chapter 1582: Push Back
Chapter 1583:
Chapter 1584: The Secret of the Hun clan
Chapter 1585: Intermediate Six Star
Chapter 1586: Lei Dong
Chapter 1587: Fighting
Chapter 1588: Spar
Chapter 1589: Peep
Chapter 1590: Strange
Chapter 1591: Search
Chapter 1592: Snatching the Jade
Chapter 1593: Losing the Jade
Chapter 1594: Discussion
Chapter 1595: Re-entering the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1596: Essence Di Qi
Chapter 1597: Heavenly Tomb Soul
Chapter 1598: Extracting the Soul Essence
Chapter 1599: Di State Soul
Chapter 1600: Exiting The Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1601: Eve of a Big War
Chapter 1602: Dispatchment of the Army
Chapter 1603: Burial Sky Mountain Range
Chapter 1604: Father-Son Reunion
Chapter 1605: Big Battle
Chapter 1606: Hun Yuantian
Chapter 1607: Deathly Silence Gate
Chapter 1608: Taking For His Own
Chapter 1609: Breaking Through the Realm
Chapter 1610: Withdraw
Chapter 1611: Plan
Chapter 1612: Serenity
Chapter 1613: Lightning Tribulation Pill
Chapter 1614: Seven Star Dou Sheng
Chapter 1615: Probing The Ancient God Mansion
Chapter 1616: The Location of the Ancient God Mansion
Chapter 1617: Calamity of the Black-Corner Region
Chapter 1618: Arrive In Time
Chapter 1619: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 1620: Re-entering the Magma World
Chapter 1621: The Space At The Bottom Of The Magma
Chapter 1622: Mysterious Creature
Chapter 1623: Conversation
Chapter 1624: Arrival of a Big Battle
Chapter 1625: Battle for the Mansion
Chapter 1626: One Against Two
Chapter 1627: Appearance of the Mansion
Chapter 1628: Crisis
Chapter 1629: Old Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1630: Ancient God Mansion Appears
Chapter 1631: Heavenly Flame Square
Chapter 1632: Terrifying Di Tier Embryonic Pill
Chapter 1633: Snatching the Di Tier Embryonic Pill
Chapter 1634: Fail
Chapter 1635: The Ambition of Hun Tiandi
Chapter 1636: The Calamity of the Central Plains
Chapter 1637: First On the Heavenly Flame Ranking
Chapter 1638: Di Essence
Chapter 1639: Ancient Di Inheritance
Chapter 1640: Origin Qi
Chapter 1641: Catastrophe
Chapter 1642- Hun Di Dou Di , Hun Tiandi!
Chapter 1643: The Strength of a Dou Di
Chapter 1644: Coming Out of a Retreat!
Chapter 1645: Fight of the Two Dou Di Part 1
Chapter 1646: Fight of the two Dou Di Part 2
Chapter 1647: Fight of the two Dou Di Part 3
Chapter 1648: The End Is Also A Beginning End